Reviews for A Simple Twist of Fate
OriksGaming chapter 37 . 7/13
Palpatine seems much less subtle here than in canon. It's a little disconcerting.
OriksGaming chapter 32 . 7/13
Hmmm, your story seems fairly slow-paced, so I'm assuming this will only cover a year or less total, excepting possibly an epilogue. I'd hope that since you've added Han in, you also have added Mara in at some point. I'm a big fan of her and her relationship with Luke, even though she's not in the movies.
OriksGaming chapter 9 . 7/13
Huh, this is a really interesting twist. I'm not sure how I feel about this huge divergence from canon. I'm conflicted on whether I like this plot twist or whether I'd really prefer this to just be a For Want of a Nail fanfiction.
BlueLightning22 chapter 47 . 7/4
biddle29 chapter 123 . 7/1
I absolutely loved this story so much! I started reading it yesterday and couldn't stop! Some parts made me laugh to so much (like Obi Wan's swim suit XD), and other parts made me cry, and overall it made me so happy to read this fic! You are truly a tremendous writer and this story was a pleasure to read!
Theisaryz Eufuelle chapter 74 . 6/29
I don't see the repercussions of Vader Force choking Tarkin and replacing him with Piett or someone. Then he wouldn't have to rewire the Death Stad making a very nice fear symbol for his empire. You don't bow, you get nuked. Solves short-term conflicts.
Barbera Stevens chapter 44 . 6/22
Seriously, I do not get how this would work, or why it would be a good idea.
padme-sky chapter 123 . 5/1
Beautiful history! Im crying! Thanks so much.
Forbidden Moons chapter 3 . 4/8
OMG I'm utterly hooked. This is impressive...most impressive.
Forbidden Moons chapter 2 . 4/8
This is brilliant so far! I love Vader's portrayal here.
ValentinaVix chapter 123 . 3/30
This Was Such An Amazing Story, I Couldn't Stop Reading! I'm Sad To See It End But I'm Glad I Can Look Forward To Reading More Of Your Work.
RomanticLover1 chapter 93 . 3/7
I do love how in your stories you are able to make everything better again. In this case, Anakin and Obi-Wan are friendly again, and I love it.
Guest chapter 114 . 2/23
I would have *loved* for Anakin to have a vision or something about what would have happened if he *had* gone to the kids' party... and have it include Naboo or Coruscant getting blown up by the Death Star... the Naberries can back off.
AmarieAlatariel chapter 123 . 2/17
I loved ypur story! But there's something I'd like to know... Do Han and Leia end up together in this universe as well? I know Leia is 16 at the end of the story, but in the future I mean :) Once again, amazing story!
Team Soda chapter 57 . 2/18
Obi Wan should be 48 by now if it has only been 10 years. That's not old at all.
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