Reviews for A Simple Twist of Fate
kittenloveschristmas chapter 1 . 8/5
Actually the Exactor was one on of Darth Vader's former flagships before the Executor was finished.
CunningDauntless chapter 73 . 5/28
I am laughing out loud...Lady VADER was elected queen at the age of 14 and then was senator for almost over a decade... Doesn't know how to run a Empire, my foot. She was She was one of the greatest politicians in the galaxy and one of the youngest too. Its gonna take a lot longer than a few words of flattery to manipulate Padmé
Guest chapter 123 . 5/24
This is such a amazing fic.
vivinene chapter 85 . 5/26
A really well written and exciting story, I love it, just since Vader got control of the Death Star it got a bit boring. But before that it was amazing!
SirAlexei chapter 79 . 4/19
Piett runs a tight ship. I'm impressed.
SirAlexei chapter 52 . 4/19
Man, Vader is kind of a tough dad. A B minus isn't a bad grade. Not bad, but not great either.
Rudra chapter 7 . 2/10
Im sorry but did Anakin lose all Brain cells when he was turned into a machine?! I mean this dumb can no Human being be.
Primus2021 chapter 78 . 12/19/2021
There are many things the Death Star could be used for...

A) refugee transport from a dying planet.

B) medical relief for worlds who's populous are sick or need immediate medical care that they do not have on hand.

C) food rations and other such items, in the case of worlds that are suffering from starvation, drought and famine.

D) it could also be used to ferry refugees or displaced civilians to an inhabitable world to colonize it.

E) the super laser could be used to blow up planets like Mustafar or Korriban, so that they can mine The asteroids for the minerals, metals alloys and other things from the space debris. Or to destroy renegade meteors, comets, or asteroids that are heading directly towards a planet.

These are just five things I can think of off the top of my head, I'm sure that someone with a political savvy mind like Padme could find some other uses.
RFDN chapter 9 . 8/31/2021
Why is Padmee alive? We literally see her corpse in Revenge of the Sith. There was a massive funeral, and in no way shape or form would Anakin or Vader have accepted her death without at least confirming the funeral.
fahri.uchiha chapter 7 . 8/3/2021
Luke and Vader's interaction is quite awkward, lol
fahri.uchiha chapter 6 . 8/3/2021
Of course, because it's not goodbye, Xd
fahri.uchiha chapter 5 . 8/3/2021
Leia meet her siblings Luke!
fahri.uchiha chapter 4 . 8/3/2021
True Daddy
fahri.uchiha chapter 3 . 8/3/2021
Poor Lars
fahri.uchiha chapter 2 . 8/3/2021
Vader meet Leia!
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