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Guest chapter 89 . 9/3
Thank you for the update! keep up the good work!
Mizhera chapter 89 . 9/1
WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! SHE'S HERE! Thank you very much! This totally made my day. You don't know how many times I've reread this chapter. Lol. XD

Also, I'm surprised. I didn't expect her new pokemon will be ponyta. Although, if my memory is correct. You haven't explained how she got it, right? And, another thing, Liv and Rav already appeared in Johto, so does that mean that Sinnoh has the same timeline as Johto? :3

Anyways, really love your update, not only because you put my OC, but because there's really so much development. Can't wait for the trio (Dawn, Lucas, and Damion) to reunite soon! But, you can still take your time for the next update. I understand your situation. God bless and hope to hear more from you soon.

P.S: For some reason, I'm starting to consider ToryxHera. I dunno. Haha. XD
epicjorjorsnake chapter 89 . 8/30
No need to press so hard. Nowadays I'm busy too. I have 2 AP classes and etc. ANYWAYS, the point is, no need to rush, in fact I feel that you could develop the characters a little bit more. I feel Chapter 89 was a bit off for me, but I cannot wait for the other chapters! Remember, just do it when you feel like. Many fanfic writers quit a story (including me) because of sudden doing or no inspiration. Anyhow, I feel like expressing my support and just want to tell you to take it easy. See ya in the next chapter!

~An Active Reader of this story.

P.S YES IM SO excited about sun and moon! :) Maybe you could make a fanfic out of it? (suggestion only) once it comes out.
SkiesEagle chapter 89 . 8/28
Wow, it been a while since last update! Your are right, it is been so long to see OC(Ashe) is there.
I guess we are getting so close and thing will be harder to face.

I am patience enough to wait and even I know you will be busy. Yeah, it not always fun when things get in your way. Can't be help.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are coming sooooon~ Can't wait to get it! Although, some new Pokemon are fine and some...well...I don't know how I feel.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/15
Is it me or do i get mixed up with Dawn, Damion and Lucas 's age. Maybe you'll think im stupid but let me tell you what i think there age is. In the beggining of the story when Dawn turned 14 it said to be a tradition to explore the world. The part when Lucas woke up and saw Dawn it said to be the same age as him. Then into the clown part of the story they said that Lucas appear to be 10 years old. And when Damion won against one of the team galactic people that they said that she lost from a 12 year old boy. Does Dawn, Damion and Lucas have different or the same ages? Or is it just me being truly stupid with this question. I Love your time travel story and it has a interesting plot and and with a cute touch of romance. And i wonder if your going to still continue because it's one of my favorite fanfictions! With Lucas being so adorable as Damion Choking him and Dawn beating them both up. I dont know your busy or not but keep continueing with the story because it's so amazing!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/14
Lucas is my favorite character in the story because he's so FREAKING CUDDLY INOCCENTLY ADORABLE! Even when he cried in front of the clown when he needed the coupon for food. What another cute thing i like is the LUCAS AND DAWN OTP! And keep updating because i want the story to continue so badly! I dont know your busy or not but sorry for this whole comment if im pushing you because i Want the story to continue.
Guest chapter 88 . 8/14
I love your pokemon diamond and pearl time travel but i wonder when your going to continue the story because it's freaking awesome! Im worried if your not continuing the story. And im sorry if im bothering you with this message.
eldiar chapter 13 . 5/25
epicjorjorsnake chapter 88 . 2/15
Awesome chapter!
Menthos chapter 88 . 2/15
"A friendship ring!.." my favourite part :v
ZXCVBNMEM chapter 88 . 2/14
Awwwwwww that was cute. Daniel youuuuuuuuu. XDDD
Mizhera chapter 88 . 2/14
Awwwwww! This is adorable! Daniel is really innocent like Lucas! \(;)/ This totally made up my cold and silent valentine's day! Anyways, Good luck with your school life! I'm looking forward for your next update soon! ヾ(@@)ノ
Mizhera chapter 86 . 1/19
Hi, it's me again. Um, I know you haven't really accepted(?) my OC yet. But, I would like to have some minor changes, if its, again, okay with you? :3

Minor Changes: Hera lives with her grandmother AND grandfather. Her grandparents run the shop, where she helps out sometimes, located at the northwest of the town. (She doesn't work at a restaurant anymore). Instead of fearing people in general, she's only afraid of people around her age, as they are most likely to bully her, so she can pretty much talk normally to 'older' people. She still wears the nerd clothes, but she also wears glasses because of her eye condition.

Additional Info: Hera is acquainted to Cynthia and treats her as her older sister and role-model. She knows how to battle since she had already seen Cynthia battle before and the latter had taught her many strategies. However, she was not able to show and develop her skills because of her reluctance to become a trainer and leave her grandparents behind. She became best friends with Cherry, a shiny (if it's alright with you :3) cherubi, who is lost near their house and later also befriends other wild pokemons such as psyduck, a corphish, barboach, magicarp, swablu, hoothoot etc. She's very polite and mild-mannered. She doesn't like violence since she pretty much lived in a peaceful town. She's also very observant and smart (because of reading books). She can read others' emotions and feelings. She knows that there is something between Lucas and Dawn, and that Damion is also bothered with it (which makes her kind of jealous, too). Still, she is polite enough not to tease them about it. She's actually pretty, too, if not for her choice of clothes and lack of fashion sense. She also knows about the legendary shrine of their town. When her parents left her in care of the elderly couple, she was left with a pendant which contain a memory card about the early experiments with Pokemorphs, which at first she doesn't know how to use.

Fun facts: Because Hera can't pronounce Damion's name, Dawn suggests that the former calls him by his 'other' name which is Barry (much to Damion's opposition, since he doesn't like that name and preferred 'Damion' since the latter sounds much more cooler). After witnessing her battle, Dawn suggest her to become a coordinator because of her grace and elegance in fighting but Damion suggests, on the other hand, for her to become a trainer, which lead them to arguing again while Lucas being nuetral. Dawn later on bought her a new set of clothes after Hera was splashed with chocolate shake by a girl who teases her about her 'freaky' eyes ever since as a child. She now wears a white turtle-neck long-sleeve shirt inserted in a checkered dark blue mini-skirt, a thigh-length black socks and a teal-blue high-cut boots with white laces and green highlights. She also wears a green scarf (similar to Damion's *blush*). She lets her hair down which is a long and wavy but still hides her left eye with her side bangs. She also doesn't wear her glasses anymore but wears contact lenses instead. After the event in Celestic Town and with the consent of her grandparents, she finally decides to travel and become a pokemon breeder, to take care of pokemons, much to Damion's and Dawn's disappointment and separated with the trio to find her parents. Also, about her pokemon, Cherry is the opposite of her. It is energetic and clumsy but very loyal to Hera. During the fight against Team Galactic, it evolved into Cherrim.

In the future: After learning the contents of her pendant, she studied it and became one of the head in the Pokemorph Department and helps stabilized the health of PMs.

Her random quotes:
-"I think... 'Barry' is a nice name." (During Damion's opposition)
-"You're really lucky to have some friends like them..." (To Dawn)
-"I-I really admire your positive attitude, Barry. I-I wish I also have that same strong determination towards my dream..." (To Damion)
-"You really care for her..." (To Lucas, about Dawn)

Yeah, It's kinda long again. Sorry. :3
Mizhera chapter 87 . 1/17
Hi! Just like I've promised. I'm going to make a review. :)

As for the story, it's really great. I love how there are so many twists at the end of every chapter. I love your cliffhangers since it makes on what's coming next. Though, I'm still a little bit confused sometimes with the transition from the future and the present. I also like how you manage to make it funny even at the serious moments. Overall it's really amazing.

For the characters, I really love all of them. They all have distinct characteristics that's very likeable and unique. I'm also amazed at how you managed to tone down the OCs of other people so that they won't look like mary sues which, in my opinion, is a very important factor of a good story. I like how every character contributes to the whole plot.

Lastly, for the grammars, I don't have much to say since I think there isn't really wrong things to point out. :) Everything is well-written and I can pretty much visualized every scenario with your detailed writing. :D

I really look forward to your next update soon and I understand that you're also busy with other things. :D I'm rooting for Dawn and to what her new pokemon is going to do. Good luck with you studies! Toodles!

PS: sorry if it's kinda long! :3
Mizhera chapter 60 . 1/17
Hi, JP. Um... I know it's already (very very VERY) late to ask but do you still accept OCs? XD Um I haven't really finished reading your story yet. As you can see since, I'm still currently at Chapter 60. :3 I hope you don't mind? I really love this fic already so far. But I can't give any proper reviews yet (I promise to make one though once I'm finished :D).

I mean, I stumbled on your story (Pokemon and the Temple of the Sea) just this January and since then I already started to become your fan.

So, again, is it okay? Though, I'm still okay, if you already have to many and can't accept anymore. :D

Anyways here we go...

I have submitted an OC to JapanDreamer. If she does not accept my OC in the story, then I solemly swear that I will not in any shape or form, kill or flame her. The OCs here are only to prolong the story and still allow reviewers a chance to be a part of it. I consider myself lucky that JapanDreamer even wanted to put out OCs and should be very grateful.

Name: Hera Arcana

Age: 13 (a year younger than the trio)

Occupation: currently working as a waitress at a restaurant in Celestic Town to help her grandmother.

Pokemon: She's friends with Cherry, (female cherubi), later evolved to cherrim. Other wild pokemons (can be bug or grass type, you choose :D)

Hometown: Celestic Town

Personality: has anthropophobia (extremely shy and easily flustered). Doesn't like to be with other people (especially around guys) because of what happened to her at the past. However she's very close to wild pokemons (especially to Cherry, a cherubi) since they are only whom she consider her friends. On her past time, she would go to the forest and just sit under a tree and start drawing pokemons or read a lot of books. Other than to meet her parents, she actually doesn't know what her dream is.

Appearance: Hera has a very long black hair tied in a braid. Her side bangs covered her left eye (for some reason). Her visible eye is blue. She wears cute maid uniform during her work. But during at home, she just wears a plain white shirt (which is kind of oversized for her) and a very long (below her knees) brown skirt (Yes, she definitely has no sense of fashion. Lol.) much to the disgust of Dawn (who is very conscious with her clothes). And to finish it off, she just wear flats. :3

Where do you want your OC to be: On the way to Celestic Town, Dawn and the others lost there way and encountered her drawing. And ask her for directions, but then she became flustered and ran away (LOL) which actually lead the trio to the town. Then when, Dawn and co. were at a restaurant to eat, she was there seen working.

Love Interest: she's actually afraid of guys in general but starts to admire Lucas and Damion later on. Maybe Damion? (Lol. I know many already said the same. XD)

Background: Ever since, she was young, Hera has an eye ailment called Heterochromia iridium, meaning she has two eye color; one is blue and the other is green. Because of this, she was bullied and called a freak which lead to her phobia around other people (particularly boys). She ran away from her bullies and went to the forest to hide and there she met Cherry, a cherubi and became friends. Over time, she let her hair grow to cover her eyes to avoid any mistreatment but sadly, she was still bullied because of how she dressed (especially at work). She also doesn't know her parents because she was left by them to her grandmother (yes, they are not related) and was never seen again. She actually wants to travel to look for her parents but can't leave her old grandmother alone. She also has the potential to become a pokemon trainer or a coordinator because of her grace and knowledge in battle (from reading of books). It was also later revealed that her parents are one of the scientists who came up with the pokemorph, which was then stolen by the Team Galactic and because of that Hera was left to an old lady to escape the evilness of the organization.

Future Appearance: Her parents died, after Team Galactic learned that they betrayed the organization by giving informations to the rebels. After the death of her grandmother because of the invasion of Team Galactic, she joined the rebels and become a nurse to injured comrades.

Others: She actually doesn't know how to pronounce Damion's name. Haha. At first, she's afraid of Damion's loud personality and impatience but later learned to admire his determination to become a champion. When the trio can't find a place to stay, Hera (shyly) offered her home. She also admire Cynthia, who also came from Celestic Town. Later on, her grandmother tell her to follow her hearts desire and not to worry of leaving her behind.

Um, I guess, that's all? :D Do tell me, what do you think. And sorry if it's a bit too long. :3
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