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Eliza chapter 95 . 3/28
AHHHHH. I know it's been AGES, but I really, really, REALLY hope you continue this story! I loved it so much and I MUST know what happens next! I have so many questions. Please continue this one day! This story was amazing.
Eliza chapter 79 . 1/13
This chapter was very emotionally rewarding. :) I really enjoyed the development of the characters and their emotions. I like seeing how Leon and Seras has grown since the beginning of the story. Seeing Leon finally deal with his emotions and move on, and seeing Seras and him be able to joke about their lost friends was really nice to hear after so long of grief and mourning and loss.
Funny, light-hearted, and emotional chapter. Nice job.
Eliza chapter 78 . 1/13
OHHH, this plot thickens. The introduction of more Resident Evil characters made only to make the strings of the plot more interesting and complex. I can't wait to see how they all tie together at the end.
I'm glad you included characters like Ada and Ashley, and explained them thoroughly enough that someone like me, who has never played Resident Evil, can still understand the story. Even without the fandom background, you were able to give me a good grasp on the characters. Good job.
Agent One has a similar musket to Rip, huh...? I'm beginning to see how those two may be connected...
Integra being super excited about planning the date for her friends was great! XDDD She was so into planning it out for them, it was so cute! I love seeing that side of her :,)
Jack being a hilarious asshole was great, as always. Nice ending to that chapter!
Eliza chapter 76 . 1/12
:OOO That cliffhanger though!
Oh, goodness, I wonder how the hell this is going to impact their mission... How's Integra and everyone at HQ going to react to some old faces from Leon's past? ;)
Great opening scene to start off the new book. Emotional and grave, it certainly set the tone for this chapter.
I loved Leon's concern for his group. His mind immediately discarded of options if it meant leaving even one person behind. Also... The strange creatures just seem to be getting weirder and weirder! They certainly do resemble Naraku, in a way. I wonder how the hell the elites are going to figure out a way to defeat them... I'm eager to see what happens next!
Guest chapter 75 . 1/11
Last chapter's "you two are adorable, worrying about me like that," gave me CHILLS. Agent One is freaky. I'm wondering what the hell he is. And Jack's cherry reunion with everyone had me like :,)
BADASS SERAS WAS GREAT. "son of a bitch had it coming." YOU GO SERAS!
Leon and Agent One's interactions were just brilliant. Again, amazing fight scenes, and that emotional whammy of a speech from Leon was gold.
Great job.
Eliza chapter 73 . 1/11
"Agent One, I swear to god-"
same, Jack, same.
I'm loving the development of Amber and Jack's relationship. I love the fact that Amber calls everyone "darlin." She's so great, and it makes it so fun to watch her interact with Jack. Also, AMBERS NEW WEAPONRY IS AWESOME. LOVING IT.
Eliza chapter 72 . 1/11
Again, great battle scenes. I love the elites teasing Leon about Seras XDD and the return of Seras's favorite cannon was amazing, as always.
Eliza chapter 70 . 1/11
AHHH Jack and Amber working together last chapter was so awesome! ;_; I could feel their desperation and excitement! And I'm enjoying the backstory you continue to reveal about the characters.
I also love how you remember Hellsing vampires can read minds. Many authors tend to forget this. The fact that you included it just makes this story feel more canon and realistic, like when Seras read Lizzy's mind and commented about how Lizzy is actually worried a few chapters ago. Other than displaying her awesome powers, it was a super adorable moment between the characters. I'm eager to discover who or what Lizzy truly is... But at least we know she legitimately feels concern for her comrades.
The truth about Agent One continues to become harder and harder to see as you reveal more details about him, especially with his dramatic personally shift last chapter. I think I know who he is but... We'll see. Also, this mind-erasing pill thing is proving to be quite the problem for everyone. I'm intrigued as to who the hell made them, and how..
Eliza chapter 66 . 1/10

first of all. Even though this was a chapter with only OCs, I was still enthralled the entire time. And that's saying something. I usually can't stand OCs, but yours are just so damn fun to read!
I am SO curious about Agent One. **SPOILERS** I wonder how the hell he could read them mouthing to each other? Who is this mysterious being, and why does he enjoy Monty Python? XD
also, Jack offering himself up instead of amber was some serious character development. Good job, Jack :,)
Gosh, Agent One is odd. I feel like he's playing mind games. And I can't wait to uncover Jack and Amber's pasts! Good chapter.
Eliza chapter 65 . 1/10
Ohhhhh, I wonder why Agent One wants elite members! This is getting good...
Again, great job with the battle scenes. A lot of authors struggle with them, but yours flow very nicely, making for a smooth and fun read!
I loved Seras's flirty and casual, "hello boys!" XDD She can be such a fun character to write for, and you get her character down very well. Seras showing off her awesome vampire powers made me smile like crazy. I love her casual displays of power as she just powers through the enemy. It made for a super fun read. She's such a powerful and scary character, but also sweet and caring. You bring a balance between strong and sweet for her character, and it works great.
Also, YAY LARS! The fact that you have me actually enjoying OCs and cheering for them is nothing short of amazing. You just write new characters with so much depth and substance that I can't help but like all of them.
Eliza chapter 60 . 1/10
AHH. The last four chapters were really good, as they followed the battle. You write fight scenes very well. The dramatic entrances of Seras/Alucard, the Elite banding together and actually working with each other, Integra and Leon's badass moments, and the Elite's stunned reactions at Alucard... It was all awesome. The fight scenes were a joy to read. I'm intrigued about the monster that they fought. Hopefully I'll find out more about it soon.
That *slap* at the end was... wow. It seemed realistic for someone to be pissed at Integra for doing such a dangerous thing. I really liked how Walter was immediately ready for a fight afterward XD you go Walter!
I also like how Integra demands her closest comrades opinions in the beginning of this chapter. Really humanized her and revealed that even she has doubts. She's quite possibly my favorite Hellsing character, and she's a difficult character to get right. She undoubtedly cares for her men and hates losing lives (like when she sadly went to all her soldier's funerals in the freezing rain after the Luke Valentine attack in the manga). It's nice to see her seem more human and vulnerable; sometimes you write her a tad bit too cold. But that is my only criticism. Otherwise, the story is moving along with an amazing intensity and speed to match! I cannot wait to see where the plot leads us next! Great work as always.
Eliza chapter 56 . 1/10
Ahh, things keep on getting more and more exciting!
I really loved last chapter's convo between Leon Integra. It felt like it was much needed. And i loved the way Leon explained his view of things to Seras directly afterward. All the dialogue felt very in-depth and realistic. You have a great way of writing characters, in that their conversations are easy to visualize.
Also: secret mission excitement! I love the concept of everyone dressing up as they head out. Everyone's fancy gear, and reactions to the mission was priceless XD
I'm liking how the plot is beginning the heat up. Good work.
Eliza chapter 52 . 1/10

This chapter was everything! I love how all the tension that has been boiling and building up finally came to an end (leon's grief, Seras's feelings, Jack's cockiness). In all, this was a very satisfying chapter. I love Pip's little bits of input sprinkled throughout the story, too. Again, great job with the character building. The plot is building quite nicely, as well, with all attack and this mysterious agent one. I'm having a lot of fun seeing how this all pans out!
Eliza chapter 49 . 1/10
Loving all the character-building! Leon's flashbacks, the background of the newer characters, and Seras forming friendships makes me so happy. Leon dealing with his grief is heart-breaking, though. And I also love how you've been building up tension between the new recruits and Jack. The conflicts between characters just makes for a more entertaining story. Good work!
Eliza chapter 45 . 1/10
I'm really enjoying all the new characters. Each character is just as interesting and mysterious as the last. I like how you gave the characters various ethnicities, backgrounds, personalities, and even accents. It really makes them seem more three dimensional, well rounded, and realistic.
And alucard scaring the new recruits again XDD
The setting up of the new arc is as smooth, well-written, and fun as always!
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