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FORD B chapter 91 . 11/28/2014
Great read! Once Alucard gets to Integras office, he will further know what happen, how long, where and how much fun they had.
Krazyfanfiction1 chapter 91 . 11/28/2014
amazing chapter as always.
keep up the good work
Master of the Boot chapter 57 . 11/23/2014
Had to say I loved this one, regardless of what you thought about it lol.

I really did love the knights, and all the little details about them from the hunting expert to the nervous relative of Penwood to the butch women with the shaven haircut. In a single snapshot of time each one had a basic personality and stood out in our minds. So bravo on that.

I also loved what you've done with leon in this, how he functions to exposition about the T-virus and all things resident evil in the best way possible :) Plus I love the comparison of the T-virus monsters to a plague. It makes a nice contrast between supernatural monsters and these virus monsters. After all, I find a plague scarier than an army. Armies can be beaten but the black death wiped out half of Europe and the plague of AIDS has proven tougher and stronger to eliminate than any army or terrorist organization.

This was great, and I love the first bits of action with these assassins :) it's truly wonderbar stuff.


MAster of the Boot
FORD B chapter 90 . 11/22/2014
Great read and not very graphic, which was good.
FORD B chapter 89 . 11/15/2014
Awesome read!
Krazyfanfiction1 chapter 89 . 11/15/2014
AMAZING chapter as always
well worth the
well...good luck...
keep up[t he good work as always
sonicfighter21354 chapter 88 . 11/14/2014
Uh oh. This doesn't look good.
Master of the Boot chapter 55 . 11/13/2014
I really loved this chapter, both for realistically building up Seras's romance for Leon and Integra's feelings for Zohall.

My own marriage has been fraught from the start with uncertainty and pain, so Seras and Leon speak to me. I love how Seras didn't choose to be a vampire and honestly regrets what she is but still wants Leon to be with her, and would in a way selflessly sacrifice Leon's humanity to be with him. It's not ideal but it's beautiful in a tragic way.

And even more, I loved how Integra missed Zohall. I totally shipped the two as a non-pairing. Like I've read BDSM pairings on fanfiction that reminded me of the two of them. They weren't the usual pairing but they worked. And I like to think that Integra would be comfortable with ordering Zohall to punch her right in the fucking nose. Not because he was an abuser or because he wanted to hurt her, but because she wanted it and because she's so not like every other woman out that that she needs something a bit different to feel alive.

Now you're inspiring me to do a BDSM fic with integra and Zohall lol.

But all laughing aside aside you've shown yourself to be wonderful at writing romance when your key strength is action. And you do a damn good romance my boy.


Master of the Boot
Master of the Boot chapter 54 . 11/8/2014
Have to say I loved this one. For one, I loved the depiction of vampire on human combat and how you give the Hellsing elites good reason to be called elites. I also like the inter elite relationship you're building between your OC's, that's some great stuff. Like Lars and Jack having a showdown and Daisuke mostly playing a voice of reason. With dear Amber providing the heavy hitting.

What I really loved in this chapter was the way of our little new member of the round table conference. Invitation by snail mail? Facebook may not be more secure but it's totes faster XD Actually the reason I love it so much is the relationship between Integra and the round table and the new Lord is how much it reminds me of real life medieval and feudal power structures and meetings; often with one guy dicking everyone else around for no good reason.

And last of all, at first I had mixed feelings about Seras being so nervous about Leon but then I realize that often love is the force that killed King Kong. And even though she's a hard case, Seras does have a heart and can feel glee, happiness and butterflies; unlike her master. I think she's earned a little love jitters.

Great show :)


MAster of the Boot
FORD B chapter 88 . 11/8/2014
Awesome read!
Krazyfanfiction1 chapter 88 . 11/7/2014
AMAZING chapter as always. is going to be one of those "grey vs grey morality" battles?
also, quick question.
true vampires like seras and Alucard can shapeshift, right?
does that include partial transformations as well?
or how about having alucard take that form he used to massacre Rip's soldiers, but have guns in each hands (come to think of it, am it he only one who thinks the arms looked a bit like wings?)
anyway, keep up the good work as always
Master of the Boot chapter 53 . 11/5/2014
I love this.

It brings me back to my first resident evil novels. They always did a great job and so do you.

I love Zohall in this. At first he seems OP, but then I realize his psychological profile and skills remind me of child soldiers in Blood diamond. You can't reconcile their kindness and youth with killing power but they aren't mutually exclusive factors in a person. And the fight with Chief Irons was incredible. You really are a master of flashbacks.

Plus Zohall fits perfectly into the RE universe, and you're damn good at showing the darkness and bleakness of Racoon City


Master of the Boot
Master of the Boot chapter 52 . 11/5/2014
This was a really good chapter. In a way it reminded me of Frank Miller's best work. Alucard's commentary was spot on. But also it reminded me of when Batman beat down a guy who'd previously kicked his ass. Also another Batman comic where a reality bending force took over Gotham and Batman could have taken out half of the dark army in stealth, but instead chose to announce himself with a spotlight and jump into a crowd of freaks armed with guns, knives and swords.

It was like this with Leon. He doesn't want a quick end, he wants a show, a big show. And the way that he said that JAck was good, that was really great. Sun Tzu said that we should always leave our enemies an avenue of retreat, and Leon admitting this man was good was just the greatest thing. Most beatdowns end in utter defeat but by admitting his foe, Leon proves himself better than Alucard even as he uses Alucard's tactics.

Also I loved how Leon admits his need for punishment. I recently read a story on this website about BDSM and it reminded me of that. In that pain isn't always bad and sometimes people need it. A bit like Alucard but Leon's need for pain is healthier, especially after Integra beat him down about his drinking.

So yeah, you've reached the level of one of my favourite comic artists. good on you :)

Oh and I own a still so my buddy and me are making our own wine and brandy, and eventually whisky.


Master of the Boot
Master of the Boot chapter 51 . 11/5/2014
You know, this chapter really reminded me of Batman: Arkham Asylum the way that Leon was using the environment to his advantage and how eventually all the Hellsing elites dogpiled him.

Yet another great thing was Alucard, you make fun of how he's always absent but also you write him very well in character. I love his interaction and his feelings about Zohall, in a way he's the closest thing to a father the boy had; a twisted abusive father but still a father. It makes him and Zohall both like ultraviolent Shakespeare characters.

This story is how I imagine Hellsing would go if it lasted for a few seasons.

and don't worry :) I look forward to reading all that I missed.

But if you like, can you have a look at a little Deadliest Warrior spinoff I posted? It's a preview for Sokka from Avatar the Last Airbender for Hannibal Lecter.

And I missed this part


Master of the Boot
Master of the Boot chapter 50 . 11/5/2014
I be loving this :)

For one, I love the imagine of Zohall as an angry teenager. He's pouty and upset, but it's natural and in character; it feels real rather than contrived. And in his shoes he's got a lot to be angry about.

Plus the fight scenes are awesome.

Yet another thing, with the slow demise of Brannagh, you're good at bringing in small character roles and making you feel for them. The man's slow death was heartbreaking even though we'd never seen him before.

Oh the green eye glow of death, watch out! It's the Hulk!
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