Reviews for The Realistic Mario Kart
MegaBlazikenRocks chapter 1 . 1/17/2015
Haha, yep, this would happen in real life!
Super Fanfic Entertainment chapter 1 . 7/6/2014
Great story. Keep it up!
Guest chapter 4 . 6/21/2014
Guest chapter 4 . 6/21/2014
Guest chapter 3 . 6/21/2014
lets go luigi
Kaity chapter 5 . 7/16/2013
LOL. luv it
Super Fanfic Entertainment chapter 5 . 4/15/2013
Nice one!
Verbluffen chapter 5 . 8/6/2012
Nice story, but your chapters are too short. Don't be discouraged, though. Keep going, just try to make them a bit longer.
Jacknightshadow chapter 1 . 9/29/2010
So Far So Good
Taylorfank chapter 1 . 4/30/2009

That's cools

keep up the good work
Colbat chapter 5 . 2/20/2009
The story was really good, as were the first two or three chapters, but when I saw the summary I thought it would be a full story, not just little chapters with no proper ending. But, on the other hand, you're a good writer with good ideas. My only critism (or compliment, depending on what way you take it) is that you should make your stories longer! :D
James Birdsong chapter 5 . 7/3/2008
*applaud or such*
PSManiac chapter 4 . 6/22/2008
Hahahaha! Update!
Dad chapter 4 . 6/13/2008
Ouch! Nice job once again on explaining how the game is supposed to work but with a lot more flair.
Dad chapter 3 . 6/13/2008
Such incredible imagination, hope you don't drive in a trance on the real highway. Great story line!
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