Reviews for Questionable Ethics
Via Teal chapter 1 . 9/25/2011
Love this story. Very cute and very well written :)

Favorite thing has to be Nero's reaction to Yuffie saying:

"I'll have you know Shelke says the same about you."
1Vari1E1 chapter 1 . 12/22/2010
That was very clever. I really like this story, it's got a bit of quirkiness and Yuffie is completely in charcter (I'm not sure about Nero, I only found out about him today).

They have a really good connection between them, not necessarily recognizable but definitely there.

Love it, keep up the good work!
Shigeki-Hizashi chapter 1 . 5/11/2010
"No! Of course she did, she just - Wait. She - You - " epic, absolutely EPIC!LMAO!
foxygirlchan chapter 1 . 6/5/2008
A very cute story about the relationship that could of happened between Nero and Yuffie!

I like the idea of Yuffie fighting with Nero. I mean, I could totally see it. It reminds me of the relationship a friend of mine and I have. We're ALWAYS arguing. But that's become a fact of our lives by now. It reminds me alot of this. However, I'm usually incredibly stubborn, so I don't listen to him even if he does explain. Nero was able to get Yuffie to listen. I applaud him.

I like the conversation between ethics and morals, although I do get the two mixed up almost as often as Yuffie does in this story!

I really like the view afterwards on this. It's impossible to tell the time period, but I suppose it would be a while afterwards, wouldn't it?

I hope you write a conversation between Shelke and Yuffie! I'd like to see how that turns out! Or Nero, Shelke AND Yuffie! Hohoho!

Great job! Keep on writing and doing what you do best!

Lapouf chapter 1 . 6/3/2008
I enjoyed this little exchange, Medli! Not to mention I like Yuffie's last line to Nero.
Distant Glory chapter 1 . 6/3/2008
What is there to say? Fanfiction for my fanfiction, as you said. It's an honour and a privilege.

You already know my favourite line. Thanks again for writing this!