Reviews for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Silver Resistance
Ginger chapter 82 . 7/3
What starborn? I totally forgot.
TalonSpark chapter 82 . 7/2
Absolutely great story. This has one of the best plots and character development I have ever seen on fanfiction. There is just so many twists and its seems all planned out perfectly. Truly a great fanfic keep up the good work .
lalalala1 chapter 82 . 6/29
The manner in which Char spoke at the team meeting was very formal and leader-like. It's indicative of how far Char's come since the story's beginning, and I like that. The character development is strong with your story.

How well you do in giving each character uniqueness still amazes me. Whether it be Eva, Marrow, or Daemon, everyone feels like a completely different character from the rest, and that's how it should be.

You're also amazing at keeping a reader's interest in your story, and leave a lot of room for speculation (like who are the Starborn are). I love that, as well.

The difference in chapter length was quite noticeable, but that didn't make it any worse, and I'm all for it if it means faster updates for this amazing piece of work.
QuinKylar chapter 82 . 6/29
Logistics! Hooray team logistics! I'm still completely amused that the act of figuring out how fantastical things are to managed in a logical way intrigues me so much. Perhaps it's me appreciating how much thought by the author goes into figuring this stuff out.

Either way! By the usual SR fare, this is a byte-sized chapter and one I like quite a bit. Both lengthwise and content-wise. Aside from logistics, the perpetual world-building of the story never ceases to intrigue me-though steel is smelted from iron and carbon, not mined but that's me being far too nitpicky.

Otto's line about infiltrating the quarry reminds me of Legion's line in Mass Effect 2, the one about geth not intentionally infiltrate. Unintentional or not, Otto is now a robot-bird in my mind. Or at least moreso than he was previous :/

And this one is me probably just being crazy but Marrow reminds me a bit of David when he's not in a tantrum. David and a bit of the Maro from Hatch. It's the bopping on the heads to make their points, I like that characterization.

Anyway, as scatterbrained my thoughts are, the shift back into the Rescue Team is great to have back, as much as I still say the previous few chapters have been some of the best in SR. ...and i mostly point to the deconstruction of the logistics for that admittedly.

Though with Saura. So I am surprised you're keeping him in the story. Does it make sense? It makes complete sense. But it's the subversion of you usually fully committing to twists that kinda caught me off guard. My random guess is that he becomes a captain of his own team, but it's a room for growth for Char and the team is my perceived reason he's home now.
nightdragon0 chapter 82 . 6/29
Indeed, I do find the shorter chapters idea better. If anything, it'll help keep the recent happenings of the story in memory better between the updates.
Angel chapter 82 . 6/27
Your back, I've been constantly hecking for a while a story too good to just give up on!
Guest chapter 82 . 6/27
Aaaah, why did I have to read this story right before you added this new chapter? If it had stopped at the end of the last story segment with no update in sight, I could acknowledge it as an awesome story I'll never see the end of and move on. Now, with your update, it will eat at me, even though realistically if you continue this story it won't be done for another 2 years, minimum. Blargh, this is like waiting for George RR Martin to get something written. Excruciating wait, exceptional plot. Nice work, though!
grigsbyanthony chapter 82 . 6/27
Jesus Christ, am I glad to see that this series is still alive
Keep up the great work
Kokoblob9 chapter 82 . 6/27
Thank you soooooo much for updating. Also, I like the new way you're thinking of updating. More frequent, just less content. As for quality... STILL THROUGH DAT ROOF! Can't wait for another update!
Sengi chapter 82 . 6/25
I like the idea of shorter updates, makes it feel more constant...

Oh, by the way? "Char decided to give Eva HIS rescue emblem"
Guest chapter 82 . 6/25
I am glad to see Saura's part so it seems he never truly left the story.
I know a writer/artist who prefer to keep their chapter in buffers before publishing. They make sure they already 5 chapter ahead than the one being published. That way, if something goes wrong they could still ahead the schedule.
Nice chapter as usual.
TheFlyingTrainer chapter 82 . 6/24
Yes! Another chapter! I love it!

Thank you so much for planning on more updates, this is one of my favorite Pokemon fanfictions ever!

You are KILLING me with the Starborn thing...
MAL chapter 82 . 6/24
Really enjoied this entire chapter, but greatly enjoied the bit about the strip-mining site. I am fasanated by how people did things back in the 1700s and 1800s, so this was a fun bit of chapter for me.

Char is a good, good teamleader. :) Making her go, but then is willing to comprimise. That's the mark of a maturing mc. I also rather liked the scene with Saura and his brother. Naww.
Umbree chapter 82 . 6/24
The suspense, that beautiful buildup, I'm grasping for more.

If this were a chapter in a book, it's definitely part of a book I wouldn't want to put down.

Thanks for the change in pace, as well. Makes for an easier read with more frequent updates - something I for one am looking forward to. It might also help settle my nerves c:

[and also sorry for the lack of comments. Would love to share with you how much I've loved each and every chapter as they came out.]
Guest chapter 82 . 6/24
faster chapters. YEEEEES. a fantastic tale will unfold faster yay. seriously keep at it. -DAT4120
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