Reviews for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Silver Resistance
paerre chapter 31 . 5/16
what a fantastic story! i went through the first 30 chapters in a few hours- actually, i stayed up till 2am reading this, haha. your first chapter was so true-to-life, it really shocked me- all of char's answers hit so close to home for me. i love the setting and situation you have in this story, but my favorite part is definitely the characterization- my favorite part about the PMD games was always the huge variety of characters and personalities in them, and the dialogue, actions, and personalities of your characters fit the game's tone so exactly.
ReadR chapter 81 . 5/14
Finally caught up to the last chapter. Several things to note
1. Wow. Apparently, being literate is necessary to save the world.
2. And there's unfortunate implication of Char 'geassed' aka used the call to mind-control others. Char and Xatu should have a talk, if just to keep their own sanity.
3. I don't buy that Char and Saura are going to be separated permanently. It's a good chance to explore Char's interaction with others though.
4. Also, Scythe OOC-ness could be explained if he wasn't Scythe. Three place at once... Did he use a body double? It had to be someone familiar with the team, too. Maybe Domo, or another resistance member.
Aureiko chapter 81 . 5/13
Hello, Scytherider!

This review is going to be thorough and long, so you might want to grab a bag of popcorn. It’s going to be a while. Just a few things I’d like to say before I start: I’ve been reading this story for years now. I’ve even taken the liberty of downloading this story on my e-reader and have read it several times over. However, don’t take me lightly – while I read to enjoy, I critique to be analytical. It is true that I enjoy this story and love it very much (for reasons I’ll explain later) but I’ll also get into the things that need work (which I’ll also explain later). Lastly, there will be questions in this review, too. I’m going to add my plot speculations and whatnot since it generally helps to know what the reader is thinking, and I’d actually appreciate a few answers to some of my questions given that it doesn’t contain spoilers / you’d be willing to do so.

Now, let’s begin.

There are times where this story loses connection with its readers. As in, I’ll be reading it and enjoying it, and then – BAM – suddenly, I’m out of the action. Usually this is in reference to the songs you put into your story. After reading this story several times over, I have eventually taken the time to listen to the songs and lyrics and generally even like some of them; however, when I was first engaged in this story, they were constant, awkward breaks from the story. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were brief songs, but… they trail on and on. On my e-reader, they consume up to around 2-3 pages; mind you, that’s probably only 1-2 real pages, but still. That’s a lot. It’s long. And half the time, the songs don’t really advance anything. It seems sort of crammed. Unless it’s the Creed or otherwise a thing of plot significance, I’d try to cut back or at least truncate the length of those songs. As a reader, I found myself often skipping those songs, bored, swiping at the pages until I could get to the next stretch of actual content.

And that’s it for prose errors, really. I could go back on my e-reader and point out the few grammar errors and some technicalities, but honestly, at that point I’d be overly critical. The other concerns I have are more plot-based than anything.

Some things are sort-of squeezed or forced in there, like Ray’s item skills. This develops more towards the Temporal arc, but this should have been more prominent in the beginning (and I’d say that it actually wasn’t nearly as good; yes, they brought the Air Lock and Rain Orb, but they only brought a single Air Lock Orb, which made things difficult later on). Then Ray would bring up random missions that we never see happening (which normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but in this story kind of is, since great detail is put into every mission Char and friends ever do). Teammates on Team Remorse and Team Flamewheel are also sporadic and all over the place (not that you contradict yourself or anything, but it could be tighter) as well as other big-name teams. Actually, that’s another thing: Team Remorse and Team Flamewheel can’t be the only good rescue teams out there. Yes, others are mentioned in passing (and Kain’s team, Absolution, made a debut once) but I wish we could see more of an impact from them; do they have other missions of great importance like Team Remorse does (which could be easily put into one of Scythe’s team meetings when inquiring assistance)? What impact do they have on the resistance as a whole? Most of the division knows of Team Ember and Team Remorse yet we never quite hear about the exploits of the other teams (granted, I know you’re pressed for space as it is, but it’s all part of worldbuilding – it’d take but a few extra tidbits here or there).

Then there’s the Feral Shard info-dump around chapter 58-ish (fanfiction-wise, not your chapter wise). It was around the time where you had changed Evolution stones to Feral-Shards, and probably wanted readers to become familiar with the new term. When it had been brought up again, I remember it feeling as though the narrative just had a case of ADD and swung away from all the action to explain, in a page or two, things that readers pretty much already knew. It was like the songs. Interest came and gone. Most of the time, you’re good at maintaining reader’s attention, so something like that was odd to me.

The characterization in this story is incredible, but at times, I’m not sure you explore the complete repercussions for one’s actions. Probably one of the biggest acts, the climax after the even bigger climax at Temporal Tower, was Scythe’s breakdown. He attacks Prince out of nowhere and Char and friends burn Lily and everything is thrown into chaos and you already know all this since you wrote it, but the point comes to this: despite Scythe almost leaving Team Ember for dead, they still trust Team Remorse and even talk to Scythe in a formal manner? No anger. Nothing. And then Alakazam, who knows what Scythe did, doesn’t even say anything or is the least bit upset? Even when he’s placed Char on such a high mental pedestal and made him the number one priority? That just doesn’t seem right… and Prince is friendly again with Scythe and even assists him on Basin Canon? You’d think that being expelled from a dungeon in a place that could easily make him smolder would make him more apprehensive of the old bug…


And that concludes most of the issues I have with your story! Ha! Now I can get on to the next part: rambling about all the things I liked and some of the concerns I have (which, depending on how this story goes, may fall under things I have issues with, but since they’re inconclusive, I’ll just lump them here).

You capture the Partner’s character perfectly in Saura. When I began reading this, I really appreciated how you captured his spirit. His selflessness and dedication… I always liked how the original series depicted the partner, and I feel you got it good.

But I must admit; I don’t see why Saura couldn’t have stayed. I do think the closure and his staying behind makes sense, but I mean, Ray’s character has come to a practical close itself and he’s still on Team Ember; he’s still resisting the Master. Then again, I suppose he still has a purpose, too…

There’s more issues than that, though. Like actual plot issues. Saura’s closure could not have been possible had Char not messed up his plan. Char the human planned to meet Saura, and his plan depending on not straying from his path. But we know that the entire Temporal arc was not part of the plan. Saura’s watcher attack wasn’t part of the plan. Celebi’s need to fix time and their souls wasn’t the part of the plan. Celebi making six minutes flow in reverse for specific pokemon wasn’t part of the plan. By extension, Aidel’s conviction that a legendary is protecting Saura and his family would not have been possible and was not part of the plan; therefore, Saura’s closure… was not part of the plan. He has to stay with Char. (Question: Celebi’s time changing thing and the mess up is what caused time to reverse and keep Saura’s family from being held hostage and burned, right?)

Now, Char’s plan is an ambiguous thing, but as a reader, unless the plot can hold a good reason to hold me out, I expect repercussions for this. I mean, this fragile plan is so important that simple actions like reading footprint ruins might decide whether or not Basin Canon is saved! Who knows what’s going to happen now that Saura is gone?

Prince was a favorite of mine. I hope you aren’t done with him – I’d like to see him have more impact on the story’s plot, personally. His history with Scythe and his character and his relationship with Char and his purpose and… I just like him a lot. You have a strong way of conveying characters.

Like Scythe.

But I could ramble on and on about that so I’m going to move on:


That wasn’t part of Char’s plan, either. It was a surprising turn of events that it manifested to the power it is now. I look forward to seeing where you’ll take it! Personally, I have no guesses.
But there was something I wanted to say about… certain characters.

Team-X. Seviper, Croagunk, and Dusknoir. In all honesty… I didn’t trust them until Aidel literally told Dusknoir this: Keep looking for the entrance to the resistance base. It is the ONLY thing that has convinced me that they really are spies against the Master. I had actually thought it was possible that Eva was on teams with the Master and was using Char, and therefore, lying to him when she evaluated them…

I’m not sure if that surprise is good or bad. I guess it’ll all depend on Enigma (which is ironic, considering she is an enigma in every sense of the word so far).

I just know I don’t trust Scythe. And it’s aggravating to see Char not react to him as much. Yeah, they don’t trust him as much, but otherwise, they can talk formally, and I’d think that they’d feel betrayed by him, at least a little bit, although I suppose they did deserve what happened…

Speaking of characters, I love Eva. I also hate Eva because she seems like the type of person to betray Char. But mainly, I like her. I wonder what kind of secrets she holds.

Otto is also a rather clever character. I… am so entranced by them. Your characters. They compel me to keep reading your work.

Especially Char. The way he moves the plot with his character development and the pure driving force to the plot he and his party brings is… amazing.

The Xatu chapter brings about many questions as it does answers… But an overall good addition to the story. The Special Episodes are a rather neat inclusion as well…

Question: do you have the entire story planned out? And have you always known where you wanted to take it from the start?


I suppose my final bit is that I hope this inspires you. I love your work. I want to keep reading it and never put it down until it’s done.

The last complain I have is the lack of frequent updates.

But… this story won’t die… until the last ember fades.
The Batman chapter 81 . 5/5
Why u dED?
Guest chapter 7 . 5/4
xD team peanuts!
survive9 chapter 81 . 5/3
I have taken the liberty to look at your profile's bio. I must say, you've put into words what I wanted out of a reader for so long. Most of the things you said, I completely agree with; there were a few things you said that I will keep in the back of my mind whenever I am looking for a good story to get into. Now, your story is excellent. The rare typos and grammatical mistakes are, well, rare. You present your characters not as invincible forces of nature in a body, but as dedicated, though not perfect, beings with every kind of feeling that a person in a similar situation would go through. The settings that you conjure up can be seen in my mind because you describe them so well. My only suggestion is that it may be a good idea to develop the "bad guys" a little bit more, like a backstory for Adiel or Enigma, but it may be a part of your plan to do that in the future (or you've already done it as I am currently on chapter 56/76). Damn this review took awhile to type. Hope it helps.
Omegagoldfish chapter 66 . 5/3
I really like where this is going and you're keeping the "Master" vague enough to inspire guessing, also I enjoyed the references to the Explorers games.

Sorry my review was so short.
JaredDragoneyes chapter 81 . 4/30
Please please PLEASE! Continue thus amazing story it truly is a work of art your writing is amazing abd I absolutley love the plot everything is just so well put together I have been unable to put my phone down fron reading this Continue on with incredible story
Dragondancer81 chapter 81 . 4/25
Wow! They way you manage to create such wonderful chapters is great! I love your work. The story is going splendidly well so far and I look forward to further chapters.

This chapter was a nice break from the previous chapters, as we get multiple insights into the slowly unfolding master plan of Char's human self and it is told from a different pokemon's point of view. Not one of the main characters.

I'm not really sure but I'm beginning to think that the 'Eternal Truths' are actually pokemon. e.g. The sixth one seems to me like that certain misdreavous 'Enigma'. But i guess I'll find out in time I suppose.
sconic12 chapter 81 . 4/15
This is a great story,and has kept me so interested, i find myself reading this whenever i get the chance.

Very well done, i wish to read more of this in the future.
BroadBlueSky chapter 81 . 4/6
We have caught a singular glimpse at "The Master Plan." We must now treasure it until the time for it all to come together arrives, if it even comes together at all. But, for now, all we can do is hope that everything turns out for the better.
Guest chapter 81 . 4/4
This is a nice additional chapter away from the main story. It revealed some answers but in turn, asked new questions. I am interested in knowing the answers to the riddles. As of now my mind draws a blank on who the pokemon could be. I think that they are not revealed as of yet or maybe they are some side characters who will later have greater importance.

Xatu is an interesting character. I never suspected her to have a role in the story but I guess the big reveals are starting just now. I have a few guesses on who the other guardians are. But eh idk..

Good chap scythe! This is really my favorite story. Always looking forward to the next chap. Cheers!
LucarioTagTeam chapter 1 . 4/4
This is the greatest PMD... No, THE GREATEST FANFICTION I have had the pleasure of reading. You have managed to establish a world within another, character development, plot twists, and the hook... Oh, the hook! Every time I read a chapter, it hurts to put it down, even for a moment. I've only read to Chapter 32, but dear god it is amazing. I never want this to end; it simply can't, at least not quickly. In short, I hope with the bottom of my very soul that I can scrap anything close to the glory that is your writing.
TheHuntressofstories chapter 81 . 4/3
Its been a while since I've read this story, and I'm glad to see the quality hasn't dropped. And while the amount of foreshadowing is making me pull my hair out, I still can't help but love this story.

In truth, I was shocked by your decision for Saura to stay with his family. I read this story with the firm belief that Char and Saura would be inseperable until the end, as is the norm in PMD. But another part of me was relieved. Saura's endless whining about his love for his family, about his watchers curse, how worried he was and how it was all his fault eventually grated on my nerves. Your decision to seperate them was well justified, although a little abrupt. No doubt you've recieved an endless amount of complaints about this, and I have no desire to add to that!

I've always been fond of Ray. The discovery of his Pokerus, added to the discovery of his older brothers betrayal, nearly tore my heart out. I rather enjoyed the flashbacks he had as he raced across the Ion Plains, almost enough to forgive the 'coincidence' of stumbling across the path to his former home. I enjoyed the letter from Rautzen as well, which tied up any lingering questions of his fate. I am skeptical about the treasure, as I have a feeling it won't be that simple. But who doesn't love a treasure hunt, especially one filled with mystery and intrigue? (At least, that's what I'm hoping for)

The new power of harnessing heart-speak is definitely filled with mystery. It's purpose, as of now, remains unknown and I have a sense that all my speculations of its use will not occur. It does raise an interesting issue, the good old 'with great power comes great responsilbity'. Char seems to have realized this, already fretting on how he'll use it and whether or not he'll take advantage of it. Considering Chars master plan did not include the trip to Temporal Tower, meeting Celebi wasn't part of his plan, meaning that this new power was probably not part of his plan either. Or maybe it was.

I am near convinced Scythe has been kidnapped and replaced by a Zoroark. Of course, logically speaking, Alakazam could've read his mind and the imposter wouldn't know the Resistance Creed. Unless I'm, being duped by one of his ploys again, Scythe does not ask, 'Don't you trust me?' Or something along those lines. As I mentioned before, the foreshadowing makes me feel as though I am dying excruciatingly slowly, especially with that scene in the previous chapter with Adiel and how he will 'step back and see the big picture' or something along those lines.

Xatu was an interesting character to read, although a little simple-minded. Whilst some things were revealed, others were not, such as Xatus motivation to help Char when he contacted her. The Basin Canyon mission has been mentioned numerous times since the beginning of this story and only now is it real importance being brought into light. I can't help but feel that there is more this mission that meets the eye.

Eva was another interesting character. Being a con artist, she is the living embodiment of 'I am a compulsive liar. Is the previous statement true?' Her admission to the team is worrying, but I think that her interests and Team Embers interests are in alignment... For now.

On a final note, none of this comments are meant to discourage you in any way. You've done a remarkable job in crafting this story, nay, this universe and keeping it alive for 81 chapters. Sure, there are moments when the standards slip, or there's a moment when I wonder whether or not you've actually thought things through, but none of those have made this a bad story. Sure, okay, maybe some of it isn't your best work, but that doesn't mean the standard has dropped so low that this story is the scum of the Earth.

In reality, only the lack of frequent updates make this story the scum of the Earth. ;)
lalalala1 chapter 81 . 4/1
This chapter was extremely intriguing, as it answers questions and also raises many of them. It also focuses on a character who we really didn't see much of, which makes it even more interesting.

You somehow manage to reveal many things, and yet keep the plan, the questions the chapter raises, the chapter itself shrouded in mystery. Another amazing job.
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