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Steben chapter 87 . 7/24
I read this chapter... then went back and read the last three chapters... (Oops on the double update)

My reaction wasn't unlike Ray's when seeing Zona in this chapter. I really liked Diego Zeyon's fic, which went into his back story.

Thank you for the update! (And for possible impending bombshells involving Eva? Or am I just a conspiracy theorist? P)
Guest chapter 1 . 7/19
Me and that person are the same!
ShiningAura chapter 1 . 7/15
Caught up! So Tallie is the second in command and Eva is the new partner. Did not see that coming. This is starting to get interesting. But I freaking ship Taka and Char now, thanks for that. XD
Can't wait to read more.
Aggronknight chapter 87 . 7/15
thank you for continuing the your story, i really love everything from chapter 1, i was left hanging in the cliff when i finish all chapters and now i shall w8 for the next chapters. and OHOHOHO thank arceus, saura is safe, the nidoking is not exactly the cepheus guy, those watchers giving me nightmares about saura ended up giving information then died, good thing he's safe xD the new chapters are awesome,specially the interview part for recruitment haha i ended up imagining what if i'm also being interviewed by team ember xD pffft! why did i do that? OTTO: you're fired! please leave!
Guest chapter 87 . 7/14
Char being called the master. Totally not hinting at anything at all. But was it a red herring?
Guest chapter 87 . 7/14
I thought this was long since updated -
I always wondered what happened in 'what if' in partner selection at the start.
The Zelos Wilder chapter 87 . 7/13
Though I don't remember too much, I'm glad that we're finally getting progression towards Team Ember! That idea excites me so much! Thank you for updating! I hope you're still enjoying writing these chapters as much as I enjoy reading it! Please keep up the good work! Thank you.
Guest chapter 87 . 7/11
A new chapter coming out in good time, what is this sorcery. the bond between eva and char is very interesting and i am excited to see how it would develop later on. great work with this chapter. - t-lis (once dat4120)
AZalmega chapter 87 . 7/10
Wow, you really hit it off greatly with this chapter. Not only am i getting more interviews, which made me giddy as a anime schoolgirl on one of Senpai's love triangle, i also get to see more of Eva's character being developed and i love her as a character. However, that ending was way too sweet, and if I'm being honest, i think you will kill her off in some way later. But, before you do anything rash, just know that i personally would like to see her stick till the end, and hope that when the time comes that her death is ripe for the picking, you make it emotionally worth her character till this point. Also, I still feel like Saura isn't good for the team and hopefully you will find a way to convince us readers otherwise soon, cause i think even after this chapter, we are still losing hopes on him.
Hopefully we get to see more interviews and a feel members tryout here and there. Oh and please make a list of pokemon that is going to tryout if you have made over 12 different pokemon choices in case if some readers forget. I would love to see what the Quilava and Sableye can do...kekeke
Kangh chapter 87 . 7/9
Wow, don't know about you, but Eva seems almost obsessed with Char. Calling him *master, and being jealous of pokemon that might like him... Makes me wonder if she has a crush, or like for Char.
Just a fan chapter 87 . 7/9
So good! I Am so glad that you've updated! I am so,happy that you're going to keep on continuing this beatiful story!
EverfreeSparkle chapter 87 . 7/9
Okay, that last bit with Char and Eva was adorable. Although, now I dread for whenever Saura comes back and sees Eva taking his place.
Contradictory Cynicism chapter 87 . 7/7
Wow, a double update. This is the highlight of my week. Thank you!

Random thought, what of Adrac (or whoever) is playing Scythe at the base while Scythe is really on a secret mission? That would explain why he seemed so friendly and open to Eva...

Sorry. Got off track there. I don't remember Zona. Funny how those side characters turn up here, right? Well, you're the author. So maybe it's not funny.

Sableye: first thought: Yimtri! Quilava, first thought: Novus. I feel like I've been reading too many PMD stories...
T chapter 86 . 7/7
Your you. All is right with the fanfic world
Stinger chapter 87 . 7/6
That Nidoking and Bulbasaur's relationship has been the most fascinating one to me so far. It would seem to me that despite the gruffness, the Nidoking is actually fond of the Bulbasaur or as fond as he is capable of. Which is really interesting. To me it would seem like he is to Saura a guide figure like the Scyther was to Char. I think this has been what Saura had been missing all along. Some sort of mentor-figure that specifically sought him.
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