Reviews for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Silver Resistance
sconic12 chapter 81 . 4/15
This is a great story,and has kept me so interested, i find myself reading this whenever i get the chance.

Very well done, i wish to read more of this in the future.
BroadBlueSky chapter 81 . 4/6
We have caught a singular glimpse at "The Master Plan." We must now treasure it until the time for it all to come together arrives, if it even comes together at all. But, for now, all we can do is hope that everything turns out for the better.
Guest chapter 81 . 4/4
This is a nice additional chapter away from the main story. It revealed some answers but in turn, asked new questions. I am interested in knowing the answers to the riddles. As of now my mind draws a blank on who the pokemon could be. I think that they are not revealed as of yet or maybe they are some side characters who will later have greater importance.

Xatu is an interesting character. I never suspected her to have a role in the story but I guess the big reveals are starting just now. I have a few guesses on who the other guardians are. But eh idk..

Good chap scythe! This is really my favorite story. Always looking forward to the next chap. Cheers!
LucarioTagTeam chapter 1 . 4/4
This is the greatest PMD... No, THE GREATEST FANFICTION I have had the pleasure of reading. You have managed to establish a world within another, character development, plot twists, and the hook... Oh, the hook! Every time I read a chapter, it hurts to put it down, even for a moment. I've only read to Chapter 32, but dear god it is amazing. I never want this to end; it simply can't, at least not quickly. In short, I hope with the bottom of my very soul that I can scrap anything close to the glory that is your writing.
TheHuntressofstories chapter 81 . 4/3
Its been a while since I've read this story, and I'm glad to see the quality hasn't dropped. And while the amount of foreshadowing is making me pull my hair out, I still can't help but love this story.

In truth, I was shocked by your decision for Saura to stay with his family. I read this story with the firm belief that Char and Saura would be inseperable until the end, as is the norm in PMD. But another part of me was relieved. Saura's endless whining about his love for his family, about his watchers curse, how worried he was and how it was all his fault eventually grated on my nerves. Your decision to seperate them was well justified, although a little abrupt. No doubt you've recieved an endless amount of complaints about this, and I have no desire to add to that!

I've always been fond of Ray. The discovery of his Pokerus, added to the discovery of his older brothers betrayal, nearly tore my heart out. I rather enjoyed the flashbacks he had as he raced across the Ion Plains, almost enough to forgive the 'coincidence' of stumbling across the path to his former home. I enjoyed the letter from Rautzen as well, which tied up any lingering questions of his fate. I am skeptical about the treasure, as I have a feeling it won't be that simple. But who doesn't love a treasure hunt, especially one filled with mystery and intrigue? (At least, that's what I'm hoping for)

The new power of harnessing heart-speak is definitely filled with mystery. It's purpose, as of now, remains unknown and I have a sense that all my speculations of its use will not occur. It does raise an interesting issue, the good old 'with great power comes great responsilbity'. Char seems to have realized this, already fretting on how he'll use it and whether or not he'll take advantage of it. Considering Chars master plan did not include the trip to Temporal Tower, meeting Celebi wasn't part of his plan, meaning that this new power was probably not part of his plan either. Or maybe it was.

I am near convinced Scythe has been kidnapped and replaced by a Zoroark. Of course, logically speaking, Alakazam could've read his mind and the imposter wouldn't know the Resistance Creed. Unless I'm, being duped by one of his ploys again, Scythe does not ask, 'Don't you trust me?' Or something along those lines. As I mentioned before, the foreshadowing makes me feel as though I am dying excruciatingly slowly, especially with that scene in the previous chapter with Adiel and how he will 'step back and see the big picture' or something along those lines.

Xatu was an interesting character to read, although a little simple-minded. Whilst some things were revealed, others were not, such as Xatus motivation to help Char when he contacted her. The Basin Canyon mission has been mentioned numerous times since the beginning of this story and only now is it real importance being brought into light. I can't help but feel that there is more this mission that meets the eye.

Eva was another interesting character. Being a con artist, she is the living embodiment of 'I am a compulsive liar. Is the previous statement true?' Her admission to the team is worrying, but I think that her interests and Team Embers interests are in alignment... For now.

On a final note, none of this comments are meant to discourage you in any way. You've done a remarkable job in crafting this story, nay, this universe and keeping it alive for 81 chapters. Sure, there are moments when the standards slip, or there's a moment when I wonder whether or not you've actually thought things through, but none of those have made this a bad story. Sure, okay, maybe some of it isn't your best work, but that doesn't mean the standard has dropped so low that this story is the scum of the Earth.

In reality, only the lack of frequent updates make this story the scum of the Earth. ;)
lalalala1 chapter 81 . 4/1
This chapter was extremely intriguing, as it answers questions and also raises many of them. It also focuses on a character who we really didn't see much of, which makes it even more interesting.

You somehow manage to reveal many things, and yet keep the plan, the questions the chapter raises, the chapter itself shrouded in mystery. Another amazing job.
nightdragon0 chapter 81 . 4/1
Certainly is an interesting 'alternate viewpoint' look into the events!
Demonfan50 chapter 80 . 3/29
NOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo! Bring saura back evil writer! *crys in corner*
Nashew chapter 81 . 3/29
Not a chapter I was expecting, but a really good one. :D
RandomMan chapter 81 . 3/29
WOW duude like wow. I have know idea about the prohecy and whatsnot but hey great job otherwise!
EverfreeSparkle chapter 81 . 3/28
Pretty interesting chapter. It's nice to know that Char's former self planned ahead to the letter. It's also great that Char has some unexpected alies he can rely on.
Kokoblob9 chapter 81 . 3/28
Amazing work! I love how it explained various things about Char's past. Also, this story is literally my favorite story I have ever read on FanFiction
shiron222 chapter 14 . 3/28
Have you by any chance read the Redwall series? They have a myriad of catch tunes that all have a sense of wonder or joy in them, much like the one you wrote down here. I hope you have more of them to share. Also do you come up with them yourself? They are incredibly well done either way.
shiron222 chapter 12 . 3/28
I just started reading today. Your story seems to be really good so far, I hope it continues to be as I read it. I have a question, however. Is the poem/ song above a prophecy? Some of the lines feel htat way to me. I guess I'll see as I read more, huh?
urs-v chapter 81 . 3/28
A "special spoiler and answer" episode?
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