Reviews for Interlude
Wicked Woman chapter 1 . 6/19/2008
Dude, I made the mistake of reading this before the first (cuz I thought I knew what might have been written in the first, haven't read that one yet). But still it was kick arse, especially the bar fight and the escape. If only this was made into a special and the ending definately reminds me of the end of most of the older horror movies. You must make more, I must see how DC catches X, in your version. Plz?

The Love Slug chapter 1 . 6/4/2008
Again, you have me eager for more, MCat711! Exspecialy the gore and emotion in this one has gotten to me! Did X have a fritz or what? I have come to a scary yet truthful conclusion.

Never ever, ever, ever, EVER piss off Rampage, or he will eat you- or worse. (shudder)

But anyways, I love it, the drama, horror, just all of it! Your writing is outstanding to me, and packed with suspense! It gets to me, the more I read, the more I want too; even if I happen to be a ridculusly fast reader. XD

I hope you continue this, MCat711, cause I can barely wait! But you're the writer, not me, so I'm going to wait patiently. Rushing never helps, or so I am told. (personal experience) But that isn't the matter, how you write it is based on you. Your style is what gives your stories that different apeal and/or feel to the readers.

And I have to say, or say it again, that your stories are what gives me that apeal to your writing style!

P.s: Is it just me, or are my coments slightly...corny? XD