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SayuXx chapter 29 . 11/15/2016
Hi! I know it’s a little bit late, but here is the first of my promised reviews for your awesome Balthier and Penelo stories. I’m so sorry, but I was so busy the last few weeks. Anyway, I start with “Again”, since it’s your first story.

At first, I LOVE this story! I have read it a few times by now (and I’m pretty sure I’m going to read it a few times more) and I think I already complimented you on your Balthier and Penelo characterizations, especially Balthier’s is nearly flawless. I’m still amazed by how you manage to capture his witty character, it must be so tough. I can easily imagine him thinking something like “Maybe she wasn’t a fantasy after all. If she were a fantasy, she would be wearing quite a bit less” (God, I had to laugh so hard :D).

There are SO MANY lines I could quote that fascinated me and made me laugh or sad. Your writing style is so impressive! Maybe it’s only me, but I think you really improved it throughout the story (I believe it took you a few years to actually finish it, if I remember correctly). Maybe Balthier does seem a little bit OOC here and there for some people, but who really knows how he would behave if he had a daughter. I can totally imagine him to be soft on the inside, to be honest. He only hides behind his cynicism. Anyway, you characterize him exactly the way I would do it (if I could only write like this!), so I’m completely satisfied with it.

One thing that got me so intrigued about the Balthier and Penelo pairing was that I can easily imagine playful banters between the two. I think that Penelo isn’t a particular shy person; she seems to be quick-witted and doesn’t refrain from speaking her mind. I can absolutely imagine her saying something like “Stand there and look guilty. It shouldn’t be too difficult; you’re guilty as hell” to him :D You managed to create such wonderful and hilarious verbal exchanges between the two and also managed to make them sound so natural. While reading, I was always looking forward to the interaction between the two.

I also really like your Ashe characterization. I tend to not like Ashe so much throughout the game; she is too driven and touchy for me. But I imagine once the war was over, she would become a much more pleasant person and I like it that you make her more amiable, especially towards Penelo. I think it shows even more in “Campfire Stories”, but here as well. Very well done!
The only thing I slightly complain about is that Ellie might sound a bit too old and wise for her age. But she is still too cute and all, so I gladly forgive you for this :P

Btw I really like your lemon scenes. I’m not too fond of graphic lemon anymore, but you managed to describe it so tasteful and beautiful. I really hope to read more of that in the future.

I could ramble on and on about what I like (does my rambling even make sense? :P). It’s such a shame that I became a fan of that pairing this late; I would have loved to comment on every chapter! But maybe I still get that chance with “Past Imperfect, Present Continuous” (I still hope you don’t have abandoned the story; I’m waiting for a new chapter! ;)).

Anyway, I’m really grateful for your stories and I hope that you are continuing to write such awesome stories in the future. Maybe, if you feel like it, you could one day write a story with a little bit happier Penelo. I like your characterization of her and that you give more depth to her character, but your Penelo is always so depressed and torn on the inside. But then, I’m happy with whatever you are going to publish!

I wish you all the best! :)
ChaosreigN chapter 29 . 5/20/2016
You're writing make me so happy.
Just thought you ought to know.
Darknessdawns chapter 29 . 8/9/2015
This story was amazing. I started reading it years ago and just noticed you had finished it. The story was engaging from beginning to end and even left me in tears a few times. I was thrilled that find it had a happy ending. I loved it.
Ondine chapter 29 . 11/30/2014
*sob* That's so cheesy! But I love it sooo much! 3 Everyone needs a happy end once in a while! ;)
SandmanCircus chapter 29 . 10/7/2014
You are an amazing author, and I'm so happy that you took the time to write this. I'm so emotionally invested in this story and I'm just like GAH! It's so amazing, well done with the emotion and the feeling. The grammar is a bit rough, but only minor things, and the story is such a treasure that it takes away from all that. Again, well done and awesome job!
JPhae chapter 29 . 3/7/2014
This was my first Balthier/ Penelo fic and it was beautiful and very well written. Im about to go to your profile and I hope I find more! :)
SilentCoru chapter 29 . 8/1/2013
This fic was... amazing. I'll admit shamefully crying through chapter 26; there's just something about requited but impossible love, isn't there? Sigh.
Anyway. The story was beautiful. I found the characters a tad on the OOC side, but not enough to ruin the fic for me. It was a great read.
Splatter of Inkblots chapter 29 . 12/26/2012
This fic is nothing short of AMAZING (hands down!) I couldn't stop reading the story from a very promising first chapter to this epilogue and I still haven't gotten enough.

Your characterization of Balthier is flawless, and I loved how gradually you introduced his change of attitude towards a carefree life. The playful and drama-filled banter between Balthier and Penelo couldn't have been more entertaining and entirely justified at each twist and turn of the story. I feel that you could have pulled this whole storyline on the actual Final Fantasy XII and it would have made a perfect fit. I also loved how you were able to use the circumstances of both Balthier's and Penelo's characters to mold the story-reminding us that it's not just about this intriguing plot, but also about a complete change of heart.

Your story has completely won me over to Balthier/Penelo (as if that weren't obvious). Brilliantly done, KUTGW!
WhimsicalMayhem chapter 29 . 12/18/2012
This was AMAZING. I honestly had to stop reading a few rimes because it just got to INTENSE. I was so relieved when it ended on a good note!
Gwenhwyfair chapter 29 . 4/12/2012
OMHL THIS IS SO PERFECTT I really loved it! this story made me fall in love with pairing Balthier/Penelo THANK YOU!
cerberus angel chapter 29 . 1/12/2012
Amazing! Simply amazing! I have waited to see how you will end all this and it was so worth it! I loved how you showed that they have come a long way. Now I'm sad to see such a great fic come to an end and not only that, but it's one of the best BalthierxPenelo fic I have ever come across and had the honor to read. So I thank you for writing such an amazing fic on this couple. Maybe one day you will write another BalthierxPenelo fic. Until then I will be patiently waiting. )
ForSaleBabyShoesNeverWorn chapter 29 . 1/2/2012
Oh My God! This is amazing. marvellous. Astounding. And a lot of other adjectives I am too lazy to key in right now.

Well done. I love your command over the language and your writing style. Though you might want to mark the story as complete.
Pellaaearien chapter 29 . 12/20/2011
Short chapter!

But wonderful. Balthier *would* make the best dad in the whole world :P
Akatsuki Celeste chapter 29 . 12/20/2011
Such a sweet epilogue to a wonderful story. This story is responsible for making me love this pairing. Thank you immensely for sharing it!
x8xdanix6x chapter 29 . 12/20/2011
Very sweet. after all that drama, i'm glad they have their happy ending :)
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