Reviews for Dare me again!
Adilene chapter 1 . 6/14/2017
Hola, hace mucho que leí tus historias jajajajajajaja, me enamore de cada una de ellas, no se si sigas escribiendo, pero te agradesco por dedicarte a escribir de uno de mis mangas favoritos, tus historias las releo cada cierto tiempo, pero jamás te había dejado una nota, te pido disculpa por ello, soy mexicana y no hablo ni escribo inglés, me las apalear hace unos cuantos años atrás con un traductor jajajajajajaja, mil gracias te deseo muchas suerte y buena vibra para que hagas lo que más quieras. Nuevamente mil gracias por escribir,
Not Available Today chapter 1 . 9/14/2008
Sui-Oh is SO not sorry... and I like it *g* 'Backseat' is also quite good. "That doesn't apply to our situation" ! *lol* D is such a sneaky bastard sometimes. All D are -.-

I am not sure I know what 'Dance of Pales' is supposed to tell me. Still, I liked the 'Defender', even though it means Leon is bound to the shop as a pet. I never consider him as such, but it sounds reasonable.

I loved 'Baby Niece' *g* For the same reason I liked 'Domestic Miracles'. And I'm going to tell you more about it soon. If I can get my things done -.-

'Seasonal Swing' is just sad. So damn sad. Well, in the end, Alex gets it back, but still... sometimes we are so blind for what's in front of our eyes, even the ones of us who live forever...

'Compromising Situations' just cracked me up again xD Wow, I LOVE such situations. They're what makes life so funny

And WHY in all heavens didn't D CALL for Leon in 'silly Leon'? Oh, it's no fucking wonder they never manage to get it straight, one being as stupid as the other. *growls*

The D family as actual plants? You cannot be honest... but if you are, I'm rolling on the floor xD

And hehe, 'Cross-paths' was great, too Wow. Bumping into each other in such a way, wonder what came out of that. *g*

'Taming'... do you want me to die of laughter? I completely rofled at that one, though it's kinda hard to imagine D this way. At least for me xD

What I liked in "Not Forced' most was 'the possibility of a granddaughter' Think it's time some female hormones come into the D family Anyway, it's great. And I know I'm running out of praises. Damn. Write worse -.-

Ouch! 'Figures' is kinda mean, don't you think so? *blinks innocently* *grins*

Oh, I just love Ten-chan! *rofl* Tricksters. Never keep them near if you can help it

'ex-virgin'? Oh my god... you're going to make me die for sure...

o.O The pregnancy of D's father has made him go crazy. But hell, I want him to be my dad! *roflmao* How to prevent demonstrated with hand puppets? Oh, you gotta be kidding me! xD

'The beginning of' is wow. It took me a moment to get behind it, but then... I don't think I could've done that, really!

Man, I love Sheherazade. It's funny, and at the same time, I think it gets the spirit. 'They came from a time and place where manners had been important' I liked that one. It fits.

Just HOW many kids do you want to bless them with? Poor Chris - not only a baby niece (and yeah, I know it's another one), but two other kids, too... xD (referring to Family Expansion Pack)

o.O Incest Honlon? You gotta be kidding me... xD

A good fight is a nice way to say 'I love you', don't you think so, too? ;-) (Slap, slap, kiss)

It's far too late for any kind of escape button for the two of them... *shakes her head sadly and grins even wider*

Oh! Dandelion as her name! That's cute! And something I didn't think of... *grumbles*

xD Well, one should think of such things before sleeping with someone who really is a plant... (deflower)

Oh, how mean of them to deprive Sofu D of such a wonderful wedding! xD

Well, that was it so far. I suppose I stopped being a good review writer somewhere along the way, but that's all your fault. Thanks for this collection!

So long, Enaty :-)
Sologirl102 chapter 100 . 8/31/2008
You deserve way more than just five (six including mine) reviews! I've gone from one extreme emotion to the other while reading these drabbles, and have enjoyed all immensely. With great skill, you wrote all my favorite pairings for Petshop, and added to them by that one drabble with Norma and Jill. That made me giggle, and all those ones where Papa D and Vesca were hell-bent on thwarting Sofu D's attempts at forcing them to have grandchildren by enjoying themselves in the process.

I hope you plan to write another 100 drabbles (well, not quite 100, since several of these were lists of the drabbles), because I'll read them and smile all the while (except when they're really angsty or sad, like the Silly Detective one. Ignoring the reference to Trix, damn that was sad. HE WALKED AWAY!)!

Later, awesome one.
Anabel Sinclair chapter 67 . 8/12/2008
I don't say it enough: you are awesome!

Every single facet is brilliance...arggh...speechless again
Not Available Today chapter 2 . 8/1/2008
Here I am again! Surprise, surprise... so not.

Well, anyways, I was going to review (please do not mind me, I'm a little off today. Had a pretty bad week).

'Rewind and Record' is quite a piece! Wish you'd make that into a story... would love to see what would result out of it. 'Widow's kiss' is just like the D family, really *sigh* Still, great. But absolutely, definitely, without any doubt the best one of this collection so far is 'Strange Agreement'. Wow. You had me rolling on the floor with that one. What a great idea! And the way it's written - just awesome. Thumps up!

'News Break' also was fantastic. Really, truly fantastic, I adore that one. Telling Leon just like that, wow, that's just - oh my god! xD

'The Locked Door' and the one following that are hilarious, too. "It had the same effect, minus the chiming." *rofl* Sofu D really must be feeling strange... Poor guy.

Guess that was it for the time being. :-)

So long, Enaty
shokokchan chapter 38 . 7/31/2008
lol, um is the animal Papa D is implying Vesca?
shokokchan chapter 19 . 7/31/2008
Aww, that was a nice ending! - I liked it better than the real one
Anabel Sinclair chapter 1 . 7/11/2008
As usual , Kayi-san brings out the best of this manga.

Arigato! You have no idea how much I look forward to every installment.

Btw...changing Vesca's gender?

Oh sofu, that's just wrong!