Reviews for Into the Storm
ElsaDarling3 chapter 17 . 9/3
You have no idea how many times I had to stop reading, because reading luke like that was so painful - but I kept coming back. (It also helped I started with the third fanfic in the trilogy, otherwise I'd be too despondent to continue reading.) I cannot repeat enough times how much I love this story.
elphien0w chapter 24 . 8/4
fantastic! and the book 2 seems even better!
Kay Hau chapter 24 . 6/13
Whoa! Amazing first part to the series! Your attention to detail, especially in your fight scenes, is absolutely astounding! I don’t think I’ve ever read anything nearly so elaborate in fanfiction! And kudos to giving Luke a realistic fall - this is our golden boy and beautiful, bright-eyed perfect hero. If he’s gonna fall, it’s gonna take a LOT, not just one conversation gone wrong or even a betrayal from a friend. Weeks, months, of plotting and torture and brainwashing and losing everything and everyone, which you did an amazing job of depicting! Fascinating story on a deep, psychological level. Great job and moving on to part two!
Kitty Burglar chapter 24 . 5/23
Very well-written!
sithporgonline chapter 24 . 4/8
This... is... amazing.
Kagami420 chapter 24 . 2/24
Great story
MJ Mink chapter 10 . 2/6
I’m out of breath after this chapter. Vader and Luke... they both are devastated. Beautifully written.
Aishata chapter 24 . 12/25/2019
That was a fucking good story. Holy shit.
EtheriousQueen777 chapter 1 . 12/21/2019
A gloriously beautiful descent to darkness. So slow and subtle, yet amazing in every way, very well done!
Cletus chapter 24 . 12/6/2019
The most terrifying and manipulative Palpatine I’ve ever seen. Psychological torture and mind games galore. I didn’t think I would enjoy this as much as I did empire’s son, but I’m glad I’ve been proven wrong.
Guest chapter 24 . 6/3/2019
Wow. Massive and amazing work. Characterization was really well done. I will start the next one right away.
SpellCleaver chapter 24 . 3/9/2019
This fic left me breathless. I love your writing style, how brilliantly you write all the characters, Luke's slow descent... Palpatine's manipulations were FANTASTIC to read, and I've spent the last chapter on the edge of my seat begging Luke not to kill Vader. This was so realistic, and just— ugh I love it. I expect I'll be rereading A LOT in the future :)

Thank you so much for writing, and I can't wait to see whatever you wrote for the sequel!
CharlemagneFF chapter 24 . 2/14/2019
To anyone else who was bothered by the misuse of the word "impeachable" throughout this story and its successors, you can rest easy knowing that the author has been PM'd on the matter. Either (s)he'll fix it or (s)he won't.
Guest chapter 24 . 1/1/2019
I just discovered this fic and binged the entire second half in one day. I love it and I hate it and I want to go curl in a corner and cry! I've been starving for this fic for years, cannot wait to read the rest of the trilogy! Thank you!
Right What Is Wrong chapter 24 . 11/6/2018
Best SW fic ever. Bookmarking.
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