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vincent1875 chapter 1 . 5/17/2012
Well it's an interesting start. I'll see where it goes.
Asj Johnson chapter 18 . 5/16/2012
I could be wrong, but Aang doesn't seem quite like he realizes they're dead, asking them about how long they'd been that way and stuff.

Hmm... Well, I hope they get back to their own bodies. They might be okay that way, and everyone knows now anyhow, but it'd still be nice.
Asj Johnson chapter 17 . 5/16/2012
hmm... I donno, if everyone's looking at Zuko when talking to Sokka, that may mean they see something but are playing along...

So... it's the moon? Like, how full it is determines how much they're switched or something? So... after the new moon, would they be back to normal for good? Or just until next time? And does that mean they've been like that for a month? ...or... what phase did they switch at? If it was a full moon, I guess it would be two weeks? I think time was mentioned earlier, but I forget...

Wait, end as it started? They're not going to kill each other on purpose, are they?

Hmm... looks like it resat itself to that moment. If they wanted the two to stay dead, though, why did they say they'd give them a second chance? ...isn't that what they said?
Asj Johnson chapter 16 . 5/16/2012
hmm... I didn't say anything for this chapter... I found it interesting, though. _" I just kept wanting to see what happened next, and I don't form many thoughts when feeling that way.
Asj Johnson chapter 15 . 5/16/2012
Zuko's yellow snow answer to "what to do if you're lost" is funny. That sounds like something Sokka would say (did Sokka say that in the series at some point?) And Katara's "No!" is funny, too.

Hmm... Zuko may have made a mistake just then. But, hey, I'd think the same way. They're not benders.

Oh? Sokka's having problems with the firebending stuff? Then the thought that Zuko might be getting his bending back, could be correct... (especially since there was no sign of a firebending spy - although I kind'a forgot to look, with other stuff happening and stuff... Not that I wouldn't have noticed anything suspicious if you did write something)

Well... Iroh sure is confusing. He knows something, but he isn't really saying it. ...of course, that's why, in the series, Zuko always says things that make no sense at all when he tries to think of his advice.

Well... that was unexpected. It seems like it's more than just the bending. But what Zuko saw, was it his imagination or not? It sounds more like something he'd imagine (that would mean something), but... if it's more than that, it might get them both into trouble. Also, I've seen switching stories where the two characters seem to drift farther apart and start merging with the bodies, but its starting to sound like just the opposite here, like it's wearing out.

...she's going to kill him? I thought Zu-Sokka just said they were all going back to the Fire Nation together... I don't quite get it... And, why didn't Sokka break him out like he did his dad? I thought it was because the watertribe prisoners had more to worry about, that their punishment would be more emminent or something, that they'd be taken away sooner. But if he knew then that Azula was going to kill Iroh, why didn't he break him out as well? (and I just, briefly, had the thought that 'him' could've been Aang, which could also make sense - he is in a position to watch over him - if Sokka had known he wasn't dead)
Asj Johnson chapter 14 . 5/16/2012
hmm... I can't tell if Mai likes Zuko in this fic, or if she likes Sokka... Although, they are pretty similar here.

Hmm... now I'm confused. I thought Toph knew it was Zuko, because of the nickname, but she just called him Sokka. ...although, she also hasn't been around Zuko much at all, so the nickname might not have to do with him...

I don't get it. Does she know or doesn't she? It sounds like she must know... Zuko was talking about taking away Sokka's royal fun, and lying, and Toph calling him Sparky again. (and what's the deal with Zuko thinking this? I thought he was thinking earlier that he didn't care anymore? That he didn't really want the victory anymore?)

Hmm... well, that short scene with Sokka and Mai under the tree has me even more confused about who's with who. Does Sokka like her, um... more than other girls, or is it more about Zuko? It does seem like more than just their bodies switched, like Sokka automatically knowing some firebending things, so...

Huh? The fire moved, like because of a firebender? Hmm...
Asj Johnson chapter 13 . 5/16/2012
(tries not to laugh too hard at Sokka's way of getting them water) That was great. "Guard! The state of these prisoners offends me!" Hmm... although it would've been even better if, instead of "provide them with water to bathe in" he said something like, "I demand that you bring in water and make them bathe!" ...just to get the point across...

(also thinks it's funny that Sokka said all the water tribe people look the same to him)

Aww, the earth king had to ask for permission to even use his own bathroom (at least, if he did with Aang's gang, it makes sense the Dai Li had made him ask).

Wait, what? Zuko can't be explaining away his banishment as a sight-seeing trip. Maybe Ozai looked around for the avatar some, but he definitely wouldn't have been required to find him. I hope he knows the difference.

Heh. The earth king acted like he thought Sokka thought he needed his help. He doesn't know what mean things Zuko's been thinking about him. _"

Heh. Zuko isn't paying attention to what "spark" means. Although she may just think he's been easily angered lately, but... Oh, and maybe, since it seems like she suddenly came to that conclusion, she might've heard him talking about "uncle" when Katara woke him up. I couldn't quite tell if Katara was suspicious or not, but I thought she could have been, herself.

...Toph just said he was a horrible liar, and Zuko seems to totally overlook that statement... I still think she knows. Maybe she overheard him lying about the uncle thing being a strange dream.

...I still think it's strange for Iroh to use that tea maker. For one, isn't home made tea better? I mean, it would be harder to make it taste right, making it all at once, right? I don't know. I heard that before about some type of food. (but I think Iroh - I keep wanting to call him "uncle" because everyone in this fic does it, it's so annoying - I think he would make sure it turns out good, though. Maybe test the tea maker out to see the best way or something) ...not that this has anything to do with anything...

Heh. Looks like Sokka's finally starting to get it. That Zuko's always had a soft spot for people. (except when fighting the avatar. I think he put his feelings deep down so he could do what he needed to. But he still wouldn't fight him at times he felt Aang needed a break. ...I'm not sure how much Zuko knew about himself, though.)

Hmm... I wonder what Sokka's doing now. I liked the last of the chapter, but I'm not really sure what to say about it. It must have been hard for him to turn them down and not go with them.
Asj Johnson chapter 12 . 5/16/2012
...the boy that had been his nephew? (is slightly confused and curious)

Aww, Iroh can't tell him he knows, can he? I liked that paragraph, by the way. I guess I like most that talk about how people feel when feeling strong emotions...

I like Zuko's little tirade, too. Looks like he did learn what he did in the series - many even sooner. ...I just have to picture him as himself there. And of course, he's more himself there, alone, than at any other time. exactly did Zuko pass off that tea joke? He couldn't have mentioned his uncle, and Sokka tells jokes a lot differently...

Huh? What happened with the watertribe guys? Zuko should've helped them more than Sokka, so he couldn't be a reason for them to be captured or something, right?

Could Azula's pirates be the water tribe guys? If so, maybe - if Sokka doesn't get stupid and start saying "dad!" and all that stuff like when he first saw Katara - he might be able to set them free and travel with them and hook up with the others.

I think Zuko would think Azula would kill him in that situation, too. Or at least torture him for awhile, and then burn him to a crisp. Maybe keep his eyes for a souvenir or something. ( doesn't sound as sick when you think of Azula being the one to do it) But... she does seem like an insecure teen at times. Like when at the beach, and when her friends turned on her. She doesn't know about friendship, thinking the only way to get people on her side is to make them afraid of her... That's why it hurt her so deeply when Mai and Tai Lee turned against her. If she knew about friendship, she would think of it differently... If they were her friends (which I think they were, even with her forcing them), she would know friendship doesn't just suddenly stop.

Aww, Zuko's so mean about the earth king. He's a nice person... He's just... (sigh) well, he might be able to look after people if he puts his mind to it?

Don't say anything stupid at the beginning of the next chapter Sokka! Think about it first! Remember you're Zuko, not Sokka, and don't make Zuko look like he's gone crazy by calling him dad!
Asj Johnson chapter 11 . 5/16/2012
Hmm... before I start reading, I just had the thought that Sokka's more resourceful than Zuko, so maybe he'll be able to twist something around to have both Iroh and Aang. Zuko would think he'd have to pick one or the other, but Sokka's different.

(sigh) Sokka's plan might've been a good one, but knowing what happened in the series, it's a little disappointing (as a plan).

I didn't see how the crossroad episode could work out with these two like that, but it was pretty good. Seemed like a powerful chapter. ...I don't see how it could work out with Sokka at the palace, though. He wouldn't stay as long as Zuko, would he? Things would be too different for Sokka... There's Iroh, and Mai, and Azula, and the heritage thing...
Asj Johnson chapter 10 . 5/16/2012
Okay, Sokka didn't mess up that scene too much.

Hmm... they sure were angry when they saw each other. I was a little surprised by that... I guess it's just the circumstances, though, and it's probably really weird to see yourself like that.

I wondered how that part with Azula would work out... Thing is, it could've happened something like that with Zuko. ...or maybe not. He seemed pretty ready to go with Aang, but Azula dangled his goal of three years over his head. It was probably enough for Zuko, while Sokka wouldn't care about that. (and what happened later in the series kind'a shows Zuko was still trying to figure things out - but it's still an interesting thought that Azula could've done that to Zuko)
Asj Johnson chapter 9 . 5/16/2012
Heh. Zuko has something in common with all the avatar's gang, doesn't he? I was thinking recently that both Aang and Zuko can't go home. If Aang knew some way of going back, even a faint chance, he'd probably try it. At least at first. After the first few episodes, if given the chance, he'd probably decide not to because of avatar stuff, and because of Katara and the others. And there's Katara's and his moms, and now there's Toph.

Iroh makes it sound like he'd wet the bed. It's not the same thing! ...bending's... it's a reflex. ...well, I guess peeing kind of is, too... some animals do it to scare away preditors or something... but still, fire is much more cool.

Ah. Sokka thought the same thing. ...and that kind of gives a new meaning to wetting the bed, since he's from the watertribe. I wonder if Katara...

I still feel bad that Sokka's tricking Iroh... He's being honest, but they're talking about two different things.

...I wonder how this will go. In the series, Azula seemed surprised that Zuko and his uncle were in Ba Sing Se, and she seemed to know they weren't trying anything, so she sent a fake invitation. But it's different here...

Heh. I wondered how Zuko would handle that joke of Hakoda's. Sokka thought it was hilarious. But it seems like no one thinks anything of Zuko for not thinking so.

...the Zuko and Katara scene is going to be so messed up...
Asj Johnson chapter 8 . 5/16/2012
Aw, they were on different floors.

Hmm... odd hillucination. At first I thought they might really be there, but then they started saying his name.

Oh. That was funny. _" Aang starts thinking about Zuko, and I start wondering if Sokka's coming his way, but it turns out to be Katara.

Aww, Zuko doesn't know about the promotion. Kind'a strange in a way, seeing as he was there in the show, but not here...

...looks like Zuko's not going to find them. He probably won't even ask any neighbors or the tea shop guy.
Asj Johnson chapter 7 . 5/16/2012
So-kka! Don't assume everything's always Zuko's fault! ...Zuko would probably think the same way, though.

(sigh) and he's after a date again.

Wait, does that scroll mean they know Iroh is Mushi? Iroh equals Tea Server? ...that's... odd...

Oh no... Now Zuko's going to end up taking Sokka's time with his dad away...

Oh no... Sokka didn't use his weird Sokka, "that's hillarious", laugh did he?

Yep... Sokka's dumb drunk act got back to him. Stupid Sokka. Now he's gotten Zuko in trouble.

Poor Jin. She shouldn't have found out that Zuko was a firebender.

Looks like Sokka got to tell someone. But, if she ever sees either of them again, she might think he lied again...

Hmm... their both in cells, and Zuko doesn't think the avatar's friends will find them...

Ack. Zuko's gotten caught. And it seems too late for Sokka to save him.
Asj Johnson chapter 6 . 5/15/2012
It doesn't make sense for Sokka to go through the sickness thing Zuko did... :/

Hmm... I guess it makes sense for Sokka to ask about Zuko's past, but it kind of gives the wrong signal to Iroh... So frustrating. If they- well, I mentioned it several times before. Hopefully Zuko will still learn the same lessons...

I doubt Sokka has to shave every single day... (don't worry, Zuko, hairless men are more handsome. ...that sounded weird)

I think Zuko was more careful about not using firebending in Ba Sing Se than Iroh was... But, it would still be upsetting that he can't light a simple fire, while not being under suspicion, without doing it with something strange like rocks.

Wait, what? What's with Katara's narrowed eyes and set jaw? It can't be that suspicious that her brother totally fails at doing something right, can it?

(sigh) what in the world is Sokka up to? What's all this about reshaping a teapot?

(sigh) Stupid Sokka and his weird contraptions and grins.

So... why hasn't Zuko ever messed up and called Aang "Avatar"? Because that would be too big a giveaway for the others? It seems like he'd been avoiding calling him any name most of the time, though, which I do quite often (I hate it when I slip up and call someone by the wrong name).

Hmm... I kind of like Zuko's white lotus thing, but I wonder how he could ever explain it...

Yeah, I like the white lotus stuff. Interesting... and perhaps they can save the city this time. (or... that might mess things up later on...)
Asj Johnson chapter 5 . 5/15/2012
Oh? Zuko being an over-protective brother and accusing Jet of attacking Katara? Even with the "thinking strategically, attacking Katara would be a good way of getting to Aang" thought, I think he's getting a little too used to being Sokka - and making an excuse for it.

Heh. Copycat Blue Spirits. I wonder why he didn't think of Sokka... Just doesn't think he's a good enough person to cause them trouble? (and what about when Zuko gets rid of the mask? Sokka can't do that for him!)

Aww, Zuko was kind of harsh to Jet. (checks episode to see if something like that happened)

Uh-oh... I hope Sokka's brilliant but will hurt plan isn't something stupid...

Kind'a stupid doing that plan with Zuko's face. He might get himself and his uncle in big trouble (I mean Zuko's uncle). And, did he really re-break his arm, or was it something else that snapped like I'd think.

Ah, good. I thought maybe Sokka's "it's gonna hurt" thought might mean otherwise.

Oh good, I thought Sokka really messed up there. (but the guy still knows his face, stupid Sokka)

hmm... this is a longer fic than I can finish reading tonight... (and, glancing at the chapter titles... Stupid Sokka and Zuko fight! The fic lasts past all that stuff that was important for Zuko! What's going to happen when - if - they switch back? Zuko would be all, "huh? I never did any of that")
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