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ThePink1 at Reefside.Net chapter 14 . 10/9/2013
"Geez, this's gettin' plicompcated," Irma muttered as she opened the review window.

"It's no worse than any of his other fics," Hay replied around her bubble-gum pop. Irma dreaded when the hyper girl finally got to the center of those; she invariably used the sugar high boost to her Air powers to blow a bubble so big it'd take up the room.

"I still can't believe you farmed off that Harmony story to A J," Taranee told Will, watching as Cornelia gagged at the saccharine end of the chapter.

"Well, I knew she'd do it justice, and 'sided, when did I ever get time to write down more than the premise?" Will sighed. "We need vacations."

"I'll have Grandma get right on that, now that she's on the Council," Hay tittered, finally done with the lolly portion. She started gnawing the blob of gum off the stick, and the other girls ran for it.

Great continuation, yellow. hope to read more soon, so catch ya on the flipside, A J.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/24/2013
Please continue this PleasePleasePlease!
Guest chapter 14 . 2/23/2013
This is Freakin Awsome!
The combat, the drama, I love it all!
Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more.
Storm chaser 1991 chapter 14 . 1/5/2013
Please write a new chapter, this suspense is killing me!
XV-Dragon chapter 14 . 7/8/2012
Another great update yellow, forgot about this one (you got so many great fics on the go I lost track of some)
AceNavalPilot chapter 13 . 2/24/2011
Wow, looks like Elyon got into a tight spot, Good thing Lieutenant Rudolph was there to rescue her. I can only imagine the look on Will's face when she realized that Irma gave her the wrong time for the briefing! The part with the Hamburg was good as well, and I liked the idea of Caleb as a commando, it seems like the kind of thing he would do. I also gotta admit that Irma had guts doing what she did to finish off the Hamburg. I'm also glad that she made it out in one piece. Keep it up, it's only getting better!
XV-Dragon chapter 13 . 2/24/2011
Another great update yellow, looks like Irma is in deep trouble when she gets back to basw lol! :)
ThePink1 at Reefside.Net chapter 13 . 2/23/2011
"And there's Nigel," Hay cheered, giving Taranee a nudge. "Now we just need Eric back, and our romance quota's complete."

"Only you'd see it that way, Sprite," Cornelia said with a grin. "Well, if I'm tangling sheets with Irmy, i guess that leaves Peter free to Elyon or Orube's attentions," she continued with a smirk at Taranee, who choked on her laugh.

"O-Orube?" the Af.-Am. girl gasped. "I never thought of those two together ... before now," she continued. "I always thought he was more interested in Cass, actually."

"He is," Irma replied, snickering. "Too bad Cuz Cass's just not interested in HIM. She's crushing on this Edward guy in her Phys. Sci. class.

"Ooh, I've seen him," Hay chirped. "And I don't blame her. He looks like Robert Patterson."

"Ah, the OTHER Edward we've seen her crushing on," Cornelia giggled. They all laughed over the fact that the girl from the seventies had fallen for the new, romantic vampires of the twenty-first century after all the badly-played villainous ones she'd probably grown up screaming at. (Cassidy had already admitted to being a horror-movie fan.)

"Okay, back to our review," Will said when they calmed down.

"Gotcha, Willie," Hay said, opening the window.

"We all loved it, Yellow, and can't wait for many happy returns." (Especially Eric's!) 'Hay-hay!' Giggling was Irma's only answer.

Yeah, what they said; Catch ya on the flipside, A J.
Sniper Fodder chapter 12 . 12/5/2010
Ah. Awesome name for the squad noe. Heart was a little tooo... idk... not manly enough XD

Never the less this was a great chapter. Can't wait for the rest of em!
Sniper Fodder chapter 11 . 12/5/2010
Hooray! The truth is coming out, and in time razgriz & heart shall have their revenge!
Sniper Fodder chapter 10 . 12/5/2010
Weeeeeee! Another beautifully intertwined chapter. Did an excellent job describing the battle.
Heart of the Demons chapter 12 . 6/2/2010
Great chapter, Yellow. The whole thing was high in the sky, but tremendously. In reality, the SU-47 Berkut plane would never truly fly properly. However, your demonstration proved effective as Will and her squadron were fighting their opponents, the Belkan army. More story, please!
XV-Dragon chapter 12 . 5/31/2010
sorry for the late revierw, thought i had already had but saw in my recciew histoy i had not. Anyway, great up date, the new code names are pretty cool (and also add some extra WITCH aspects to the fic)

Can't wait to see next one yellow :)
ThePink1 at Reefside.Net chapter 12 . 5/22/2010
"Some girls get all the luck."

"What's that, Mei-mei?" Hay asked as she and the rest of the Guardians came back through her window. 'Good thing my room faces the alley; the only one who saw us was Blunk,' she thought.

"Another new chapter from Yellow 14," Meiying, her Altermere said. "I was reading it while taking our break. You guys get to fly the new Berkuts in this one."

"What's a Berkut?" Cornelia asked.

"Fighter-jet," Irma said, leaning over Mei's other shoulder. (Hay had beaten her to her 'Drop's left side.) "Asian answer to the Raptor."

"Which story has us in THAT kind of ordinance?" Taranee wondered, 'peeking' through Hay Lin's eyes. She let the link die with a grin. "Ah, the 'WITCH Flight' story. Hey, isn't that the one where you three are fighting over each other?" she asked Will, Irma and Cornelia.

"Yes," Will sighed, huffing her bangs.

"Yeah, and I have you all to myself," Irma leered. "Corny's still on the injured list."

"Don't call me ..! Wait, I'm what?" Cornelia pushed forward, taking the two Air girls' places along with Will.

"Well, you didn't make mention, but Orube's in here," Irma chortled. "And Yellow made his own guest appearance. Hmm, remind you of anyone we know?" she asked pointedly, looking at Hay. The Air Guardian just nodded, tittering.

"Have to tell A J to write us another scene next story," Hay said with a grin.

"When did Alchemy start writing fanfic?" Cornelia asked, while Will paled.

"Reviewing," their Leader said, hoping to distract the others.

Great fight scene, Yellow. Catch ya on the flipside, A J & friends.
AceNavalPilot chapter 12 . 5/13/2010
Wow, This chapter does show a good depiction of the Su-47's combat potential. I hope they stop those nuke-armed bombers in time! I can't wait until the end, keep up the good work!
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