Reviews for The Lambs
ara chapter 15 . 5/27
...I hate you! I did not see that ending coming! It was so sad, yet so good at the same time. Me and sad endings have a love/hate thing going on. I loved this entire story it was absolutely brilliant, thank you.
MSPPPEC chapter 4 . 4/5
* Sighs* You know I really liked this. But I have these pet peeve where I know a character is supposed to be a mate with another character and yet has sex with other people. Even if they didn't know they have a mate, I'm expecting them to only be with THAT person. Cal me what you want. I'm too disappointed to read any further but you did a good job so I want to give you the review...
YinKeket chapter 15 . 1/12
yay on Pany's going to have a child with Charlie. poor Remus. yay Harry is going to have his pup or pups. go Snape going to help. lol Snape living with the wolves until Harry has the pup or pups. yay Harry has a girl. oh man Fenrir is going to have a field day when trying to get the other males off his daughter lol. good thing Draco over heard them and warn the others about it. well that's what Lilly gets for helping and now being eaten. what a fate she has brought upon herself. oh man Harry died saving his lover. now the child is motherless.
YinKeket chapter 14 . 1/12
glad they found Ginny and she will tell everything. man she wouldn't talk and now she is dead. wow Harry figured it out that his so called mother has lied to him all those years. good that Harry is throwing her out,but she should have died. oh no Bella and Lilly are planning things. this can't be good having them escape from jail.
YinKeket chapter 13 . 1/12
crap now Ginny wants Harry and take him away for good and the Lilly lost her mind. oh no the pack is in danger. oh crap Tonks can't be dead. wow Lilly left Ginny alone and the she evil wolf to their death. poor Tonks died even before Remus could be happy. man no fair.
YinKeket chapter 12 . 1/12
oh man Lilly needs to be stopped. yay for Harry ruling over them and trying to bring peace. yay Harry didn't die that's good. man i wonder what Draco's dreams means. yay Remus found a mate after all that;s good. yay Charlie saw his twin brothers. that was smart of Harry asking those questions and see what he gets. oh crap why did Ginny help Bella now Lilly wants her help to kill her son. they should have killed Lilly for killing the king.
YinKeket chapter 11 . 1/12
yay he can do magic just by asking the child if he can use it which is funny. Peter needs to die. yay Harry is saved by the men who helped raised him. oh Charlie's mate is Pansy now everything is coming together about is going DOWN. wow James to the heat for Fenrir. he loved his son far more than his wife sadly. he should have killed Bella when he had the Draco is going to save Harry. Lilly shouldn't used her lightening attack and she killed her lover. poor Harry saw his father dead. Sirius was smart to hand Harry to Fenrir.
YinKeket chapter 10 . 1/12
lol on Harry teasing Fenrir in the tent. lol on Fenrir doesn't want to be near Harry at times in the bed of furs then pull him closer the him. man morning sickness sucks. lol Fenrir wants to play with his mate but his mate is too sleepy. that was wise to leave some men behind to keep safe the pack. the weird food cravings lol. awesome hunt for dark chocolate and honey. lol win on the women smirking and laughing knowing full well what was going on.
YinKeket chapter 9 . 1/11
wow the Queen is going crazy. oh no Fenrir's pack is in danger. what Harry didn't change into a wolf. oh wow Harry is with child and crap the bad people are there to kill. yay the Alastor told the others not to kill. wow i didn't know here were few birthing of werewolves. yep Lilly lost her mind poor thing. good thing James knew better. yay Draco came but saw his crazy aunt plus news on what his crazy mother is going to do plus the dreams i hope. oh man Bella you should have hurt Harry plus the other wolves saw this. oh no Harry got hurt and rare at times for a werewolf birthing. well Draco told what happen. i think Bella should have died. plus i think sadly Lilly has to die too.
YinKeket chapter 8 . 1/11
Ginny has lost her mind think Harry likes her. lol on Bill being bottom because Draco doesn't bottom lol. go Harry changing with ease without the full moon. oh Draco yelling like that is sad. that was good of Fenrir to sit back and watch and not take Draco away from Harry. that was good Harry is telling the story about Draco and himself when he was little. i do wish Remus finds a mate and be with someone. go Harry showing who's boss to Bella. awwwwwww Harry said i love you to Fenrir cute. lol they found the deer. these dreams Draco has is interesting one. is he a seer. i really hope it doesn't come true cause Lilly is a good woman.
YinKeket chapter 7 . 1/11
poor Draco running and hurting himself. well the family found out about Harry missing. lol on Harry not wanting to listen to Fenrir and give him hell and keep him on his toes. i love Charlie telling Harry love and in the future will see his family and friends. oh Draco wants Hermione. fianlly he saw it within himself that he wanted Fenrir. oh wow Werewolves can't swim, damn hat sucks. oh Harry taking charge is good inside the tent. glad Harry wanted Fenrir and went in his wolf form. i am loving the letter Harry wrote Draco. wow really Peter wanted to kill the Harry. now if going to kill the Harry then Fenrir will kill anyone who hurts his mate. so they are going to leave Harry alone good. good thing Draco sent the letter to Harry. poor Fenrir.
YinKeket chapter 6 . 1/11
well Harry knows about werewolves and Bill was right Harry will do great things by joining werewolves into the light. awwww Bill his hugging his brother that's very sweet. yes Harry should said sorry and knew he was wrong. epic win how Harry cursed at Fenrir when he saw him. the alpha is in trouble. yay Harry found Remus. i bet it is nice to heal quick and have high heat. that's awesome to have their own eyes colors back in wolf form. Bella is pissed Harry is there now. lol Fenrir caught Harry in the chase cute.
YinKeket chapter 5 . 1/11
man on chapter 4 i hit the post button by accident. anyhow i loved Chapter 4 and it was good and my my in the ally way and in the men's bathroom at the club. good thing Draco's mother wrote a note to the family. yep they got scolded because of it. oh Harry sleeps naked. my my on his back. that's cool Draco's skill is ice.

chapter 5 review here
yep Harry is charging fast and being super hot and drinking lots of water and eating a lot. good for Draco to safe Harry from anyone finding out. it was kind of his fault he didn't watch Harry. wow Snape stopped talking to Liliy even though he loved her all because of Sirius. yeah Snape knows what's going on with ease because he is awesome. oh wow even Bill knows. Bill's skills is awesome. go Bill to get Fenrir to get Harry and help him get through being a wolf. Ginny is lost in her own dumb world thinking Harry would want her. lol accidentally hurting Draco in his room and saying those things. glad Draco is telling Harry what's going on.
YinKeket chapter 4 . 1/11
oh Harry is 18 of age then nice. oh man Sirius laughed at the sight of Draco and Harry thinking someone will stop them. oh so they made it and Draco saw his mother. well done Draco taking one of his father's scrolls. oh the boys going to nightclubs. oh he saw Fenrir again at the club. man Draco why did you pulled him away from him even though you are trying to keep
YinKeket chapter 3 . 1/11
yay Lilly got her son back. go Siris understanding what Harry was telling him. sad Draco doesn't see his mother as often. oh Peter is the driver is not good at all. awesome on Lucius' powers. yay Harry saw Fenrir in the woods when they were under attack. lol on Fenrir asking Draco to come join so Harry has a friend with him. sigh James and Fenrir fighting. if only they could join together to make a world a better place than making all werewolves bad. yep i can see them sneaking out Harry and Draco.
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