Reviews for Takato's Light
Fruitloop Trooper chapter 10 . 9/8/2018
Very good use of Takato there, recognizing an agent of the D-reaper, but is it really a faux Taichi, or something else, since he was kind of himself in previous chapters, just a little off.
Fruitloop Trooper chapter 9 . 9/8/2018
Is Taichi really just suffering from stress, or is it something more? I doubt he would willingly open himself to the darkness, but maybe something's influencing him?
And I hope Takato doesn't jerk Juri around for too long: Takato/Juri is my second favorite pairing.
Fruitloop Trooper chapter 2 . 9/8/2018
You really do like having Hikari longing for a missing Taichi don't you? At least he was in her life this time for more than a few years, I'm guessing.
Will read more when I have a chance.
Ultimateblack chapter 4 . 1/16/2014
Nice work. But here's a question: are you referring to the sub or the dub? Cuz you're using dub names but having daisuke act like in the dub, calling takeru by his real name and not making fun like TJ or TM...
Oh and doesn't Takato have like an idolization on Taichi and Daisuke?
NatNicole chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
SUPER AWESOME! I usually hate cross-overs between seasons apart from 01 and 02 coz theyre related. This is the only cross-over that I really like.
Taeniaea chapter 26 . 7/29/2012
cool story
selios12 chapter 24 . 7/13/2012
lol nice frontier cameo
GallantHazard chapter 26 . 5/5/2012
One of the best stories I have read on this site.
bubbajack chapter 17 . 12/23/2011
Welll..thats not good is it? Nice chap!
bubbajack chapter 16 . 12/23/2011
Dang so Takato is feelin the pressure now huh? Well at least Jeri and Kari have buried the hatchet. Nice chap.
bubbajack chapter 15 . 12/23/2011
Well another deamon dead another chapter down! Nice fight scene and great chapter!
bubbajack chapter 14 . 12/23/2011
Well last time Takato got pissed Gilmon digivloved into a real monster so i'd say impmon has EVERY right to be afraid! Great chap!
bubbajack chapter 13 . 12/23/2011
I'm not EXACTLY sure whats going on with the prophcey an all but I know one thing for sure...I like it!
bubbajack chapter 12 . 12/23/2011
This is not looking good for Takato. First he loses both Kari and Jeri and now he is being mind controlled this isnt lookin good... Great chapter!
bubbajack chapter 11 . 12/23/2011
Well this aint good now is it? Kari feels betrayed Takato feels like crap and now Kari is captured by her "brother"! Great chapter!
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