Reviews for The Wall Comes Down
LegaianForever chapter 1 . 6/24/2008
I like that when internalizing Mei's thoughts, you did focus on her need and desire for the practical and to be the 'good girl,' but you also had little moments where her ideals faltered a bit, when she wanted to stop waiting for Vahn to come home, then catches herself and continues to think about waiting. So normal human Mei likes romance novels, but then she adds in her 'good girl' ideals and skips over the naughty scenes of the stories. But she's still reading them, right? XD It's great that Mei is a conflicted human. Not like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders, but she does have her moments where maybe her ideas about what her life should be like don't quite hold up and she has to consider the other perspectives and internally battles with her self on a minor scale. Then of course she finds that Ixis is a more Rim Elm centered person like herself, and maybe her ideas of what her life should be can hold up, but just with a different guy. I liked Ixis' last line. Yes, you captured that side of him that makes us all think he's a complete jerk in the canon, but you threw in that last little line that made him more likable, made it seem like he isn't jealous of Vahn, he doesn't have that urge to go all over the world and endanger himself. He likes to be in Rim Elm, which is where you drew the connection of Ixis and Mei and where their seemingly random marriage comes from if you send Vahn to go after Noa at the end of the game. I love how so many of your stories have that little twist at the end, the 'ah ha' moment where the perspective is either cleared or twisted to make an interesting end. Good job with this, and I hope you enjoyed this review and all of the other lengthy praises that I promised you XD.