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hazeleyedharmony chapter 3 . 8/18/2016
Hello there, it's been a while. Just letting you know I'm rereading this and it's just as good as the first time. I don't know if you'll ever see this but I hope life is treating you well.
Guest chapter 17 . 10/22/2014
Commentary-"You guys are so lazy!" Ah, I pity you...(Siujim: As if...) Ignore her. -.-

Wait, Hotaru answered reviews before? (Siujim: 0.o Oh, that, I gotta check...*flips to previous chapters*) Excuse us for a moment *slinks away irresponsibly*

Yuan Ni: Oi, you're not supposed to run off while doing a review! *watches me leave* Ah, forget, sorry about that...

'Kira! Is that you cussing wildly?' I think she was laughing her head off at this part...(*pops in* LMAO!) Hey, come back here! (*disappears again*) Gah, that irresponsible little brat...

End commentary - Ooooh...Steve Staley. Never heard before...sorry. :P Great writing, keep it up! And ignore Siujim and the irresponsible actual reviewer! (I assure you I am much more sane than them)
Guest chapter 16 . 10/20/2014
Commentary - 'Okay, so I'm the oldest' Taru-kun, then followed by Junpei, right? They're in the same school, aren't they? And I remember Junpei was a year older than Takuya, Kouji, Izumi and Kouichi (I can't remember if Tomoki was one or two years younger. I think it was two...)

'I don't know if they have these (Livestrong bands) in Japan...' I don't think so. I searched livestrong band japan on Google, and there was nothing...I don't think we have them here in Malaysia. Or Singapore either. Actually, I'm not sure if we have them in Southeast Asia...

Tomoyo quiz part - Oh, those quizzes are boring...I totally agree with Kira. I guess Tomoyo is the lovesick kinda girl? (No offence...)

'Truly, madly, deeply' Savage Garden or One Direction?

Tomoyo's dramatic speech part - Lol, started laughing like crazy when I read that part...

'Well, this is awkward.' Damn right you are.
Guest chapter 15 . 10/20/2014
'but why does everyone call me stupid' Ah, lol...if it makes you feel better, Takuya, I don't think you're that stupid...

'Aha! Freaky telekinetic twin powers!' 1-0, Takuya wins this round!

'Kouichi was like a mystery man full of secrets!' Well, it is sorta an extent, in my opinion.

#Kouizumi! Honestly, I don't have much of an opinion when it comes to Izumi pairings. I can take Takumi, Kouzumi, Kouizumi and Junzumi. I just hate bashing. It's pointless, really, and overdramatic. Which is why I'm glad usually people give a bashing warning in the summary, so I'll know that I should avoid that...geez, bashers. -.-

Ah, so this is the 'not a chapter of Home first, I was wondering where it was when I read Passion, I think. Oh, I think I'll go review your one-shots first. They're all great! (:
Guest chapter 14 . 10/20/2014
'teen...what?' God, he's never heard of Teen Titans? Well, it is an American TV show...(according to wikipedia)...

'put himself between him and Wizarmon's attack' Ep 21, Total Destruction of the Five Warriors!? Terrifying Dark Power! (Dub: Darkest before Duskmon) Take II

'Come on, lovebirds, hurry up!' WTF, Takuya...he supports Koukou?

Ending commentary - 'I never knew how much being you feels like being Luke Skywalker' 'Takuya...' Great going, Takuya. You just pissed off Kouji.
Guest chapter 12 . 10/20/2014
'ice cream is the treat of romance' Aw...

'You know, that was a very unconventional way to get together.' I am in complete agreement...-.-

Emo Kouichi...

[Insert DUN-DUN-DUN!] Too bad, Kouji... (smiles devilishly)

I know it's too late, but personally, my favourite OC is Hotaru. I know it's very late. I'm just saying.
Guest chapter 11 . 10/20/2014
#Takira (:

'Matsuda Coast to Coast' reminds me of Takato every time...Matsuda Takato. Matsuki is the dub. Matsuda is the original...

Sorry for short review. ):
Guest chapter 10 . 10/20/2014
Commentary - it's technically 02...the kicking puppies part. But it's just characterisation, showing how evil Dark Spore Ken/Digimon Kaiser Ken is. 'me and Davis would probably be-' Oh, so he supports Daiken/Kensuke? I've never been one for yaoi/gay/shounen ai couplings...or the opposite. I'm a straight person! )X

Oh, Daiki-Hotaru drama! Nice. (:

Hotaru doesn't like opening up too much to people, huh? Sounds a bit like the original Kouji,, less severe, I guess?

"Attack of the Filler Villain, Cerberumon!" Ah, ignore me.

'thanks for getting Daiki and Hotaru back into the group for me' For me? What are you thinking, Gatomon/Tailmon?

Ending commentary - Yup, never question the author. The pen is mightier than the sword. And what's with' And don't eat the yellow sand!'? 0.o
Guest chapter 9 . 10/20/2014
"Join the club." Hey, that reminds me of that holiday special on Shino (can't remember what's it called all of a sudden). I think Kouji said something like, "Join the club. We've got t-shirts." Right? (:

"Takuya, since when were you friends with a giant and a midget?" Lol, but I don't think Hotaru can really pass off as a's just his height. And Daiki, he isn't that short, right? But, innocent little Shinya...(not).

Ending commentary - yup, you have great character developments. I'll just say it here (probably goes off applying to the rest of HF and R too). Great doesn't even begin to describe you. You are awesome, talented, amazing, brilliant (rambles on and on)...I've never seen such a great writer. I always hate OCs, because they don't get enough character development and you don't get to understand them properly since they weren't in the show (where the others get their characterisation) and the writers don't describe them enough. But I just LOVE your OCs! They're great, and I won't try reading any other Frontier fic that goes on as an adventure sequel to Frontier because it just wouldn't be the same. (I do read one shots like An Endless Tale, Falling Leaves, etc. though).
Guest chapter 8 . 10/20/2014
Commentary - ever tried the drama club? (Not being sarcastic, I'm serious...of course, I don't think your writing skills reflect your acting skills...but you could try being a scriptwriter! (: )

"Daiki, I think I'm beginning to like you." Gosh, Daiki's great! He got flipping MINAMOTO KOUJI to like him...that's a feat, considering all the things Kouji is...(no offence...)

"No one can resist Tommy when he's like that, not even Kouji!" LOL! Laughing like crazy...I xiao liao...(Hokkien for crazy...) (still laughing) (and laughing)

Oh, Kira punched Takuya! 1-0, Kira's in the lead! Go, Kira! Girl power! (: Badass -.

Ending commentary - I can't remember, but I'm going to guessed it's going to have Kouji drama in it...
Guest chapter 7 . 10/20/2014
Commentary - hah, nice going. Explodable letters, eh, L?

"Hey everyone, isn't that Johnny Depp outside?" No offence, but they're in Japan...anyway, girl power! (:

"Do you know how humiliated I feel?" Typical Kouji pride.

More Takira! Awesome. (:

Daiki as Sherlock Holmes? I thought he would come as some Death Note character instead...and Hotaru really hates the Digimon, huh? A little creepy...

End commentary - aw, sad lil' Shino...): Hey, want a cookie?
Guest chapter 6 . 10/20/2014
Bad move, Kouji. And I guess Hotaru's a bit like Taichi from Adventure...just less over protective. (P.S. I still don't know why you're a Daikari/Hisuke fan...god, didn't Hikari reject him in Door to the Summer or whatever it was called? The one with Nat-chan or something? Ah, I'm just glad you don't write 02 fics).

Tomoyo sounds like those types of clingy people...heh, nice! A variety of personalities - there's the super-duper hyper one (Daiki/Dai), the sorta weirdo (Hotaru), the badass girl (Kira), the clingy lovesick girl (Tomoyo) do I describe Shino? Ah, never mind.

L from Death Note! Oh, does Kouichi not watch Death Note? Either Takuya's costume was really off until it was unrecognisable or Kouichi has no idea who's L...oh wait, Kouichi does know who L is, it's just Taki's hair colour is wrong...can't he wear a wig? (: I don't know anyone from my class who watches Death Note though. I think some people might think it's dark...

Takira romance! Nice (: And you probably don't want to hear this considering you're a fan of the pairing I mentioned in the first part of the review (don't feel like naming it), but I'll still say it - Takira is an anagram of Takari. To me, they're both awesome pairings. Ah, we're free to support whatever pairings we like...

Raremon's the Digimon who'll wreck the party! Is that a reference to Adventure? When Vamdemon was trying to find the Eighth Child, there was a Raremon too...but he didn't wreck any party, if I remember correctly. I can't quite remember. I only remember Tentomon and Koushiro were at the scene or something...I'm digressing. Sorry.

Ah, sarcastic Kouji. Perfect Kouji personality. (Kouji's probably thinking this: Screw you!)
Guest chapter 5 . 10/20/2014
Commentary Naruto scene - Lol. That was fun. I can imagine that happening.

"JP and Kouji don't play ice hockey, and Zoe's never touched a key on a piano in her life, much less take lessons!" Hah, great way to get out of that. So Junpei and Kouji say they're busy playing ice hockey, Izumi says she's got piano lessons. Couldn't they have thought of better excuses? (Just in case, not offending you, I'm trying to offend Junpei, Kouji and Izumi. (: )

"for the goggles had been smashed in Arbormon's blow" I have an idea about this, but I still don't quite understand...):

Wow, are the goggles really that precious? -.- And so everyone runs after Tomoki...while poor Kouichi is left behind to deal with Takuya. I feel sorry for him. ):

"I have had experience with head injuries myself" Yeah, I guess so, plus his was way worse, resulting in corruption, yada yada...

And of course, Izumi's 'piano lessons' were a big fat lie...(:

"Of all the things to have a phobia from, you choose blood?" Uh, I don't think you can choose what you want to be afraid of, Izumi...

Last ice hockey scene - ha, so they were playing after all...I've never played or even watched an ice hockey match before, so I didn't know they use a puck too, like floorball (my fav actual sport, because it's easy. I don't think Captain's ball is really a sport...more of a game.).

'A Digimon shows up at a Halloween dance'. Oh god. Firstly - they were going to a dance?! Wow, I wonder how Kouji's going to get a date or something...and looks like everyone were completely unaware of the dance. And Digimon human world dance chaos.

Keep it up! (:
Guest chapter 4 . 10/20/2014
"What are you talking about? Hotaru always talks to me! Right, Hotaru?" Ha, laughed my head off at that one...especially Junpei's WTF reaction...

"Anybody getting a Naruto feeling right about now?" Hm, never watched Naruto, so I don't know, but I suppose it's about ninjas and stuff, and Falcomon did use Ninja Blade, so I guess it adds up. Is Naruto popular? I think it is with boys, but the boys in my class aren't into anime. The girls are, on the contrary. Fairy Tail seems to be more popular among us...I think every girl in my class that watches anime has watched Fairy Tail (yeah, there are girls who don't watch anime...sad.)

I can see the humour in this story.

"A reunion of the ten Legendary Warriors..." Watch out, falcon-boy. You're in trouble now. Somehow I keep thinking about Ikuto (from Savers) when I see Falcomon, even though I haven't watched Savers yet. I know the characters though.

"Sometimes, I wonder if you and Kouji are the only ones who use their brains." "What about me?" Aw, how cute. I've always liked Tomoki. But you know, Izumi, you're implying that you don't use your brain either...and honestly, I think Takuya's the one who doesn't think before he acts. And Kouji can be like that too sometimes, I guess...

Great writing!
Guest chapter 3 . 10/20/2014
Doom for Kouji. Of course he'd be annoyed by Daiki's eagerness...

Oh, so each of the Chosen meets one of the new ones, huh? And Hotaru is in Junpei's school, Kira is in Izumi's. I wonder how Kira survives in a girl's school when she's so offence, I wonder how she would survive in any school...and actually, I kinda like badass girls! (:

And so your OCs appear. Hooray!
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