Reviews for Tales of the Cosmic Wars Vol 2: A Star's Twilight
Sovereign64 chapter 15 . 11h
It's been a while since I continue reading this story. Let's get to it. :)

Man, I feel sorry for Ben. He is both emotionally and physically hurt from having to fight against his own cousin Max, who turned out to be an evil and homicidal maniac and not a shining example of a true hero after all. But thankfully, that did not stop Ben from giving his all against him. Unfortunately, their fight ended up destroying much of the Raystar Manor, as well as damaging the relationship between him and Lacus. And I don't mean to sound harsh...but Lacus's mother needs to go for psychiatric an asylum...for instantly blaming Ben for all this rather than understanding that Ben and everyone else had no idea Max is a traitor and pure evil.

I hope Ben can recover from this ordeal because man, this chapter turns out to be quite a downer, especially for our main protagonist. Keep up the good work!
Sovereign64 chapter 14 . 1/8
I'm glad Ben is able to impress Lacus with his painting, and thankfully Brad was stopped by Max before he could destroy the painting and ruin the moment. And it's nice to see Ben being able to have some quality time with Lacus.

However, the mood is eventually ruined when Lacus is captured by Luxord, and Janus shows up to crash the party too. Thankfully, it seems Brad is able to handle Luxord on his own, and I shouldn't be surprised by that.

But as Ben fights against Janus, he discovers that his true Max?! The one whom Ben always look up to?! That was a really good twist right there and it's no wonder why Kira never wanted to mention him. Failing to stop Max from escaping was his greatest failure. And this is quite the dilemma for our main hero now. Will Ben be able to fight against his former idol and cousin, or will he finally give up his dream of being a hero?

Great chapter!
Sovereign64 chapter 13 . 1/3
That was quite an eventful chapter. Max and Kira are reunited, but it is not a joyful reunion as despite winning the day, Kira does not see it as a total victory at all. And now it is Organization XIII's turn to make a move on Ben Auro, and they are sending Luxord to go after him. Don't let yourself fall victim into his manipulation, Ben.

And speaking of Ben, Ben has returned home to attend his grandmother's funeral and reunite with his parents. However, just when his disapproval from Kira hadn't already ruin his day, his father is here to make it worse as he still disapproves his son being an Enji Knight and return to working for him in the Chocobo Farm. But Ben is not taking this lightly and lets out his pure rage that bloomed from his envy towards Brad and his anger towards his parents.

Ben later attends Lacus's birthday and it was nice seeing that power handshake between Max and Brad. XD And seeing Ben already boiled up from his reunion with his father, I can only imagine his envy towards Brad may get Lacus's birthday sidetracked. And if not, Luxord and the bounty hunters he hired will do just that. Poor Greedo. He cannot catch a break. ;

Great chapter!
Sovereign64 chapter 12 . 12/28/2022
When I read 'a gigantic three-headed dragon', I thought it was King Ghidorah. Lol.

Anyways, this is yet another action-packed chapter. And wow, it's amazing how strong Max truly is. No wonder Ben looks up to him.

But it looks like things are not good, now that Ravxen has retrieved the last Key fragment to free Chaos Zannacross Necron. I'm not looking forward to that.

Great chapter!
Sovereign64 chapter 11 . 12/28/2022
It's time for another story arc, and talk about starting things off with a bang. Ben soon finds himself engaged in a fight with Vent. He was able to defeat him, but man, he almost would have killed him because of all the harsh training he endured from Kira. Luckily, Firion was there and Ben is able to snap out of his thoughts.

And just when I thought Ben is about to be toast, a wild Max Bruder appears to save him! Nice to see him alive and well. :D But it looks like this fight is still going to be quite tense as Ravxen shows up to the battle too. Can't wait to see how the rest of the fight turns out.
Sovereign64 chapter 10 . 12/27/2022
Man, that was some training session. Kira really isn't fooling around with his intense training on Ben and Ezan. And I can tell that's definitely NOT Kira Yamato when he says he killed his friend Athrun Zala without mercy for being a spy. ;

Also, nice cameo from Revolver Ocelot, and nice homage to the torture session in MGS1. I'm glad Ben is able to overcome his pain and shatter the Embrace of Pain.

And nice usage of Kaname Tosen and Gin Ichimaru too. They really do make the perfect instructors to get Ben and Ezan to live up to Kira's expectations. Makes me wonder if Kira defeated Aizen to get them to work for him. O_O

Anyways, looks like another world is being attacked. Let's see if Ben can handle this mission well under Kira's command. Seeing how Kira has treated him throughout this chapter, I can guess it's not going to be easy...
Sovereign64 chapter 9 . 12/11/2022
Nice to see Ben earn a lot of new fans after saving the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser. :D Speaking of Bowser, it seems he will live to see another day, for now, as Damonus still sees some use in him. Also, hate to see Brad mocking Ben again over Lacus, but at least our main hero is gaining more respect and recognition from his fellow Enji Knights, including Lacus herself. And it looks like it's going to be an all-out boot camp hell for Ben and Ezan as Kira isn't going to take them lightly while taking them under his wing. Already the guy is displaying how willing he is to crush their souls and spirits to make them become the ultimate fighters.

Great chapter!
Sovereign64 chapter 8 . 11/30/2022
Thanks for explaining how the Koopalings exist despite Bowser not know. XD

Anyways, that was a really good fight between the heroes and Bowser. Just when I thought Bowser got the upper hand after becoming Giga Bowser, Peach is able to boost the heroes' powers and defeat the king of Koopas for good.

Although Mario's world has been saved, the fight against the Zannacross Empire is far from over. Great chapter!
Sovereign64 chapter 7 . 11/25/2022
Lots of action as always. Fawful may be a fool, but he still manages to be a threat to our heroes. Thankfully, our heroes manage to defeat him despite having extra pairs of arms to fight them.

Also, I did get a chuckle when Bowser tries to crush Ben and Mario...and fail miserably. XD But of course, the big baddie can't stay down forever as he manages to come back...with a clown car. Huh.

Anyways, Janus is really quite a threat when he manages to take down the Master Chief of all people. Thankfully, the spartan is saved by Cloud and hopefully, our spiky blonde hero have what it takes to defeat this dangerous bounty hunter. Also, I love the cameo from Cortana.

Let's see if Ben can manage to overcome Nightmare and Mario overcoming a now fully energized Bowser in the next chapter.
Sovereign64 chapter 6 . 11/24/2022
Very nice to see Geno, Mallow and Rosalina in this story. And the fight scenes are fun and intense as always. And let's hope Ben and Mario can rescue Peach from Bowser (For the umpteenth time).
Sovereign64 chapter 5 . 11/23/2022
It seems Ben is getting over the whole Lisa/Larxene fiasco and that's good. No one should feel demoralized forever.

Also, side note, I find it funny seeing Cloud, Aeris and Master Chief together in the same room because I once read a Cartoon X-Overs story which is a fanmake of the Halo games where Cloud and Aerith play as the Master Chief and Cortana respectively. XD

Anyways, they arrived at Toad Town, and it's nice to see Mario and Ben doing some action together. But Bowser is also here, hellbent on revenge alongside his Koopalings. It's time to teach them a lesson.

Great chapter!
Sovereign64 chapter 4 . 11/23/2022
Man, reading this chapter helped remind me how annoying Larxene was, so I'm glad Ben and Lacus were able to defeat her, though Marluxia shows up in time to save her.

I really love the conversation between Ben and Lacus after the fight, and I understand more why Ben is so desperate to become a better person and sees Lacus as his driving force to become one. Sadly, the moment between them is interrupted by Brad, whom Ben is really growing to be annoyed with even more. I really hope he doesn't go full blown Anakin Skywalker by consuming himself into his rage too much. That would be a really dangerous path for him.

Great chapter!
Sovereign64 chapter 3 . 11/6/2022
Well, unfortunately Ben's date didn't go well as planned, as it turns out Lisa is...Larxene all along! Dun dun dun! Well, I never like how Lisa acted through volume 1, but man, even I still feel shocked that Lisa was the spy Larxene all along, and the one who helped Xehamaru cause the invasion in the first place.

Hopefully, Ben and Lacus can work together to defeat Larxene, even despite Ben's disapproval of Lacus's relationship with Brad.
Sovereign64 chapter 2 . 10/31/2022
It looks like Ben has become faster, stronger and more intelligent since the last time we saw him. Good on him. :)

Unfortunately, he had to deal with the pain of loss as his grandmother has passed away. And just when his day can't get any worse, he had a realistic nightmare of fighting against Xehamaru and the other villains again, as well as coming face to face with the wrath of Chaos Zannacross Necron himself!

Thankfully, the time hasn't come for him to face the big bad villain yet. But unfortunately, he and the other Enji Knights lay their eyes for the first time ever on seemingly the newest antagonist they have to face, Darth Damonus. So far, I can say that he is quite the menacing villain, and even more dangerous than Xehamaru as he manages to destroy an entire planet!

I hope Ben and the heroes can face this latest threat. Great chapter!
Sovereign64 chapter 1 . 10/31/2022
Thanks for the recap of the first volume. Onto the next chapter!
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