Reviews for Tales of the Cosmic Wars Vol 2: A Star's Twilight
sithsrequiem chapter 40 . 1/25/2009
Nice, as usual. The showdown with Ganondorf sure feels exciting to look forward to! Keep it up man!
Keyblader Chad chapter 39 . 1/23/2009
well another great chapter...Duke definitely seems like he's got good character development...because it's easy to see why his views are like they are.

You can even understand the end he's much like villains from other things like Gilbert Durandal from Gundam Seed or even Master Asia from G Gundam.

Their ends are good in a way...they all bring about's just..their ideas/their means to that end are the problem.

ah well at least he realised at the end.

should've known ganondorf would be involved in this world...the guy is getting like bowser...repetitive.

ah well keep up the good work, looking forward to the next chapter.
sithsrequiem chapter 39 . 1/21/2009
Hey man, just wanted to say one word: Damn! You continue to impress me much with how well you've come along man! Now that my story is posted as well, I hope you can leave me reviews on occasion as well )
SteelyBlur chapter 39 . 1/19/2009
Hmm. sorry for not reviewing.

Just hit a wall with too many doors.

Anyway, it just keeps getting better and better. Update soon!
Keyblader Chad chapter 38 . 1/17/2009
well yet another great chapter...sorry about the wait in reviewing, haven't been checking the updates properly lately.

Anyway even though it's no doubt powerful...i still find the fact that this threat to the world is some sort of giant octopus hilarious.

ah well...a little variety's not a bad thing...anyway not much else i can think of to say at the moment...keep up the good work.
Keyblader Chad chapter 37 . 1/9/2009
well this is another interesting and good chapter...and it's getting me wanting tales of vesperia more and more.

interested as to what's going to happen next with this shrine and if having zannacross forces helping makes whatever's going to happen more deadly.

also interested as to what Agahnim was saying in his dying moments...seemed to be implying that ganondorf has done something...i'm presuming on another world and that's an upcoming trouble to happen that will annoy link.

anyway keep up the good work and i should have a new chapter up soon (probably sometime next week)
Keyblader Chad chapter 36 . 1/4/2009
well this is another good chapter, boy your really getting them out quickly.

Ah Majora's mask, fun game but always ends up annoying you when you get so far into a dungeon, almost to the boss or get to the boss then need to reset time...though i suppose that's the joy of the reverse song of time to slow down time.

ah well anyway keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing how having zannacross forced involved more in the next chapter affects things, keep up the good work.
Kenji chapter 1 . 1/3/2009
Doug chapter 35 . 12/31/2008
Hey dude, sorry for not being able to review as much. But, I've been keeping up, and things are still going strong.

First off, awesome job with Kira. I always love a good villain, and while I certainly don't like his personality, Kira has made quite the impact. Thanks to him, things have elevated to such a high degree. You also did good for when he joined Zannacross, and it was realistic for Nightmare and the others to be untrusting of Kira at first.

Ben's training was pretty cool, I can't wait for when you do Doug's and James'. Also Ezan's if you plan on doing that for him. Also a good thing that you don't waste time explaining the training or drag things out for a year, unlike certain craptastic anime like Bleach or Naruto.

Well, keep it up man! I sure hope Yuri joins the Enji, he's my favorite Tales of main character.
Keyblader Chad chapter 35 . 12/31/2008
another good chapter, VERY entertaining at Ben making Brad look like a fool and i really enjoyed Lacus finally standing up more when it comes to her relationship with Brad.

so far this tales of vesperia arc seems very interesting and i'm looking forward to when it comes out in the UK now so i can finally play a tales of game.

I was surprised to see Agahnim make an apperance, but that should add some interesting development to this arc with zannacross getting involved.

One last thing to mention, your links at the bottom of the chapter to show the similarities of the characters isn't full.

the reason for that is doesn't like links being put in their chapters so the majority gets removed.

i've had that problem too when just putting FF(dot here)net in reference to the's not just with site links though, when i've done netnavis from battle network it doesn't like their being the dot exe bit either.

Just figured i'd mention so that way you can either remove it or fix it if you want to.

Anyway keep up the good work.
Keyblader Chad chapter 34 . 12/29/2008
another great chapter, Ben's power sure will be good now with the Kaio-Ken, afterall if in DBZ Goku actually trained with it more, he could've used it at the same time as super saiyan without the body-damaging effects and be even stronger then before.

Wonder if Ben will one day master it and reach even heigher heights of his power.

Anyway keep up the good work, next chapter sounds good and i like seeing more of the tales of series (since finding the symphonia game now seems to be impossible where i live and Vesperia has yet to come out in the UK)

One last note, my next chapter COULD take a little longer then computer broke just before christmas (and annoyingly before i could get an external hard drive for back up purposes.)

So thanks to the fact that my cousin made this computer for me, and i now reset it again, i've lost Word so can't do any more chapters until i get a new one.

just figured i'd mention since it could be a long-ish wait.
Rydrian Gunn the Journeyman chapter 34 . 12/24/2008
again excellent as always alot of dbz in this one
Keyblader Chad chapter 33 . 12/20/2008
heh...heheh...BWAHAHAHAHAH...sorry, sorry, i'm just trying to calm myself down from the "angry" review you's so damn hilarious how he doesn't understand anything about suspense, plot twists and how stories aren't always a cliche fairy book tale.

aww the poor baby thinks your going to change your story just because he's not gonna read it me that sounds like an early christmas present.

ANYWAY moving onto the story itself now before i start laughing my head off at the biggest stupidity ever.

Great chapter, i see the obvious idea that darth damonus hinted at earlier came true and kira works with the god of darkness.

I'm also glad to see that Kira did get away, it means he can still bring problems to the universe...which is a good thing.

This story is what the title says afterall "cosmic wars" it's expected for villains to keep ruining the universe and it's expected for all villains to be different.

;like how kira is a corrupt hero...which despite what captain A thinks IS a good thing, it's decent i's not a fairy tale story.

anyway keep up the good work work, next chapter sounds fun with Ben learning the Kaio-Ken.
Captain A chapter 33 . 12/19/2008


This settles it, Darth Necron.

I'm officially mad at you.

Due to some of your past responses to some of my reviews (especially the part where you said Kira would be killed "at the end of this arc", I assumed that at the end of this big fight against Kira that has happened over the last few chapters, you would go ahead and just bump him off already.

Instead, even though this whole long arc is finally at an end, you allowed Kira to escape with his life and put him in a position to further trouble the Enji in the future.

Frankly, I've gotten sick and tired of Kira, his brutal fasicism, and his twisted belief that by doing a bunch of terribly wrong things, he is in the final cosmic scheme of things actually doing the right thing.

Honestly, I no longer want any more chapters with Kira Myers in them. I really think you should have just killed him off in this chapter and put all the plot elements regarding him to rest. Then, with Kira out of the way, you could have continued the story without his unpleasant presence corrupting everything, and moved on to more important events involving more "honest" (and much easier to read about) villains like Zanacross and the Organization, who really need to get back into the spotlight here.

So in conclusion, I'm going to be boycotting "Tales of the Cosmic Wars" for the time being. If you maybe go back and revise the current plot of this story (and ESPECIALLY this chapter), and change events so that Kira dies here instead of escaping, THEN I'll resume reading this fic. Until you do this, I'm sorry I had to say this to you and that it has to be in this particular tone, but I'm not going to pay any more attention to a story where an author keeps around an unpopular character (especially an evil, twisted TYRANT of a character), even when it has become long since apparent that this character has long since overstayed his welcome and remained much longer than he should have.

So sorry, Necron.

I still put up with that brainless thug Brad in "Cosmic Wars" for the time being, but I can't read even one more chapter if you're keeping Kira around any further. I just can't.

Get back to when and if (hopefully) you change these events for the better.
Rydrian Gunn the Journeyman chapter 33 . 12/19/2008
great as allows my friend that is a scary combo sayan and mandalorian and aizen? you watch to much bleach
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