Reviews for Tales of the Cosmic Wars Vol 2 A Star
Piccolo Sky chapter 9 . 3/23/2013
This chapter is about the size I prefer, even if you thought it was short. I don't like them when they get too big. Heck, I don't like it when I write one that's too big. So don't beat yourself up over it. Besides, not every chapter needs a big fight.
Piccolo Sky chapter 8 . 3/16/2013
Anyone else get a "Godzilla" vibe at the start of this chapter? You the SNES version of the original Simcity, you could summon a "Bowser Attack" natural disaster...

It was a pretty good chapter...but I sort of wish this was back in the day when you were writing it. To me, it seems like you're lapsing into your mode of dragging things out too much. Even if you leave the bantering in, they're essentially saying the same thing over and over. Like this...

(Four or five moves)

Ha, you're nothing to me!

No, I'm the hero of the universe!

No, you're nothing to me!

No, I'm the hero of the universe!

(Another four or five moves)

Ha, you're nothing to me!

No, I'm the hero of the universe!

No, you're nothing to me!

No, I'm the hero of the universe!

(Yet another four or five moves)

Ha, you're nothing to me!

No, I'm the hero of the universe!

No, you're nothing to me!

No, I'm the hero of the universe!

And so on and so forth. Keep an eye out for that. Even if you have banter, no need to banter the same five taunts and boasts over and over.
Piccolo Sky chapter 7 . 3/9/2013
Wanted to make sure I get this in before the chapter post.

They should have got Bowser on camera phone. Now every time the bad guys gloat about how pathetic the good guys are, they can say, "Well, YOU'RE the ones that hired THIS guy..." Replay. But yes...clowns are evil incarnate.

Couldn't help but laugh at the guys toward the end. "Yes, watch as we use the ultimate power...which, nevertheless, has failed to work even once so far...kind of just really prolongs our inevitable defeats...but STILL!"

Hmm...interesting thought that Ben had...

Heh, Nightmare's the perfect choice for Bowser. Another guy who fails miserably every time and never seems to realize it. A double meaning to "Those That Never Stay Down", perhaps?
Piccolo Sky chapter 6 . 3/3/2013
Times like this I wish I had played more Mario games. :P However, I don't think Bowser will ever changes. He's like Wile E. Coyote. Fate has conspired against him to never give him what he wants, and yet he keeps going after it...and ends up in pain every time. :P

I did smile a bit at the protagonist pointing out the shameless ripoff. :)

Smithy has a surprisingly low appreciation for subtle differences in weaponry. I just found that ironic. :P And yes, James was indeed spot-on.

Heh, I never played the game with 'Fawful' in it, but does he really talk like a Monty Python French Watchman? :) "I unclog my nose and shoot boogers in your general direction!"
Piccolo Sky chapter 5 . 2/16/2013
To be honest, I was just starting to think... "Hmm, so long as he's doing Mario again, it would be nice to see Geno back in action..." Super Mario RPG will always be the only 'real' Mario RPG to me. :)

However, I really can't see Smithy being pushed around by Bowser. :P

Nightmare reminds me of that one episode of MST3K: "Prince of Space". "Yes, men, let us destroy him! After all, he's only beaten us numerous times already...what makes him so confident he can win?"
Piccolo Sky chapter 4 . 2/9/2013
Oh boy...someone went and whacked Ben with the ol' Stupid Stick when he wasn't looking. Sky's Personal Rules for Situations Like This #1: Beat your opponent into a bloody pulp...then discuss being merciful. But to be honest, even at her "best" times, I never got the impression "Lisa" really cared one way or another about Ben. Ugh, why are all you young people so stupid to even be looking for lasting relationships before you hit your 20s?

While I did mention earlier that the character flaws made the characters more "real"...they're kind of wearing out their welcome, especially since the characters seem to be getting more flawed, not less, with time. Since when is Ben such a whiny little wimp that he needs girls to like him to have any self-esteem? I've already ragged so much on everything wrong with that, I won't repeat it here. But Lacus being the one to try and tell him to have more self-esteem? That's like Darth Vader getting advice on being a good father from Magneto.

Lacus' IQ has also dropped further for thinking Brad knows the slightest thing about her. She's going from being emotionally scarred to just being an idiot, and it's getting annoying.

I'd say more of a "facepalming" chapter than a "heartbreaking" one.
Piccolo Sky chapter 3 . 1/27/2013
As I stated in the previous volume, your best segments are when you use your original characters. So off to a pretty nice start. On the contrary, I prefer a reduction of action to more drama...provided its high-quality drama.

The only real complaint I have about this chapter is Ben's self-confidence suddenly, and abruptly, hinging on "Lisa" liking him when he hasn't really given much thought about it until now, even forgetting their date more than once. He seems to suddenly have the self-esteem of a depressed Cloud and Vincent combined. However, I'm figuring this could still end up being as the result of an unknown "special technique" she's using.
Piccolo Sky chapter 2 . 1/20/2013
Well, finally got to reading this. Guess I'll try to get in a chapter a week, like before.
dragonridley chapter 58 . 11/4/2009 do i put's great, it's brillant, the plot is always growing and changing, the characters are's just...stuff it.

it's Chuck Norris approved.


Now i'm FINALLY beginning to catch up, and soon i'll be looking into the third volume.

I'm hoping it will be DELICOUS!

gotta admit with some characters i've had to either wiki or google, but thats what it's like with everyone here. if your clever enough, you'll look around before saying you have no idea.

other then that. i would give it...98 out of 100. 2 lost for the odd error, but hey, we all do it.

Blue The Hedgehog chapter 57 . 5/29/2009
Well I liked to do a long review but I am crap at them but i will do my best o review this chapter

frist of all just like to say well done on compteling Vol 2 unlike most autor that start a long story but never end it you stuck with it and did it giving us all something toread each week

now on the the chatper it's self what can I say this chatper really did do a good job of not only tieing up Vol 2 but making us wonder what is to come in Vol 3 also Lacus finally giving up on Brad was good to see don't get me wrong I am not saying anything bad about it just nice to see Lacus isn't going to have blind faith in him

Character development has also been great with this story and having a large cast of characters some time leads to one character over shadowing or some disappear but you where able to let all the characters have a role which was great

anyway I end this by saying I can't wait to see the start of Tales of the Cosmic Wars Volume three and I will keep reviewing
mangagor chapter 57 . 5/27/2009
HIYA! I LOVED THIS LAST CHAPTER really i did well what can i say you did an AWESOME work with it and your fanfics will always remain on my mind i wonder if you can add any of these in volume 3: 1. okami. 2. rourouni kenshin 3. yu yu hakusho 4. disgaea 5. the world ends with you XD but thats just a suggestion i thought that would be perfect in this storyXD well ill follow the next story when it comes until then ill be back (also when ive watched kingdom hearts 2 walkthrough done i will continue my story at lastXD)
sithsrequiem chapter 57 . 5/26/2009
I have to agree with everything Chad Malyan posted, but I'll give a big review as well.

First things first, it's been a blast to read this story from day 1 :) You've done a terrific job with the character development as a whole. As Chad pointed out, there's a tremendously large cast. The pre-existing characters like Cloud or Zidane are mostly cameos, I know, but it's always interesting to see them. I freakin' love this story.

Moving on to Ben and his buddies, I think that they're all pretty cool. Ben and Ezan have seen the most development, which is very good because it's the main and his 'friendly rival.' It's great to see Doug doing more as well, I didn't expect you to do as much for the character as you did, and Gouken is bound to give him some epic training!

I think my favorite parts of Volume 2 were the dance chapter, and the ensuing development between Ben and Max. The dance chapter really gave a lighthearted feel to the increasing tension, and I think that it was the start of greater things to come for Ben. Plus Doug dancing with Rita and acting like that made me laugh, that's just like me. XD

Max was tied with Doug for being my favorite character, I always do like guys like him. I also enjoyed the F-Zero arc, you did well in giving James a good moment. Like Chad said (yet again, lol), you do a very good job with balancing out the characters. Ben may be the main protagonist, but he certainly doesn't overshadow the others. Lacus...I don't like her as much as Ben's friends. I definitely don't dislike her character, but one thing about her that's always kind of annoyed me (which she's overcome now, woot!) was that she lacked a backbone, and was completely submissive to Brad. But, now that she's broken away from him, this can set up for outstanding development for her, and I do hope to see more of her changes, now that she's parted ways with The Unstoppable Failure. And despite that initial turn-off, it does show flaws of Lacus, which is essential to any character-all of them need pros and cons, which I think you've exhibited extremely well!

And let me say this. I am SO GLAD that happened to Brad! I've been waiting for a while to see him get served, and it couldn't have happened in a better way! Getting two shotted by Grand Master Myers, oh that made me laugh so much.

As for the villains...honestly, Kira has grown on me. I can't help but be intrigued by him. I like all of the pre-existing ones, and I am happy to see Kefka, he's my all time favorite villain; definitely one of the most effective ones in all of video game history. I'm really excited for Volume 3, especially if more demon lords appear!

One thing I'm hoping to see more of (which I know we will, it's inevitable) are fights with the Dark Enji. Ben, Doug, James and the others battling them at Castle Oblivion would be epic win.

So then, I'll conclude with a small list of what I'm looking forward to

1) Development between Ben and Lacus

2) The Star Sword's completion

3) Seeing how Doug's training with Gouken pays off

4) Brad getting owned

5) Interactions between Ezan and Aeris (From my own speculations, you've been faintly alluding to it, so it's interesting!)

6) More epic fights against the villains

7) Brad getting owned more

Keep up the fantastic work bud, I'm definitely looking forward to the updated character bio!
Rydrian Gunn the Journeyman chapter 57 . 5/26/2009
great chapter a fitting end for the book hurray brad is getting his just desserts
Keyblader Chad chapter 57 . 5/26/2009
well that was a amazing i guess it's time for another long review.

Was glad to see that Myers did punish brad for ruining the best chance at catching Weil, also he did have a good point...they could've maybe stopped xisa a bit better and not had to deal with Halo and max's death.

was definitely a nice surprise to see Lacus see Brad for how he really acts now and decide to split up with him...though even though it's good for her and ben, i suppose it will be bad too considering Brad's anger.

moving onto the whole story itself, definitely keeps coming a long way and the character development has been great...the whole Ben getting depressed with the constant fighting and betrayals is good plot too.

i know that because i've had similar plot in me and richard's story which he is currently novelising.

Also even though this story has a huge character roster, you've been able to treat them all with good "screen-time" and that's not an easy feat, so well done for that.

furthermore even though Ben's the chosen hero and his strength keeps rising you never have him overshadow the other heroes strength, they all still manage to help him greatly, which is good.

You've also been great at tying actual storylines into the cosmic war storylines tales of vesperia story and also have you've mentioned some FF villains like Necron from FF9 being tied to zannacross power.

in short...the character and story develpment has come a long way, each chapter is enjoyable and interesting with good plot and always making me wonder what's next...yet thankfully you still answer enough questions each chapter instead of doing what a certain Tv Show (lost) does giving us 100 questions each time and one answer.

Keep up the good work, i'm looking forward to the next volume and whatever volumes come after...the first chapter for volume 3 sure sounds interesting and will be good to see that fateful battle.

i'm also looking forward to the character bio chapter to come soon just to help refresh memory.

to finish up my review, keep up the great work and i should have a new chapter up soon.
Captain A chapter 56 . 5/21/2009
Yeah, I AM at least SLIGHTLY upset at the death of Max (but don't worry, I'm not upset at YOU.) It's just that Max's death is very much unfair. Max had been on the wrong side of the law, and had possessed the wrong attitude about things, for so long, it just wasn't fair to him that he had to be killed just when he had finally been made to see the light again, and was finally getting his act together again. Personally, I think it would have been fairer to Max if he had lasted at least some ways into Volume Three, and that way, he could have re-joined the ranks of the Enji, he and Ben could have fought alongside one another as fellow Enji, and Max could have started acting more like the much polite and cheerful straight-arrow person he was before the extermination of the Zandalorians. Personally, I would have preferred it if Max hadn't have had to have gotten killed off at all (I like the good guys in fan fics to either stay alive the whole time or get brought back to life if they DO get killed), but hey, it's YOUR fanfic, not MINE, so you can do what you wish with your characters.

On a slightly different note, I share the sentiments of "Chad" and his friends in feeling that the final fight against Xiza ended much too quickly. Since Xiza was such a significant and influential villain in terms of the overall story of "Tales Of The Cosmic Wars", the battle against him should have lasted at least a couple more chapters before he was finally destroyed, especially since it's the last fight of this volume. Xiza should have a longer and epic final battle to his credit like Xehamaru did.

And so I see that Cosmos, the ruler of "Heaven" in this series and Zanacross's total opposite, has finally seen fit to show herself to the good guys. Where has she been all this time, may I ask, and how come she hasn't done anything to stop all of this warfare and death that Necron and his cronies have been orchestrating (even though she's been in a position to do so all along)? And for that matter, where has "The Supreme Being" (the creator of Cosmos and Zanacross and your version of God in this series) been all this time also, and how come HE hasn't done anything here? (I'm a Christian, so I'm not insulting or questioning the REAL God, but I'm just wondering why the SUPREME BEING hasn't done anything to stop his rampaging creation C.Z.N.)

Oh, and three more questions:

1) How come Zanacross is going to bring even MORE video game villains? Don't we have enough villains (Zanacross, Darth Damonous, Kira, Weil Zabi, the Inquisitors, Albert, the remaining demon lords, and the Organization) to occupy all of Volume Three?

2) How exactly is Max's death "necessary" and needed "to make this story be the best it could be"? What function does it serve to for the overall plot of the story?

3) What exactly was the nature of Lacus's injuries or the genetic makeup of her body that necessitated her father having to put a dangerous being like the Blue Eyes White Dragon inside of her? Are you sure there wasn't something else he could have done to save her life?

4) Finally, is Brad going to finally get kicked out of the Enji anytime soon?

(And keep in mind that none of this is against you personally, but just against some of the elements in "Tales of the Cosmic Wars" itself.)

In the meantime, keep up the good work, and hope you update again soon!
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