Reviews for Unlimited
Stargirlthewriter chapter 1 . 8/12/2008
One word. Wow.

I'm more of a Rena/Claude fan, so my review may be a tad biased, but in any case.

Being female myself, now I understand why so many of the girls from my school like shonen-ai, it's rather cute. I really liked how you established their relationship, though I never really thought of Ashton or Claude as gay. Don't get me wrong, I'm no homophobe. Homosexual love is A-Ok in my book (though, I'm straight myself.) it doesn't matter who you fall in love with as long as you're happy. All I'm saying is that it seemed slightly out of character, as Ashton was attracted to Precis when everyone first met her in Linga, and Claude is attracted to Rena (see the scene on the Beach before the final battle.). Though it's better than a paring like Noel/Dias or Bowman/Leon(Okay, now THAT would be wrong Pedophilia NOT OKAY, besides, Bowman is married.), niether of which make no sense at all.

Still, you did a great job at description, I liked that kissing scene too, it was rather descriptive and cute.

Overall, 9/10. But mostly because this is comming from a Rena/Claude fan who doesn't see either Ashton or Claude as Homosexuals. Although, there was a rather interesting Private Action I saw in Armlock where Ashton and Claude go out to eat and Claude can order the "Heartthrob", I picked it, just to see it (Pretty funny too), but it also unlocks a Private Action with Rena.

Shonen-ai is cute...Perhaps in my next story, I should try my hand at shonen-ai, or at least a scene of it.