Reviews for The Evening Escape
blaah chapter 1 . 6/21/2008
"Shunsui knew it better than anyone else. That impenetrable feeling of loneliness and rejection that seemed to seep out of his soul every time he thought of those enticing brown eyes and flaxen-white locks.

Jyuushirou was something he could never have.

Yumichika wasn’t much different. He dreamed of hard muscle and rough hands during these impromptu meetings.

Ikkaku was something he could never ask for.

Best friends were impossible to find and they were even worse to have."

I love this part, especially the last line (I can kind of relate to that). It's so emotional!

Anyway...dang! I'm amazed at how you can write pairings that would make most people go "EHH?" so /well!/ You really made me believe it. I feel so bad for Yumichika and Shunsui! D: I can't wait to read more of your stuff!
judikickshiney chapter 1 . 6/12/2008
Yay! Depressing goodness! I loved it! It made me want to cry. (And be an escape for one of them...really doesn't matter which one...)

I liked the angst. It was perfect!

TheSmallestGhost chapter 1 . 6/10/2008're making me love crack pairings such as these! Though I've always seen Ikkaku and Yumichika as being the next Shunsui and Jyuushirou! X3

Poor guys...unable to reach the unattainable, therefore they must find soladce and pleasure within each other's arms...great fic!

I got a funny fic request in my head, interested?