Reviews for Witch Child
Roza Negra chapter 40 . 7/5
I love this story soooooooo much out of all the fanfics i have read this is by far the best one :3 XD
Tash0726 chapter 1 . 3/30
Just reread this story..any update soon?
ardiy chapter 40 . 2/21
Where is the next chapter?
Dragonstars chapter 40 . 10/29/2014
now why didn't I read this until now? I hope you're planning on finishing it soon!
kaiirine chapter 40 . 7/3/2014
I wouldn't hate you for the cliff hanger if there was an update! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr..
Qyndox chapter 40 . 11/8/2013
WHY?! please update this story is awesome!
Saiya-jin Queen chapter 40 . 9/2/2012
I really love where this story is going. I hope you find time to update soon. :D
Ladyflame13 chapter 9 . 7/25/2012
This is a very interesting story. I like it.
JIngram chapter 2 . 5/23/2012
Re-reading your story again and enjoying it! 3 /; I would suggest though (if you're still around or working on this story) to move the last bit of dialogue up a line? It feels like maybe someone else is speaking - not Charles. On to the next chapter!
Half-elf chapter 40 . 4/11/2012
It took me forever to get around to this but it was so worth it. This is a fabulous story and I cannot wait for another chapter. Marvelous job.
twistedfate13 chapter 40 . 2/3/2012
Love the premise of the story and love how Remy and Rogue got together, not overbearingly easy, but not long and drawn out either! Fantastic writing :)

Hope you update soon!
AsteriaNike chapter 40 . 12/31/2011
OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS FIC SOOOOOOO MUCH! It has a perfect balance, it is sweet at times, has a good amount of action, and the characters are brilliant! GAH! This is a good Romy fic which doen't give a quick fix to Rogue's powers and also doesn't make you become too sick of them as a couple as they seem to work together, and didn't quite fall into each other's arms just like that.

One little thing on the fic as a whole, not sure I really see anything happening between Wolverine and Storm, but I'm accepting...

Sugahroc57 chapter 40 . 12/29/2011
I have been bewitched by your fic!

It's good to say I enjoyed all the chapters thus far and can't wait to find out what happens next!

Two thumbs up!

Ryromaniac chapter 28 . 12/23/2011
I just want to say that I love this story and wanted to take the time to review this chapter since you mentioned Emil and Lapin in your AN. :) It actual is a real marvel character named Emil Lapin that is sometimes called Emil and sometimes called Lapin. LOL! I know he was a childhood friend of Remy's but I think he might have been a cousin too. Anyways, I just wanted you to know in case you were courious...not that it takes anything away from the awesomeness of your story! :)

PS. Whenever I am courous about a marvel character or need a reference point for a story I am writing I love to use Marvel Wikia, it's awesome!
HMMaster chapter 21 . 12/23/2011
No better way to force two people together: send their child back from the future, show the child's parents how wonderful child is, and then have child basically say, "You are my Mama. You are my Papa. Now go make love, or I and my sweet, wonderful self will cease to exist."

Lol, you have a real creative idea here. :)
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