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eastWOLF chapter 21 . 4/15
Orion I've been following this story since 2009 and just reread the whole thing, wow a lot has changed! I appreciate how you incorporate so much from the actual She-Hulk comics! I don't know much about Titania but I honestly thought Ritsuko was going to turn herself into Red She-Hulk. Especially when she mention shiponing off Misato's radiation, I though with enough stored energy she would use it on herself. I can't wait to see these two friends put the beat down on each other!

I lost my father last year so I know how you feel. But I just want to let you know that reading your story helps me takes my mind off of things when times get tough.
Also idk when you'll read this but it's almost Emerald Fury's 10th anniversary! Congrats and I hope to keep reading this for however long you choose to continue! I hope to read a new chapter in the next few months!
Guest chapter 21 . 10/29/2017
Is Shinji gonna end turning himself into a hulk?
Dragonjek chapter 21 . 3/4/2017
I think that Gendo-Adam will find that those who blame themselves, but have a good support group, tend to be pretty good at redirecting that blame.

Hm... considering how much he's obsessing over the idea of becoming the Hulk himself, I don't know if him coming into possession of Misato's blood is the best idea. For his sake I hope he turns it over to Mana immediately, before he gets tempted to... I don't know, shoot up with half a vial or something.

I hope Mana has the good sense to wait until the Angels are dead before destroying NERV. They're sort of vital at the moment (although the Commander certainly isn't...). By the way-in Mana's Superwomen of Eva fic, is her love interest Shinji or Toji? I'm just checking because I don't have much interest in reading fanfic romances not including the main character of the original.

Anyways, I'm so glad to see you writing again! After Mike313 put up his Superwomen of Eva chapter, I was hoping to see you be active again, too. Any idea which fic you'll be updating next? It would be nice to see American Dream build up more now that Shinji and Mari have _finally_ met, but I'd really like to see Storm Bringer bring Maria overseas to start building on that romance genre it's tagged with.

Although Vengeful Devil has been so focused on the vengefulling and devilling and killing and mass destructioning that it hasn't got much romancing done, either... and considering what Asuka's like in most of your stories, it'd be nice to see more of her in a positive light (or at least redirecting that psychopathy in the right direction. And adding makeout sessions). But then again, Lilith's Herald is about Rei, and while Vengeful Devil is probably my favorite of your fics in terms of where it COULD go, Rei's story is the one that I've enjoyed reading the most.
Knightowl 4183 chapter 21 . 3/1/2017
Honestly my read of he is afraid of having power, of hurting others, and when the Eva goes berserk it is Yui protecting him.

So I don't believe he would fantasize about becoming something like the Hulk, but he does have many moments where he tries to save others at cost to himself. In many ways Shinji has to become his nightmare, a monster that he believes can only hurt others, and it has to happen in such a way that it scares him to use it.

Best way would be through role in the story, he takes up Rick Jones go with it. Rick was bonded with Captain Marvel and once became a Hulk before the whole A-Bomb thing, so go with both ideas at once. Basically Shinji starts being empowered, meets his ID in the mental plane, and it doesn't even hide its base nature or how it plans to enjoy Misato.

Shinji reacts typically with fear and denial, the ID transforms while declaring it would be the Maestro of their destiny, and not to interfere. So fantasy becomes nightmare, and he rejects it...with his AT Field as if he is piloting EVA. Unfortunately he rejects himself from his body into the presence of an 'Angel', his body starts going LCL to his terror, only to darken and grow into the being of his nightmares, and it starts its brutal seemingly mindless rampage.

Only Shinji and the mysterious 'Angel' know otherwise, he eventually begs it to stop it even as he starts to fade away, and a beam of light from a figure of light strikes Maestro before it disappears. Shinji wonders why it saved him and struck Maestro when it obviously created Maestro, reasons that it wants him to join with it, and when it nods after asking if that was what it wanted...

He gathers his courage and demands his price, that it unmakes Maestro, and when it conveys that it didn't make Maestro... He asks if it could stop Maestro, which it conveys unsurety, and so he outright asked if it can use its powers. Eventually in desperation he joins with it, giving one last look at the Sun he will never see again, and after massive pain Captain Marvel is born.

Only later after he thankfully turned human again outside golden bands on his wrists no one could see, he dreams...of how he bullied his barely sentient AT Field into fighting the Maestro, and this was after he forcefully parted his base self from his body, his body from his AT Field, and from fear of a nonexistent Angel rejected his AT Field risking his own dissolution.

To achieve this he drew own energy and sunlight to try and blitz Maestro and getting knocked out of the atmosphere, which caused the quasi-united being to fear dissolution through rejection because Maestro was kicking their butt, and so it drew on all of that and stellar matter... to create quasi-S2 engines known as those Negabands. All to remake the form of Shinji Ikari, be powerful enough to 'stop' Maestro, and of course to prevent dissolution...

So Shinji rebuilds himself to fight himself, and yet still be in character.

Also Asuka has to be...Red Hulk, Hulk's big foil, and Misato is still the Hulk in this even if it comes with the full She Hulk package. Of course that is obvious to everyone since this She Hulk is Savage, can transform, and Misato is fighting for control...
Mike313 chapter 1 . 3/1/2017
Copy/pasting my review from patreon, since I'm not sure if you saw it there or not, and so far as I can tell there aren't any significant changes from that version to this one.

Glad to see a new chapter from you.

First off, I'm impressed at how many plot threads you're successfully juggling. I'll admit to being somewhat worried that Misato could find herself overshadowed in her own story, what with Spirit and Iron Maiden making appearances. And I do wonder if you'll have any ideas left when it comes time to do an Avengers story. But for now it's working well, especially as a way to keep things interesting while Misato is stuck in NERV's basement. This is a really good action/plot chapter after the previous breather chapter.

The contempt people seem inclined to sling Misato's way seems really, really bizarre to me, considering they know she can turn into a green rage monster. I mean, it was a bit of a stretch with Chiron and the Section Two guys, but I could more or less buy it because Chiron detests her and his underlings aren't supposed to be very bright. But her new personal trainer? That just seems like a bit too much. I certainly wouldn't be nasty to someone who could turn into a super strong berserker if she gets too angry, sedative collar or no. Also, in all honesty, I'd say Misato's in shockingly good shape, especially considering her lifestyle. She's as waif thin as Asuka and Rei (except in the chest, of course), and she had no apparent trouble going all commando in EoE. She's in a miserable enough situation that there's no need to heap one more indignity upon her in the form of a jerk trainer.

Spirit's fight with the "Tengu" was really good, and it was very heroic of her to re-engage an enemy who she knew was much stronger than herself, because otherwise that enemy would've killed innocent bystanders. I hope Kodama tells her as much after she calms down a bit. I also hope the poor girl manages to avoid taking so much abuse in the future. She's just so outclassed right now, a little powerup might not be a bad idea. Though that might be my personal fondness for the character talking.

Gendo is a little too chatty. I know you need him to say enough to keep his one-sided conversations from getting too confusing, but it feels out of character for him, and I don't think it's necessary to spell out every last thing. For instance, it wasn't particularly difficult to figure out why he believed Spirit wasn't likely to show herself again, even before he explained his reasoning for it.

On Asuka, well, I've accepted we're never going to agree on her, but if you're always going to make her so relentlessly nasty, it might be a good idea to just have her show up less. Because I have to say, it feels like different characters have been taking turns scolding her over her mistreatment of Shinji for several chapters, and it's just enough now. You could've simply not included Misato speaking to her on the phone and nothing would've been lost, IMO.

Anyway, these gripes are all pretty minor. I really enjoyed this chapter, and I hope that one chapter coming so soon after another is the start of a trend.
Max chapter 20 . 3/1/2017
Orion, I have to argue that Asuka fits the bill of Histrionic Personality Disorder much more closely than Malignant Narcissim.

It's shown in the end of the series that All of Asuka's bluster and anger was to cover the fact that she was convinced she had no worth to anyone unless she was the best EVA pilot, and the corollary that relying on others for anything would mean she wasn't the best. It also ties up how she continually had to undercut others to prop up her own non-existent self-worth, and in how she latched onto Shinji so quickly despite hating when he'd back down without a fight. Asuka's mean and a bully entirely as a psychological defense mechanism, not because she enjoys attacking Shinji. (See all of their interactions before Leliel, but especially when she shows off for Shinji's benefit or praises his abilities).

Most of your fics seem to characterize her as being intrinsically evil instead of psychologically damaged, and I feel like that misses the point of her character entirely, since Shinji ends up admiring her good qualities enough to run to her for help after everything else in his life went to hell.

(Also, Ghost Rider? That would seriously fit Kaji wayyyyyyyy better. Asuka should've been Iron Fist or something to reflect how much effort she puts into everything she does.)
Quathis chapter 21 . 3/1/2017
I will check those out. I guess my understanding of Hulk is that size is less important that the actual power going through, but if it's closer to the Super Saiyan transformation where it enhances what's already there. Though that does bring just what Bruce Banner could be if he actually worked out. Kinda scary.

I am now thinking Shinji will not mind so much helping Mana and Sid deal with NERV if those are the kind of monsters their unleashing on the people. Just to hurt his friends. That anger problem might be getting worse, real soon.

Until next time.
Panther-Strife chapter 21 . 3/1/2017
You should have shinji become like Doc Samson but with him turning his powers on and off. And I like the ShinjiXMana couple but I hope he gets a harem.

And now shinji will hate his father even more but good news is now shinji has a photo of his mother and I am happy for him.
Gijinka Renamon chapter 21 . 3/1/2017
Wow, Gendo isn't just a dick, he's an UBER dick!

Also, does anyone else but me find it amusing that it's Misato with the collar instead of Shinji this time around? ...Is it wrong I get a twisted amusement from that?
TheINFERNO95 chapter 20 . 3/1/2017
You can't understand why people like asuka? The same can be said for people who prays shinji a loser that violent, stupid, inept, can't control himself around a sleeping girl, treat women like shit and strangle his own roommate twice. You all hate to admit that he is as much or worst of a monster then his own dad. I find it odd how hikari who was never shinji friend gets better treatment in fics then toji and kensuke who was his friends. Everyone so busy trying get people to feel sorry for this kid that you don't give credit to those who try to help this loser understand people around him or how life works. Stop acting like this damn kid is some tragic character who never had anything good happened to him, when he really is a selfish brat that had it better than most people in the series yet in the end was ungrateful for it all.
shadowrunner22 chapter 20 . 2/27/2017
Nice to see your back mate,so does this mean your going to update your other SOE stories, I really hope you do. Anyway EPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPIC chapter and I can barely wait for more.
Panther-Strife chapter 20 . 2/25/2017
Just imagine if shinji is a descendant of the First Mandarin and got the Makluan Rings. Also will Maya/Absorbing Woman and Ritsuko/Titania have the hots for shinji in this story and piss of Misato/She-Hulk? And will shinji ever get super-human powers and body?

Hopefully you can update your story very soon and I can't wait for your next chapter.
Quathis chapter 20 . 2/25/2017
I'm actually kinda surprised that it took this long for someone to call Misato out on She-Hulk's actions and feelings towards Shinji and how that reflects back on Misato. That both of them are realizing they are feeling something a bit stronger than friendship and comradery. Hopefully Gendo isn't aware of the depth of feeling going on, or he will be exploiting it, well, more than he already is. Having Shinji by the heart in multiple ways would just help Gendo keeping his son a puppet.

Not sure if the exercise idea will work, though it likely won't impact She-Hulk's strength level. Likely it'd be more likely to help create a happy medium between Misato's two halves.

Until next time.
warrior of six blades chapter 3 . 6/27/2016
Damn, I can see how that "celebration for Misato's promotion"/intervention about Misato's nightmares could cause her some unneeded stress after she was just finally enjoying herself. Though having to be carried off and left on a train car separate from her friends, AFTER tempting both Murphy and the universe itself with that FORBIDDEN sentence!

Well, Misato hulked out and trashed the train well as a few buildings, scared the crap out of many people, got spotted somewhat by Rei, and trashed a grocery store before changing back in a alley of ALL PLACES...

Truly not the best night for her, but at least nothing worse happened to her. Still, I wonder how Misato will finally start to realize two plus two equals her being hulk? Hopefully before anyone else fully catches wind of her transformations...
warrior of six blades chapter 2 . 6/26/2016
Good to see Misato got a promotion, but that nightmare haunting her and the way she reacted to Gendo's hand as he offered it to shake her hand...Leads me to suspect the hulk in her blood is reacting quite a bit, especially to the hand of Gendo...

Though the Omake made sense and a good laugh for me as I can see Misato being VERY displeased with ANYONE trashing her car. Especially a certain author~
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