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findinggonzo chapter 23 . 12/3/2008
Oh how exciting! I'm really hooked on Angell and Zee's predicament at the moment. Good tension, and the adrenalin they're feeling has kind of zapped me as well. I'm on the edge of my seat! Great description of Angell and her reactions to fear; '...she used a heart beat of fear to clarify and cut a scalpel sharpness to her reactions.' Nice.

And then, just to set the scene, what eery lines; 'Today was a good day for dying' and '...a dying mass of pulverized fly oozed underneath the side of his hand.' Grotesque and setting the scene beautifully!

Favourite scene between mac and Stella though (gee - big surprise there), Mac's words comforting her, giving her resolve; '"Damn right." Stella leaned back, and pushed her hair away from her face. The spark became a blaze as she looked at Mac, "I can get through this. Danny can get through this..."' I love that resolve and determination, and then this; 'Her words inlamed and revived some of him that had been lying cold and dormant, "We can."' And then you follow it up with my favourite line of this chapter; 'Two hands: one rougher-skinned, older, the other smaller, with no less strength; hands that were no strangers, held to each others friendship, loyalty and care.' That is so beautiful. Needless to say, I was sitting there with this smile on my face, nodding at the computer thinking 'yeah, power to you' thoughts. Loved it!

And then, I know I'm becoming repetitive here but Adam is so cute! His childlike anxiety to know what's in that package. Too cute! :)
findinggonzo chapter 22 . 12/3/2008
Back again :) Reading this with some beautiful freshly brewed coffee (but alas, no chocolates! And no advent calender either - the supermarkets all sold out! I was outraged.)

I loved the scene between Flack, Mac and Stella, Stella's so strong, recalling that, and poor Mac and Flack are still beating themselves up and being so protective of her. It's good dialogue, body language, descriptions. Really well written.

And then after that somewhat heavy scene we have a funny lighter scene between Hawkes and a slightly traumatised Adam. I love that line "Sid tell you THAT story? How'd he get a hold of you to do that?" - Sounds like Sid's sitting down in the morgue plotting out ways to trap people! Oh how I love Sid.

And then we have Zee again! I am a big fan of this character. And the poor guy's concern for Stella. But oh dear, unwanted company? Best read on!
findinggonzo chapter 21 . 12/2/2008
I think this chapter was an excellent break - mellower, gentler and sweeter after the action chapters previously. Very nice.

Adam is so cute! Such a cute scene between Adam and Kendall :)

And wonderful scene from Stella's pov - concerning Mac. You know how much I love that stuff! '...welcomed the friendship, loyalty and care that had showed itself in Mac taylor spending the greater part of the last eight days in a dreary hospital room. At the side of his partner and his friend.' Aw, eight days in a hospital room. Only leaving on an enforced checkup after being bashed in the head - now THAT is dedication to Stella :)

And Flack guiltily stuffing a candy bar wrapper into his pocket made me laugh. I can just see that happening!
findinggonzo chapter 20 . 12/2/2008
I thought that part at the beginning about Sid and his wife was so so sweet! Made me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

And, haha, again - Mac and the doctors, not a happy combination! Made me laugh out loud that bit 'They were minus Mac: the head of the lab, after much argument, and near brunt force berating from Flack, was being checked over.'

And then the 'When Stella had added a word and a look, it had sealed the decision.' Haha, yes indeed.

But oh my goodness, the scene between Flack and Meg - how infuriating! I wanted to hit something. And such an eery line too 'he knows who you all are and where to find you'... that's spooky.

Skipping merrily off to the next chapter!
findinggonzo chapter 19 . 12/2/2008
That was brilliant, spacing Danny's struggle intermittently thru the chapter like that. Fantastic suspense. I don't think I breathed until they said they got him back! And then, when I finally do breathe, you go and introduce a psychotic nurse who tries to kill Stella and Mac! Needless to say, that induced more extreme oxygen deficiency on my behalf.

It struck me, halfway thru reading the interactions between Lindsay and Mrs Adams (who, by the way, I love), how amazingly real your characters become. I mean, the CSI characters are obviously based on something realistic but you still give them a whole new life, and you do it so damn well! I'm jealous. :) Their interactions with each other are so perfect. And your fictional characters, like Mrs Adams - she is absolutely brilliant. I love her. Oh, and the line - 'The hand, gnarled and bark-burled, that Mrs Adams placed on Lindsay's arm, was strong; years of life flowing through it' - so very vivid and beautiful.

And I did think you captured stella perfectly; 'Okay, fine, you know what? It hurts like a bitch. But I can live with that...I'm okay' And then Mac's line 'Wouldn't dream of anything else, stella'. Perfect interaction between the two.

Anyway, off to the next chapter!
findinggonzo chapter 18 . 12/2/2008
Picking up where I left off...months ago! You know, I started at the beginning again and tried to review those chapters and realised it wouldn't let me because I'd already reviewed those chapters so long ago but forgotten! Oopsy.

But onto more pressing the fact that you apparently JUST KILLED DANNY. No way! Come on, I'm meant to be on holidays, relaxing and this is what you do to me? Not nice! :)

But I am worried now, because Stella also took her tablets without question...Oh, I'm really hoping she'll be okay and stay okay. She's been thru too much! And, btw, that was an excellent section on Stella I thought - it caught her pride and how deeply unsettling and upsetting this situation would be, being so reliant on others, other than Mac. Poor Mac also!

And, I did also love Adam's little part. He is awesome. And I love that the others encourage him some. Great stuff!

Now onto the next chapter to find out what happens!
SMacked4ever chapter 32 . 12/1/2008
I can't believe this story has now come to an end! It seems like such a long time ago when I began reading this, and now it's completed. It was such an excellent read, and I loved everything about the story. Such a great ending to this wonderful story too! :D

First of all, I liked the quote you put in this chapter. 'Shadows we are, like shadows we depart.' The letter was wonderful, too, and to read the very first letter Rita had written to Jenny was sad because now Rita is dead.

It was a surprise to find out that TJ was Mrs. Adams's son. I never expected that would happen, but it was still very good! I liked how you had them related like that, and it must have been very hard for Mrs. Adams to find out about what her son did.

It was nice to see Jenny and Mrs. Adams talk about Rita. They won't feel so alone now! I liked this quote: 'An old hand, worn by the years, and a young hand, unscarred by time, joined in the remembrance of a friend.'

The scene in the coffee shop was very intense. I was sitting at the edge of my seat, waiting to see what would happen. 'In a smear of seconds, Stella saw fingers squeezing a trigger. His fingers. Her fingers. A bullet exploded from a barrel. And then another, instantaneously. A scream caught on a stylus-scratcthed record round and round her head. A man fallen. A baseball cap knocked from its owner's head flew across the floor as he crashed down. One man standing. One woman standing.' I was worried that Mac or Stella would get hurt, but I'm so glad they didn't. And in the end Stella caught TJ. Go Stella! :)

I liked how at the end, you had the CSIs visit Danny in the hsopital. Ha! The Sid story of what he found in a corspe made its way back into the story...and then Lindsay said, "You really don't want to know. Trust me." I laughed at that! I also liked how you had Danny write a letter to Lindsay. That was so sweet. :) I also liked the Flack/Angell scene!

I was happy to see Zee back in the story. I was eagerly awaiting this scene. If it hadn't been for Zee, Stella might not have gotten out of that burning car! Though in the end, he didn't want anything in return from Stella, he was just glad that she was okay.

I liked the ending. It was great! It was a great scene with them standing on a bridge, overlooking the water. It was sad hearing Stella say to Mac that they may lose each other, but I could see the point she was getting at. And the last sentence was good too: 'They walked away together, hands joined, as the sun lighted through the trees upon them.'

Great job! You are a wonderful writer, and I'm looking forward to your new stories. The crossover will be interesting; I can't wait to see what it'll be about. And I'll have to read your 'Cowboys' story; it sounds like an interesting story! I apologize for having such late reviews!
SMacked4ever chapter 31 . 12/1/2008
Great chapter!

The interview with Jenny was great. I liked how Lindsay and Rita shared similiar traits, like how they both grew up in a small town and then moved to a big city. It was nice to know why Rita had gone to New York in the first place and what Rita's life had been like before she came to New York.

A good SMacked scene too. Very in character too. I could imagine Stella wanting to leave her apartment, and then Mac making sure she would be okay and didn't get hurt. Though trouble does seem to follow Stella around, doesn't it?

While I was reading this chapter I was thinking, when will they catch TJ? Will they catch TJ? And...then he comes to the coffee shop where Mac and Stella are, to finish off the job! I sure do hope Mac and Stella will be okay...It wouldn't be good to have Stella get hurt again, and it wouldn't be good for Mac to get hurt either. Hope all goes well...onto the next, and final chapter!
Wizard-in-Disguise chapter 32 . 11/23/2008
Ohh! This is so cute! It's a perfect ending to a perfect story. I wish there was a little bit more Hawkes in this chapter though.

"Stella groped for Mac’s eyes and found them."

That line was kind of weird and I was just like, 'What? Did something happen to Mac?' xD

Also, I apologize for not reviewing earlier. I haven't checked my profile in ages. D
SMacked4ever chapter 30 . 11/23/2008
Of course this chapter makes sense! It was a good chapter, and I liked it.

The opening scene with Danny and Stella was good. It was nice to see them talk to each other again, since it had been a long time ago when they had talked to each other. A very powerful, and emotional scene, and I loved it a lot.

I liked how both Adam and Hawkes were thinking positively, especially after how only days before they had been thinking that both Stella and Danny wouldn't survive. It must be hard for Hawkes to have to tell Ms. Burns about what happened to Joe, and how that'll affect Mrs. Delaney. And how sad it was for Mrs. Delaney to suffer from a stroke and now not being able to barely move from her bed. Poor Lindsay, she now has to tell Jenny about Rita's death. It was sad, but still very good.

Great chapter! And again, sorry about my very late reviews!
SMacked4ever chapter 29 . 11/23/2008
Hi again!

First of all, I've gotta say I was so happy to see the Flack and Angell scene here. This is the one relationship I've never written for, and I don't know if I could but write them beautifully. You write them so much in character, and I thought the scene was excellent. Great job. :)

Yay! Mac finally went to his apartment! Even if it was only for a while, it was a relief to see him finally go home. I smiled when Stella told Mac that she finally had got out of the hospital bed. After staying at the hospital for a long time I would also be happy to finally sit on a chair and not a bed. :) I also found it funny how they switched positions and Mac sat on the bed and Stella sat on the chair. Some more lovely SMacked moments, and it was just a great read. I loved this chapter!
SMacked4ever chapter 28 . 11/23/2008
This chapter was great! Even though it was angst filled, I loved it! I liked how you had Flack stop Mac, and how you had him tell Mac to go home and get some rest (of course, Mac doesn't go home, and I almost knew he would go to the lab.)

The ending part of the interrogation was also very good. At first, I thought Rich was blaming Stella for the incident, but then it clicked, and I knew he was talking about Irene.

I also liked the closing part of this chapter. Flack going to the hospital to see Danny and Lindsay, Janie telling her story of what happened to her (I'm so glad Janie and her baby ended up being okay!), Mrs Adams and Joshua sharing a sleepless night, Hawkes and Adam sharing a drink at the bar, and Sid saying goodnight to Stella. And it was nice to see Detective Markham make his way back into the story, I really loved it! Great job as always! :)
SallyJetson chapter 32 . 11/22/2008
I read this a couple of days ago and have needed that time to wrap up my thoughts on this wonderful story. First of all congratulations on creating a story on the fly where the threads come together believably although always not happily. Your OCs, TJ, Rich, Ms. Adams, Rita, were multilayered and entertaining and a intricate part of your story which raises this story above mere fanfiction. Your writing style was always descriptive and lyrical, yet you told the story appealingly with an engaging plot which appealed to me both as a reader and a writer - KUDOS! I look forward to your next work - particularly the Cowboys sequel. :)
irishgirl9 chapter 32 . 11/21/2008
I'm so sorry that's it's takend me so long to reply. Let me start off by saying how much I thouroughly enjoyed reading each and every chapter of this story! You have a real knack for writing CSI: NY. You really got into to the minds of the characters and brought them out well in your story. I love you you wrapped everything up so nicely. No loose ends which makes for a great ending to a great story.

It was interesting to know Rita's backstory. It's a shame that sometimes small towns and their citizens can be so narrow minded and judgmental. Poor Rita wanted a fresh start in NYC and ends up dead. So tragic. I really liked the bit about her writing letters for those who couldn't anymore.

Wow, I wasn't supsecting TJ to be Mrs. Adams son. She's such a sweet person and well he's not. I like how Jenny goes to see Mrs. Adams to find out more about Rita. A new friendship is forged from a sucha horiible tragedy. Making something good out of something bad.

I like that Stella didn't kill TJ. For him death would have been to easy and Stell'as right about too many killings as of late.

I think that after everything that's happened, Danny and Lindsay have grown closer. I love that Danny got his mom to bring him some paper so he could write Lindsay a letter.

A fave part of mine is Angell telling Flack he did good and how he stood by everyone. I like that Flack points out that she was by his side. Those two are perfect for each other. Angell making lasagne for Flack? I love it.

Another wonderful part is Stella and Mac going to see Zee. He did what he did not for any reward. He did it b/c it was the right thing to do. We could use more people like Zee in the world.

The last line is beautiful: They walked away together, hands joined, as the sun lighted through the trees upon them.

Perfect way to end the story. I look forward to reading more from you.
Mynerva24 chapter 32 . 11/19/2008
Aw. Lily... I'm so sorry, i'm so late!

This final chapter is so... rich! Rich of ideas, history, feelings, emotions, relieves, and love!

My fav parts are when the team was together, Stella n Mac visit Zee, and Mrs. Adams last scene. It's so beautiful. My most fav line, is Stella's line to Mac at the end. It's so... insightful, wise, and full of care and concern. You did an amazing job! It's a very long story indeed, but it's all worth it!

Looking forward for your other story(_)

Love, Gaby
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