Reviews for Lost Letters
Daisy1966 chapter 21 . 8/7/2013
Poor heart aches for her sharply, but I'm glad she took an advice Mrs. Adams gave her. I must have helped her release her emotions, burdens, and any other things she had bottled up within her along with her feelings for Danny, even though to me it was a heartbreaking sight that she did do that alone. Yet this is the most beautiful and moving sight. I think writing her feelings down in letters fits Lindsay's character so much and you wrote it in a very beautiful way.

Wow! I love the scene and conversation between Adam and Kendall. It makes my heart warm here :) I thought they would make a great match, but it was too bad that she didn't show up after season 4.

Hmm...I'm wondering who this Janie is. I still don't know, but can't wait to see how she will be concerned with this story. And now are you going to make me worry about Angell as well? Ah..I haven't known how cruel you are! LOL!

I'm glad what happened to Danny made Stella angry and anger made her feel alive again :)
Daisy1966 chapter 20 . 8/7/2013
I'm glad Sid was finally able to share the burden of troubles inflicted on the team with his wife and
Him planning to surprise his wife with an opera performance is so sweet! OMG! His hope that he wants to share and discuss the proposal to her with Stella was spoiled and that's so sad. But the saddest thing is that the most unexpected and unwanted occurrence was awaiting him. I couldn't help but feel sick at the repeated assault upon Danny and Stella.

I can feel clearly how frustrated, irritated and furious Flack is at the fact that he can't elicit a necessary statement but only one sentence from Meg Stevens. I can't wait to see why she stubbornly refuses to give her statement.
Daisy1966 chapter 19 . 8/6/2013
"Then write them down, girl, write the words down. Fasten them onto paper and ink, keep them safe for him that way. For both of you." The old lady gestured at the boxes piled around them, "It's what I've done all my life. Words are my life, and it's all held here. All of me, all in here somewhere, given away. Reckon there's more of me there than's left in this old body of mine."

This advice Mrs. Adams gave Lindsay is very wise and great, I think. Sometimes we could calm ourselves down,look back at what happened to ourselves, or confront our inner voice and feelings by writing them down.

Poor Danny and his parents. I can't help but feel sorry for them. I'm glad at least Stella managed to avoid the danger that was threatening her, even though it was hard to see her fight for herself.
Daisy1966 chapter 18 . 8/6/2013
Sid taking notice that Lindsay is slowly taking back old self is great! Ah...I had a feeling that Flack would blame himself for letting the perps go the minute they found out the evidences pointed at the same shooter.

"Believe me, I'd like to think that, I really would, but in this case it was my fault, and I'm going to have to deal with that. But until we catch this guy and his associate, I'm not going to waste my time or anyone else's wracking myself with guilt. I screwed up, and I'm going to fix it."

Wow! I'm proud of Flack. I might as well see people think positive like this than blame themselves. Pity party doesn't help anyone and solve anything and I hate that. I have been thinking it strange that so many authors write that the characters keep on blaming themselves for something and easily pushing others away. Too much blaming oneself is a little bit irritating, because behavior like that works out nothing. I know blaming oneself can't be helped to some extent because we're human, but I myself prefer to think things more positive and rational. So, I'm glad that you didn't have Flack take that route and I think the way you portrayed him makes him more real. (I'm so sorry for my complaint.)

"None of their lives or deaths mattered. What mattered to him was his own life." - this line shows how selfish Rich is and it makes me sad. How could a person be so selfish and cruel like this? I don't know why and it makes me feel sadder.

Aw! How brave Mrs. Adams is! I adore her courage although I know she doesn't like to use violence even if it is in defense of herself.

I love how you portrayed Mac and Stella in this story, because they're not always might Mac and Stella and it makes them more real.

OMG! What are you going to do to Stella and Danny?
Daisy1966 chapter 17 . 8/6/2013
Aw! Thank Flack. His great intuition and observation anchored by his skillful experience as a homicide detective saved Lindsay, Adam and Danny! "Flack had little faith in coincidences." - That's it! He is awesome and so is Lindsay :) So...was I wrong that I thought the target of the criminals was Mac and Stella? I'm glad both Flack and Lindsay are safe, even though I love Lindsay in action. Now that the perps have succeeded in running away, danger is still there and it scares me.
Daisy1966 chapter 16 . 8/5/2013
For a moment, he lifted his hand away and it hovered over Stella's, not quite touching, but then he let his palm and fingers press onto hers, knowing any marks he left would fade rapidly from her skin, but maybe not from her memory. - this line broke my heart. It's true that such a trauma won't fade from one's memory completely...
OMG! What I have feared is going to happen..? I'm terrified with what Rich is going to do to Mac and Stella. I know what he has had to gone through when he was a child, but that doesn't mean that he can do what he intends to. Oh my Gosh! You nearly scared me to death here! I thought the person Lindsay heard the footsteps of was exactly Rich! I cried hard at the scene between Lindsay and Adam in Danny's hospital room. This chapter is not good for my heart :D As I kept on reading, I felt my heart beating faster and faster with fear. I hope Mac and Stella will be safe in the next chapter!
Daisy1966 chapter 15 . 8/5/2013
The description of the look in Mac's face and eyes from Stella's eyes is brilliant! The use of color for describing fire and smoke she was trapped in directly tells me what an awful thing she had to go through. The repetition of Mac's reassuring voice and words of "You're okay", "It's okay" is awesome, too! :) I can see clearly his reassuring voice reached her and I guess those words are not only for her but also for reassuring himself.

Poor Lindsay! My heart aches for her. It was heartbreaking to see her looking to be living in a half-life, thinning, with coal dust eyes and ashy skin, looking to have barely enough energy to lift her shoulders. But I'm glad that Hawkes is there for her and his warm caring is wonderful. She needs someone to lean on.

The confidence in Adam is brilliant, too! He did do a great job here like Hawkes says, it brought a little light back into Lindsay's face. Thank Adam! I really sobbed out when I found that Sid bought roses both for Danny and Lindsay; he is such a thoughtful person, right? It is heart-warming!
Daisy1966 chapter 14 . 8/4/2013
Wow! You described Flack's emotions very well and I can't help but feel sorry fo him. He is such a loyal and cordial person to all his friends and now that Mac is in such a dark place, he is the person that can take place of Mac. I can see he tries to be strong for all of his friends. And I'm so glad that Angell is there for him. The scene and small talk between these two is amazing! I hope Stella and Danny will wake up and recover as soon as possible.

The ending part made me sob out hard. It was heartbreaking that Mac is tortured like this, but Stella woke up! I felt so relieved :)
Daisy1966 chapter 13 . 8/4/2013
I'm worried about what Rick is going to do...He is so dangerous that it made me worry so much. I love the description on Lindsay from Angell's eyes, it shows that Angell is so worried about her and how much she wants everything to be back as it used to be. It also shows that Angell's is a very thoughtful, discreet person.

The small moment between Mrs. Adams and her Joshua makes this story lightened up and I can see Joshua is a great comfort to her.

I'm patiently waiting for Zee to tell what happened before he saved Stella in the next chapter. :)

Once he had decided something, she was the only person able to persuade him otherwise. - this line is amazing! I adore Flack knew Mac so well.
Daisy1966 chapter 12 . 8/4/2013
The opening part that Hawkes noticed the absence of noise, the absence of Danny's presence and Lindsay gave Hawkes a sad smile was so sad. Her already feeling the same way as Hawkes made it sadder and you described it very well. But much more sad thing is that Lindsay feels she can't do anything to help Danny and she is helpless about his condition. That kills me deeply. Hawkes's reassuring words for her that her sitting here with Danny is as much help as he needs from her right now is priceless! I love the interaction between Lindsay and Hawkes in here as much as on the show :) And...and her sense of guilty for not calling in the car immediately after it has almost run her over is still so raw and fresh that it broke my heart sharply.

I'm so relieved that Stella not only got through surgery but also the bullet didn't hit any major organs of Stella. That's the hope, even though she's a long way from being out of danger.

I love Hawkes managing to keep himself under control and trying to be there for other members even putting aside his own emotions was very touching and so like him. His company must be of great help and solace to them. I think he has been taking a brilliant role throughout the chapters.
Daisy1966 chapter 11 . 8/2/2013
I adore the way you described Sid's emotions that are totally different from those of his on another day and it's very understandable. "he moved around the morgue lethargically, stopping and catching himself every few minutes standing with a piece of equipment in his hand, and not remembering why or where he had picked it up. He would stare at it for a moment, then replace it and continue. But he seemed to be making no progress."
- this line shows perfectly that his mind was elsewhere. I can see Flack's fear that Stella may have died and it killed me deeply.

I also love Angell's observation on Lindsay that she doesn't share her feelings easily. It is really a shame that the writers didn't have these two wonderful female detectives work on many cases together on the show. I think they must have been great friends just like Danny and Flack.

I can't help but think that Zee would have called rescue instead of dealing with Stella by himself...

Aww! I'm more than happy Lindsay finally reached for Danny! I hope she will be able to talk to Danny as soon as possible. I also hope Stella will make a full recovery! It hurts to see Mac tortured like that.
Daisy1966 chapter 10 . 8/2/2013
Oh, so...Rita was concerned with Tj, Rich and Jake just like I imagined.

I adore the way Mac gradually, cautiously and professionally closes the distance between Zee and himself to not put any pressure on that man, even though how desperately he wants to run forward to save Stella. I can see clearly how cautiously he acted and suppressed his emotions to not stimulate Zee - solely for Stella's sake. And he did great job to persuade Zee into letting them know that Stella was in there. You described the tension and the heat in here connected with their inner struggles so perfectly.

OMG! You didn't kill Stella! I was almost scared to death here! :D
Daisy1966 chapter 9 . 8/1/2013
Hmmm...I have to say that I will have to change my opinion about the girl (Rita). She doesn't seem to be innocent as at first I thought her to be. I'm wondering what her 'latest job' is.

Oh! TJ sounds much more worse than Rich, seeing that he is very cautious about not leaving any trace of himself behind.

I can see how desperately Flack tried to focus on his duty and cling to the hope that Stella is alive and Danny will recover fully, struggling to deny the fear of the worst. You really captured his emotions well and made my heart ache for him. I'm glad at least he has Angell be there for him and her presence gives him strength.

The scene that Danny's parents are beside him is heartbreaking. I can really feel his parents praying for their son.
How would any parent in the world want to see their child being hurt like that? I can't imagine...

I felt a little bit relieved that Mac and Lindsay found Stella's earring and that at least she is still alive.
The description that Mac, Lindsay and Angell searched through every possible empty place was brilliant and I felt as if I myself were there with them. I had to hold my breath every time their search turned out to betray their hope.

Wow! Another mystery that someone is watching them. Hmmm...probably the person who took Stella?
Daisy1966 chapter 8 . 8/1/2013
I love this description of Sid's thoughts:
"Sid sighed and suddenly felt weary and old. The news had grieved him far more than he wanted to reveal: the others were clearly struggling with their own feelings without having to take on his as well. But he felt shaken to his soul. Danny was the one who always brought a spark of life and humor to the morgue; vitality crackling from the tips of his hair to the heels of his shoes; never short of a grin and a joke, or a curse when needed. Sid would raise his eyebrows and smile at his humor, even if it wasn't always what he would call funny himself.

This part was brilliant and shows perfectly how Sid thinks about Danny and Stella.

The image of Lindsay in a prayer is so beautiful yet heartbreaking. I can feel how desperately she wants to be beside Danny if she would be allowed to.

Another part I love is this:
"It was not Mac in front of him anymore; he realized that the instant he looked into his eyes. It was a man created from the Marine, from the Detective and from the CSI. There was nothing human in there, nothing with any feelings or emotions. Mac Taylor had not lost it; he was lost. Within the carefully assembled construction standing there looking at him with dead eyes. And Flack knew that if the body within the burnt out car really was Stella, then he was lost forever, along with a part of every one of them."
Daisy1966 chapter 7 . 8/1/2013
You captured each of the team so perfectly and realistically. Poor Mac and poor Lindsay. Both of them trying to get through this without asking each other anything about what happened to the persons they care for most was so heartbreaking and the emotions circling in either of these two's heart made me cry.

This is definitely my favorite part in here: Don’t ask me about Danny, don’t ask me about anything…'

This inner voice of Mac shows how much he cares about his team and how well he knows about them.

I also feel sorry for Adam for not being able to express his feelings properly and feeling ashamed of himself when Hawkes managed to keep control of himself.

I'm wondering and can't wait to see who is in Rita's apartment. And I felt so relieved that Stella managed to be successful in getting out of the car. Hope the person who found her will help her get out of the scene before it was too late.
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