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ChibiDawn23 chapter 4 . 6/19/2008
First off, that scene with the old lady and Markham "actually, it's a young man" made me laugh out loud.

What can I say, another awesome chapter! Kind of interesting to see Lindsay almost meet Danny's fate, and I love the extra bits of the mystery tossed in this chapter.

Very much looking forward to more.
Mellow girl chapter 4 . 6/19/2008
I love this story I just can't get enough of this story! I liked how you compared Markham to Don. Where is Don by the way? I liked this part:

He ran a finger round his collar, and she wondered if he was regretting the suit and tie. Another similarity to a certain homicide detective she decided, and wondered idly if he and Flack traded wardrobe tips as well as allergy medications.

I liked the whole chapter but I found this part funny.

I bet Lindsey is going to regret not calling in the car. I'm wondering what these letter have to do with all of this.

Great Chapter! Can't wait for an update!
temporary relief chapter 4 . 6/19/2008
That's cruel. Though funny. I had to laugh at Markham. That was a very funny scene. I hope it was meant to be funny. Now I find it ironic that Lindsay is talking to the Mrs. Adams in the letters. I do think they will be back there.

I loved the details. Very realistic. I was on the edge of my seat. Would that car be the same as the car that has Stella? Poor Lindsay and Markham not being able to identify it and choosing not to call it in. They are going to feel very guilty. I can tell.

Poor Lindsay trying to get info out of Mrs. Adams though I really like Mrs. Adams for some reason. I feel like I shouldn't, but I just do.

Very intense scene (I can barely spell tonight. It took me about four tries to spell scene right)! I believe that I can blame you for my risen heart beat. XD I could see it happening as I read it.

I really want to know Mac's reaction now to everything. I want to know all of the character's reactions to what is happening. Evil evil evil cliffhanger. I don't know if I can survive until your next update! Amazing chapter! Hope you had a great day! :D
marialisa chapter 3 . 6/19/2008
"in the unreality of the event it had taken only seconds to reduce a team of three to only one man standing" - loved this description. It perfectly encapsulated the speed at which this all happened.

Mac's confusion was perfectly captured - still able to function (if only just) but needing Angell to force him to concentrate on the immediate actions that needed to be taken. Absolutely loved the last line of that section as Angell tells him they will find Stella, "He knew they would. There was no other option". So very Mac.

The letter continues to intrigue me. More little clues being dropped into the story.

I think you did need to use the string language you have used to convey the types of men Rich and Jake are - thats how they would speak! Ominous words from from Rich, “Blood on your hands, dude? Get used to it. There’ll be a lot more of it before we’re done.”

My confusion over why they would steal the car was answered (thank you!) only to be replaced with why these two would want to kill the girl (and I am making an assumption; but why else would they want the evidence?)

I'm still not sure if you have killed Stella off! ANd I need to know how Danny is, and what happened to Mrs Adams when she went into the apartment, and who TJ is, and why the girl had to die, and why all the letters in different names going to different places get the picture!

Of more importance I appear to have run out of chapters to read and frankly thats not good enough! ;)
marialisa chapter 2 . 6/19/2008
Loved the image of the ink leaching away into the water, but another body? Already? Blood thirsty even for you! I'm even more intrigued now.

Loved the description of the cat and Mrs Adams and I want to know what happens next to her. How mean is that, leaving us with her peering into the apartment and calling out, “I know you’re in here…”. Knowing your love of herring, particularly the red variety, I'm not assuming too much, but if that had happened in an episode it would have been accompanied with ominous sounding music!

As I read through the scene with Danny, Stella and Mac I was waiting for something, I just had no idea what! I wasn't disappointed. You know how to pack a punch. In particular the last paragraph where you captured the confusion and speed at which things spin out of control. Again, I'm not assuming he's dead (or Stella) but I'm not assuming they aren't either! As I mentioned previously, I'm glad I can move straight to the next chapter!
marialisa chapter 1 . 6/19/2008
I love the opening. The images are so striking but my favourite was "Unnoticed too in her haste, from the multi-coloured fan of them in her hand, one of her letters dropped and landed face down on the sidewalk. In moments, sweltering multitudes of New Yorkers drew the girl in, and the pale yellow envelope was soon grey and swamped beneath a hundred and more footprints kicking and scuffing it. Both passed out of sight" Such a powerful image - it drew me into the story immediately.

The extracts from the letters are interesting - I'm already seeing this as a giant puzzle that needs to be pieced together. Did I mention how much I love puzzles? :D

Danny's envy of his colleagues apparent lack of concern with the heat made m e smile - thats how I always feel - like I'm suffering and everyone else is coping so much better. The whole scene between Danny, Angell, Stella and Mac was beautifully written and I could see it playing out in my head. Again, so many excellent lines but particularly loved Angell's response to Danny's teasing of, "My humour is my own, Messer" - I think you caught her character perfectly.

Loved the conversation about mail v's internet/ texting and then the clever twist at the end. Nice thing about being so behind is that I dont have to wait to read the next chapter!
Blue Shadowdancer chapter 3 . 6/17/2008
Wow. Brilliant, brilliant tension! I loved how you wrote Mac's shock at the events, I feel so sorry for him! And I could really feel his horror, with him desperately searching for Danny's pulse, and unable to process what Angell's saying to him, 'Shapes of sounds twisted, and words unravelled themselves into broken chains of letters'. The description of Stella's cell phone ringing in the silence after the action was incredibly desolate.

The bad guys are very vividly described, and the sense of being chased, with time running out and seemingly going backwards. 'Adrenaline sent super-charged wires shrieking through his nerves, and his blood roller-coastered along every vein and artery', really like that description. I think the swearing is definitely justified, I would in that sort of situation! It really heightens the sense of panic, and both their characters seem very real.

Stella, though! I'm hoping that since it's only chapter three she isn't dead, yet at any rate. But the deep water sounds very ominous, as does 'Drop by drop now, blood slid from off the seat down her fingertips, hitting the floor and adding to a silently darkening and increasing stain. Across her light-coloured top, a scarlet blood-rose unfurled, and frayed at the edges as it soaked into the material'...

I'm also interested in the letter extract, and what secrets Mrs Adams may turn out to have. There seem to be a lot of letters everywhere in this case, and I'm trying to work out how they all might connect together.

Sorry for slowness, by the way, I've been sitting in a metaphorical hole revising physics...
Confusedknight chapter 3 . 6/17/2008
Wow! This was another wonderful update. I loved (& hated) the description of Danny -I was wincing...he doesn't sound too good. And poor Stella! Please don't kill anyone off :D

I love your two baddies -they are wonderfully thuggish :D hehe.

Please update soon x
findinggonzo chapter 3 . 6/17/2008
Hey there, okay first of all, apologies that I haven't reviewed the first two chapters. I've been absolutely steamrolled by uni work and I haven't had the chance to do anything more than skim read them. Now that I have the chance to properly read them plus this third chapter I have only one thing to say: PLEASE, and I am absolutely begging you here, please tell me Stella isn't dead! Please! Because if she is I'll...I'll cry. Lots. It won't be pretty.

In all seriousness, great writing. I don't know how you do it but once again I am completely 100 percent hooked on one of your stories, congratulations! :) Loved Mac's anguish over Stella, how his thoughts just wouldn't cooperate. And poor heroic Danny. Oh I'm in agony here and you're only up to the third chapter. I repeat my earlier plea: Please let Stella be alright!

And I thought you did a really good job in portraying the panicky, temperamental natures of the two criminals. I don't like them, they shot Stella. Can't wait for an update!
FraFra chapter 3 . 6/17/2008
I just discovered this fic... and I love it!

Great descriptions (I especially liked the ones in the first chapter) and very realistic characterization.

This really could be an episode of the show, so action-packed and involving!

Congrats, Can't wait for the next chapter!
hushedgreylily chapter 3 . 6/17/2008
Oh... the plot thickens. I really liked how you portrayed Mac's anguish over losing Stella, but trying to keep a calm head for the team, that was very true to character. And I'm hoping Stella's not too badly hurt please - I don't THINK you'd have the heart to kill her off so early on. :D

Anyway, can't wait for more.

Justicerocks chapter 3 . 6/16/2008
Hey, loved this chapter. Don't do anything to Stella or I will be very mad, very, very mad.
Queen Em chapter 3 . 6/16/2008
I love this so much!

Please don't kill Stella, Danny was so brave and i hope he is ok too. The way you potrayed Mac and how devestating it is for him is really effective. I think you potrayed the characters realistically and I hope Stella gets after being saved by Mac so they can confess their love lol!

Totally hooked and can't wait for more

chrysalis escapist chapter 3 . 6/16/2008
What can I say? I'm hurting again, already.

Mac's shock was excellently described with his brain trying to catch up and the breath he releases not having realized it was imprisoned, how he's unable to pass on the communications Angell then passes (glad he's not alone in this).

Really liked the paragraph beginning with 'He found a lump of words...', especially 'Shapes of sounds twisted, and words unravelled themselves into broken chains of letters.'

Liked the anger and that Angell can see it in his eyes. Such a terrible moment as he hears Stella's cell ringing, but excellent how you left that in such a silence.

Very interesting piece of a letter, and more letters mentioned in it, and I wonder what ideas she had...

Excellent description of Rich's panic at all the things that went wrong, particularly liked 'his blood roller-coastered along every vein and artery.' and the second ticking backwards (if only they really would) and the different emotions trying to block out the fear and the 'Always him. Always him who had to be answering the questions, making the plans.' for the contrast it offers to Mac's 'His team, his responsibility.' Serves the guy so right that Stella hit him! Jake with blood on his hands, I see a bit of a parallel in his reaction to that to Lady Macbeth. And somehow I just can't help kind of liking him just a very, very little bit, really don't know why, maybe because he causes Rich problems, maybe because he was right and they should have left Stella there.

And as horrible as it is to imagine I liked 'Drop by drop now, blood slid from off the seat down her fingertips, hitting the floor and adding to a silently darkening and increasing stain. Across her light-coloured top, a scarlet blood-rose unfurled, and frayed at the edges as it soaked into the material.'

I do not like the idea of deep water! Please?
sarramaks chapter 3 . 6/16/2008
I'm so sorry I completely forgot to send the reply I done for the second re through bit. Sorry sorry!

I enjoyed the action in this chapter and it was nice to see you write it, it worked very well. It felt pacey and even though the heat wasn't described as much, i could possibly feel it more through the speed of the scenes. I liked the description you gave Danny and Mac's reaction and realising Stella was missing, and the fact that he couldn't speak much. I also liked the two OC's, Jake and Rich, and found them believable. You did well to give them separate personalities, making them stand out from each other. I though the listing of events in the paragraph that starts "He remembered the rush of adrenaline..." was very well done, it added a lot to the pace and I liked the 'technicolour montage' part (doing film analysis with my year 8's at present!)

A great chapter, and I adored the end paragraph - a half cliff hanger!
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