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SWaddict1986 chapter 1 . 6/11/2008
Okay, so if I'm right, this 'chapter' has the first two or three installments of the Dumbledore's Army series and since I've already reviewed the first chapter...

"Well aware of how touchy Ron was on the subject of his family’s finances, Neville smiled gently. “They’re kind of cute, really. It looks sort of like you’ve borrowed them from your boyfriend or something.”

She snorted. “If I’d done that, I could have saved myself six inches in the arms and legs.”"

That's such a cute thought. I can just see Harry lending her a pair of pajamas and her loving them because they're from him.

"“Romilda made a really good Sleeping Draught - she’s great with Potions."

Ugh, they shouldn't trust her with much of anything. Even if she IS great with Potions.

"“Well, that would seem to indicate that you’ve got a working set of what they do, so I don’t see why you constantly refuse to use them.”

Neville blushed fiercely. “Ginny!”

“Oh, come off it!” She rolled her eyes. “I’m the only girl in a family of seven! I could belch the entire Chudley Cannons fight song by the time I was four, but Katie Bell had to tell me when I needed a bra and show me how to put the effing thing on, so don’t act like I’m supposed to be some sheltered little flower about how boys are put together.”"

Oh my goodness. that is just freaking hilarious and I believe it completely. It's too bad something this great wasn't mentioned in the books because Ginny would DEFINITELY say something like this. *laughs hysterically*

Neville's story is just terribly sad. I feel so terrible for him and I hate that he blames himself, someone who was only a baby at the time it happened. And I am very glad Ginny talked to him; she's such a smart witch and understands so much.

"“You and Ginny Weasley!” The next pod hit him full in the face, and Neville dropped his wand as he toppled backwards, clutching desperately at the foul-smelling tendrils that were shoving into his mouth and nose, choking him. “She was up there for over an hour last night, you git! Did you think no one would notice ?"

Oh I feel so bad for Hannah but really, acting like that is just so...well thinking of the things some girls in high school do, it's not a complete surprise.

Poor Neville, if only he could explain

"the last thought Neville was completely aware of was that it shouldn’t have been any surprise that the craziest Death Eater out there was a girl"

that's for damn sure

"And third, that he had apparently been completely unconscious through the most unlikely event of his entire distinctly odd time at Hogwarts: two witches fighting about him."

LOL poor Neville. It's really not the most unlikely event, especially not after OOTP. He really grew in that one.

"“And you ...” -he looked at where Hannah was sitting, looking deeply embarrassed with herself - “wanted to kill me, because only a complete git would try to steal Harry’s girl the moment he left, and you thought I was a better friend to him than that.”

The two girls exchanged a look that spoke volumes in a language of which Neville was completely ignorant, then Hannah nodded. “More or less.” There was a pause, and then she turned to Ginny as though killing her had never even crossed her mind. “Are they always this dim?”"

Oh sweet Merlin. *closes eyes and whispers softly* 'It's because he was knocked out. It's because he was knocked out. He is NOT as thick as Ron. Nope, impossible'

Of course, he's a Gryffindor and save for Hermione, they're not really the brightest wizards ever...
xKristinax chapter 1 . 6/11/2008
Ok. now, Im confused.

You said this is a combination of the first 8, but there's only three chapters...

and are these re-edited?
L.A.H.H chapter 3 . 6/11/2008
I hope you're still going to print it, but it's ben a great story. I'll let you have your sleep though, you deserve it. Is it really as long as Deathly Hallows!
Hermione Stranger chapter 1 . 6/11/2008
Good to see you're making this a chaptered fic - it'll make it easier to find chapters than with the one-shots.

Also good to see that you've paid attention to my botanical nitpick. *grins*

~Hermione Stranger~
reddragonn343 chapter 1 . 6/11/2008 is this supposed to be a compilation of all those stories? if it is...could ya actually finish the individual chapters? the way you left off the final one was electrifying.
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