Reviews for Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness chapter 25 . 11/26/2009
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Matt Martin chapter 25 . 11/26/2009
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Matt Martin chapter 25 . 11/26/2009
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This work, honestly, changed my view of Harry Potter forever. In the early years of te series, I focused on the prominent names. Harry, Dumbledore, and the like. This work reminds me that those in the limelight are not always the most important...and that the worst casualties in war really are the ones that you don't hear about. As I read, I laughed and cried and occasionally very nearly yelled out in anger. I believe that this story should be declared canonical, and though the characters are fictional, I have new respect for the hardships and horrors the students faced... and I imagine all too well what the public's response to such atrocities once they were made public would be.

I was on the "Snape is good now" side of the fandom for a while, but what happened at Hogwarts would be unforgivable. By the time only their fall break had arrived, the seeming peace and happiness were a startling jolt...and that had been before what was to come later. Though I loved every oment of the story, I cannot deny that it was unseemingly dark, even given the warning of the title, and the hints dropped in Deathly Hallows. Even early on, I thought Neville Longbottom was a joke much as the characters had, and was shocked at his abrupt transformation... Now I see that Neville, and the students as well, were put through far, far more than could be expected, and there were even times where it crossed my mind that Harry, Ron and Hermione had almost had it easy in comparison. I don't know if you will think this is wierd, but i certainly hope not. I give this as a die hard fan of the man with the lightning scar, in the hopes that the one recieving it shares the sentiment.

Long live Harry Potter.
Shadows-of-Realm chapter 25 . 11/23/2009
That was a truly amazing story. I don't believe I've read any that actually tell the seventh year from Neville's Point of View! I have to say it's an amazing story and I truly loved it!

Only thing I missed is the Harry/Ginny shippiness! I love that Ship! You had to kill Ernie didn't you? Both couldn't live could they, :(

Great job though!
hestia-jones85 chapter 25 . 11/22/2009
It’s funny how fate works. For ages, I have been looking for one fic that covers this part of DH and does it so with justice, and failing at it. And I came across DAATYOD (sorry for shortening it) when I was least expecting it. And I was supposed to be finishing some work for office, but I never even got down to it. For two days, I sat glued in front of the laptop, unnerved, yet moved to a point from where there will be no return, and by the end of it, I knew I will never be able to think of Deathly Hallows the same way again.

As someone who writes fanfiction, I know what it takes to keep another author’s character, well, in character. Neville, Ernie, Lavender, Parvati, Seamus, Hannah – we know so less about these people that it should have been a bit diffcult to even give their personalities a credible finish. It would have been difficult for me, at least. But you did it with such a natural flair that they never once wavered from the image I had of them. In fact, they expanded beyond my ideas of them, so much so that they began to feel as real to me as those who Rowling paid much more attention to. Forget them, it was the Ravenclaws which I loved the most. Terry Boot and Michael Corner will be etched in my mind as long as Potterverse stays with me.

Apart from characterization, which I think is arguably your biggest strength, I also loved the knowledge which I gained from your fic. It is evident that you did a lot of research for the fic – from Gaelic and Celtic legends to yoga and Bollywood heartthrobs, you made sure that each of your DA had their own specialties, their own gifts, their own quirks. (Although, I confess I was utterly flummoxed by some of the Latin, French and Latin there. : ) ) It was thrilling, and completely scary, to find out Seamus had placed a curse upon Snape’s head, that Padma knew how to control small snakes, that Romilda could tell it was a girl in Susan’s womb with her gypsy-skills. Those small things set your fic apart from the others which I’ve read.

As for the plotting, I was so happy that you kept it close to canon. I confess I don’t like authors escaping into the realm of AU (alternate universe) when they can’t work their way around something (unless the entire fic was AU), and it was humbling to recognize the apparent ease with which you worked your own version so flawlessly into Rowling’s. There was never a moment in the entire 25 chapters when the story’s pace slowed down – if there was laughter, there were tears waiting next; if there was a bit of fun, then tragedy was just waiting around the corner; if there was romance, then it was quickly replaced by action.

The reality of war can never be taken lightly, because a battlefield does not recognize favorites. I must have cried myself stupid over those three chapters which covered the war. I was angry for some time – how can an author be so heartless and finish them off like that? But I realized something. Cho, Terry, Michael, Colin, Dennis, Rowan, Katie and all the others being picked off one by one, without mercy, without sympathy, without glory – it opened my eyes. This was war. Either you killed, or you died.

I do have a question though. Your portrayal of Snape was intriguing, as well as confusing. No matter how much Severus Snape loved Lily Evans, he would be a bitter, envious, vindictive man inside. He was a double-agent while he was the Headmaster, and he would have to keep up his act during the Carrows’ presence. However, there were many instances when I felt his hatred was almost real. That he did enjoy inflicting pain on the DA members. So, what was he doing, really? Did he detest them for questioning his authority and making his job difficult for him? Or was he forced to show that he reveled in the pain while he was suffering inside? When Dumbledore asked him, “How many men and women have you watched die?” (DH, TPT), he answers, “Lately, only those I could not save,” which leads me to believe a part of him had changed. I suppose we could still argue it didn’t turn him into a kind and generous person, but absolute evil (or absolute detachment) is something I don’t think defines Snape. Also, when the war ends, Neville’s feelings about Snape has still not been resolved. Or did I miss something?

There isn’t any way of praising your work to the extent I want to. I could try and write pages on it, but even then, my admiration couldn’t be captured fully. So, I suppose I will end this monstrous review with the honest declaration that I have become a huge fan of yours.
books101 chapter 25 . 11/17/2009
wow. this story was simply incredible. everything i imagined was here, plus so, so much more. i laughed, and i cried, through this amazing story. thank you.
MeganM1977 chapter 25 . 11/15/2009
I just spent the entire weekend reading this novel and I constantly wanted to stop and review every few chapters just to tell you how amazing this is. This story blew me away. You did not pull in any punches and that surprised me. From the moment when Renny was killed, I knew this would be a difficult story at times becuase I had grown to care for these characters. However, I was not prepared for the tragedy that was the final chapters. I fully expected only a few DA members to persih, really only the ones mentioned in canon. The final scenes with Ernie and Susan brought tears to my eyes. You made me laugh, cry, think, and tear up some more while reading your author's notes. I may not have gotten much accomplished this weekend, but I did read a remarkable story. Thank you. Now, I am off to stalk your art on your LJ...after I stop crying.
Loyal Hufflepuff Anne chapter 2 . 11/15/2009
Great story so far.
Miz636 chapter 25 . 11/15/2009
This was an amazing story to read. Not only did you make it funny, sad, happy, horrific, etc. but you made it seem so real. I felt as if this was a Harry Potter book. It fit in with DH perfectly and I can understand exactly why you did every single detail you did. The changes in the characters, the relationships, etc. were all so believeable.

I truly thought while I read this, and thought in a way I've never done before. You made me realize how hard it is in the field of battle, and while I've always known in some way, you've made it more real for me. I've always repsected soldiers and what they do, but you've given me a different way to see them and shown them in a different light. Thank you for doing this.

I'm very glad I found this story. Not only does it seem realistic, as I said before, but it also shows us the people of the great Harry Potter books in a new light and in ways that J.K. Rowling was never going to do. These characters were there, a few of them quite important, but otherwise they were just THERE. We never saw the strong sides of them properly, or the caring sides, or any side but the student side. This story truly did that.

This was an excellent story that made me definitely think, even if it never made me cry. I laughed a lot during the story and I felt the pain and saddness you put into it. Thank you for writing and posting this amazingly well written story that seems to be just as good as the original books, if not better.
Secca Irises chapter 25 . 11/12/2009

This, this, this.

I'm replacing Deathly Hallows with this story in my mind. Camping really doesn't measure up...

I love Neville, and Hannah, and Ernie, and Seamus... Oh Seamus. I love him the most, I think..

If I could, (and if I ever have the chance, I will) I'd have this set up on the shelf with the other Harry Potter books...

I love your author's note.

It's so hard to reconcile all the different worlds. I have a hard time remembering Doctor Who is set in the same London as Harry Potter, and that Harry Potter is based off of a country that truly exist... Even if I have been there before.

Thank you for reminding me and everyone else that even if the world is different, the weapons different, that the lives that soldiers live aren't different at all.

That the lives we see Neville and the others live are the lives soldiers live all over the world, lives of pain and loss but also of self discovery and love...

Just, thanks. For all of it.

Ardeliah chapter 25 . 11/12/2009
Ok, I just finished reading your tale Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness. It was freakin awesome! Neville has always been my favorite character anyhow. This story just made it more so. I love how you used the characters yet kept them the same as I have always loved them. I have always been curious about that year and your story is as plausible as anything else my imagination has come up with. I plan on checking out your other stories, just not tonight as now I need sleep.
Polar Deer chapter 25 . 11/11/2009
Dumbledore's Army and What Could Have Been? Though some of the characterizations and some of the situations seemed a bit strange to me at first, in time I realized it was because Rowling never expanded on or developed them herself. Parvati and Lavender acting suddenly acting like more than ditzy girly girls was only sudden because of canon, and you wrote their, like the rest of the supporting cast's transformations very naturally. The events that took place at Hogwarts during Harry's absence seemed plausible, as well, although elements of your amendments ultimately did seem odd and overdramatic (Seamus' being so awfully cool...also the tattoo. The resolution to Ernie and Susan's relationship would have bothered me more were it not preceded by primarily good scenes, and Colin just seemed way too different.) The Battle was handled very well, too, a great complement to the well-written canon one that adds the more realistic details Rowling skirted over. I don't know whether to compliment you on creating such increasingly gruesome deaths... Romilda's stuck with me is all I'll say.

The best compliment I can give you is that you managed to write a gripping story to which I already knew the end, that could've simply padded out an already finished story but stands on its own.
faeriegal713 chapter 12 . 11/9/2009
Part 3

So I sort of bypassed the win that was Colin in Part 2, so I figured you wouldn't mind if I addressed a bit of that here, right? I had barely hit "submit feedback/review" when tweets started bouncing around about how Colin was a leader in his own right at the BoH. Well, I think this chapter is another example of how he leads by pure charisma. "If you have a problem with that, I suggest you count wands and take a long look into the eyes of the people in this room before you decide what you want to do about it." He doesn't have to say a single word to his fellow Gryffindors before they're all standing with him, a silent show of defiance made even more powerful because no words NEEDED to be used. The students by themselves were enough to demonstrate their point and their point-man was none other than Colin. I'm sure they would have done the same thing for Neville if he had been the one defying Carrow, but most likely only after Colin stood up too. He's a leader by example and action every bit as much as Neville is. He's just been able to do it with a few less scars than Neville, though I suppose his hand would account for about the same equivalent as a flogging. The point I'm trying to make before I ramble too much further, is that when Colin died at the BoH, a true leader passed, but in coming back as a ghost, he's able to use his charisma for hundreds more years than would have ever been possible otherwise. In some ways, he's able to do more than he could have managed alive, though it would take a longer bit of time to accomplish an initial equivalent.

Moving on.

"adrenaline roaring past illness as he snatched his wand off the nightstand." Well, at least we know how it is that the kids stay alive through some very difficult times-their reflexes are so well honed (hyper-vigilant mayhap?) that even being sick to the point of near death won't stop 'em.

The tone you set here is much darker, more serious, more grounded than just about any other scene in which Seamus has taken a part in. It's like the entire room took on the same heavy stillness and waiting expectation that is weighing Seamus down.

"an intricate network of finely interwoven lines and spirals formed into a shape like a distorted triangle" sounds like a triskellion, but I may be grasping at straws. Would you be willing to share the symbol and reasoning behind that particular symbol sometime in the near future?

"As for why: some things need the land." Aye, deep and powerful things that work through channels and ways that no mere human can truly comprehend. Things that are scary and can change a person more than ought to be possible.

“Severus Snape will not be seein’ the summer end, and that’s on magic deep as the green in the hills under winter snow.” Remind me to never, ever cross a man or woman who knows their way around magic like this. Or their friends.

“Seamus, you haven’t cast some kind of…like Avada Kedavra, have you?” This is where Neville is showing his naive understanding of magic. I can't blame him, it's like Parvati had mentioned all the way back in chapter one-the British limit their use and understanding of magic. They don't explore what to them is something unknown and thus to be feared. It's like Neville not knowing that magic is possible without a wand despite having done it on several occasions in his life. At the same time, I can't truly fault his gran or teachers for not wanting to encourage him to explore further. Exploration of magic is dangerous, especially if you have several hundred young witches and wizards doing it all at the same time. Especially when some of their only examples of people who have explored magic more fully are Tom Riddle, Grindelwald, and Dumbledore. All powerful men in their own rights, but with questionable moral systems to some extent or other. But I've gotten completely off track here.

"but the whys and wherefores…that’s not in my hands or on my conscience." Somehow I don't think that's completely true. I think this is an example of one of the steps he took on the path towards Sluagh. One small, tiny step toward something that would take years in Oweynagat and years more at Loch Cibeidraoid (I'd love to learn how to pronounce those names one of these days. It would make me feel a wee bit better not to butcher them in my head every time I read them. JS) for him to over come and not let rule his life.

My goal is to figure out just how hopped up on potions Terry is at this point. The problem is that we have not seen enough of him in the main fic to be able to truly determine that because he did not have as strong a part when he was only a 2nd LT rather than Ravenclaw's LT.

On a side note-I think one of the things that I've started to notice about Ginny's strength is that it matches her mum's pretty well. She's a powerful young witch who can't stand to see someone she cares about harmed and will do whatever she can to prevent that. Sometimes it means making very good decisions (taking Seamus' wand from him when Neville and Ernie are whipped) and sometimes it means making brash choices like she does here by asking for a body guard for Neville.

"Snape’s got it out for me. But only me. The only times he’s tried to kill anyone else have been collateral damage." That makes Snape a very dangerous man because he's desperate and doesn't care what the price of success is. At the same time, when someone is so focused on a single goal, they tend to have blinders on to a lot of other things going on around them so that gives the DA something to work with and even a way to nudge Snape to doing what they want him to. Or maybe to not do something they don't want him to.

*smacks head* why in the world did I not think about a bezoar? We've seen it work before and know there's a good chance that Snape'll try to slip Neville something else again. Missing obvious things like that is irritating.

Neville makes some really great points about being ready to adapt and keep working on being a step ahead as much as possible. "Like it or not, I’m closing the subject." Oh! Look at him being all commander-like. That's cool, he should do it more often. ;-)

For as much of a vital role as Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs play in the making of the DA, I don't think they would be ANYWHERE at all without Ravenclaw. Which is ironic considering that Ravenclaw is the house which would find it the hardest to fight and would have to be Convinced of what is Right and how Right includes Fighting. That house has contributed so much to making the little charms and such that make it possible for the DA to be the most prepared possible. One of these days I may have to write an Ode to Ravenclaw or some such thing.

That was very nice of Neville to grant time off for Valentine's Day. There weren't any ulterior motives there now were there? ;-)

I like how you granted us a little bit of insight into what a command staff meeting AND a full muster meeting would look like. We didn't have to sit through both meetings, nor did you have to go over everything that was discussed, but hinted at just enough for readers to be able to see how well organized and efficiently run each meeting was. It truly is run like an army with specific training scheduled for a particular day and with specific goals that had to be met before a person was considered a Go.

“Please! You’ve got to!” Ernie's desperation surprised me at first. Based on everything I had seen of both him and Susan, they were ready to fight and were prepared to deal with what should happen if one or the other or even both didn't make it out of the BoH alive. For Ernie to suddenly be begging Neville to leave Susan out of it made no sense. Then Hannah and Ernie talking over Neville's head and things started to click and my reaction was all 'Oh. My. God! No. Freaking. Way.' With a big smile crossing my face and everything.

“You’re not angry?” Ernie's confusion is too funny not to laugh at even though I feel really bad laughing at him. Though I feel even worse for him after I realized Neville hadn't quite realized exactly what it was that Susan and Ernie becoming parents would mean, especially with the wee one due AFTER June. Thus congratulations quickly change to plans and tactics and how to keep Susan from being noticed by anyone outside the need to know circles.

"the guys probably wouldn’t notice unless she had the baby in the middle of the Great Hall," Sadly, this is so very true. [In most cases] Guys really are ignorant of how the whole woman/pregnancy thing works.

"That’s the fact I don’t think most of us could concentrate because we’d be watching out for her out of the corners of our eyes." Smart man. Neville really has been figuring out this whole war thing. I wonder how many books and how many hours of study it has taken for him to turn that natural tendency of his into his prominent way of thinking. That's the only way I can explain how he was able to Really take over and become the Commander in more than just name.

"A new life is still a wonderful thing." At this time in their history more than any other. There is nothing like the mystery and wonder of a brand new life to help a person or groups of persons find reasons to keep fighting something that is so much bigger than they are. Not that they really have to have many more reasons besides the names of those who have already fallen, but it is sometimes easier to fight for a future than it is for the past and that is the difference between a single unborn child and dozens of names. Both have power, but they motivate people in such a different way, and that can be the difference between just the teeniest bit more effort on a soldier's part. Just one more jinx or hex or charm or shield from dozens of wands CAN make a difference.

And with that bit of wisdom *coughyeahrightcough* I must say g'night, and see you around! :-D

faeriegal713 chapter 12 . 11/8/2009
Part 2!

"or maybe I’m just already kind of worn down from the stress." I think Neville just discovered the secret of why big-bad things happen to leaders. They're too stressed to do anything about them when they're small and they get Big really quickly. Or in his case, he gets poisoned by Snape AND is worn down from the stress. Same difference really.

"Everything tilted harshly to one side, and he felt like he was falling, but it didn’t bother him at all." How do you know when someone is Really sick? When they can't figure out that they should be worried about something. I may get annoyed by patients when they complain, but I know the moment that they stop complaining that I'm about to start running for the rest of the shift and Bad Things are happening. Now if only I could convince the doctors of this secret.

"Arms that were much stronger than he had expected flexed beneath him," Seamus is so full of win here. Not only is he sick himself, but he is lifting his 6' tall and muscular friend into a bed from the floor. When he means he will do anything for his friends no matter what it costs him, he truly does mean it, doesn't he? I don't know of many people that would be capable of doing even half so much as Seamus does. The world would probably be a lot better place if more people were so willing to give up everything for others. Of course, we'd have to significantly decrease the number of people who are willing to Take from those that Give, but we can work on that at the same time, right?

Two things from Neville's realization that he was slipped something. The first is that I like how well you wrote his confusion and near inability to figure out what is going on even as his brain is working in slow-motion overdrive to figure it all out. Writing that had to be difficult at best, unless you've suffered from a high fever and could draw on that as your muse, in which case I feel very sorry for you. The second thing I like is how you drew our attention to something that you pointed out from the very first chapter. You gave us the information at the very beginning so when we got to this bit here, the light bulb didn't necessarily click on so much as your readers would be nodding along with Neville's thought process and agreeing with him because we have the same amount of knowledge that he does. At least in regards to the properties of Chinese Chomping Cabbage. :-) To further my attempt at feeding your DAYD writer's ego, I'd also like to congratulate you on getting just the right amount of desperate here because I swear my heart rate increased and my cheeks grew warm while reading this passage.

Dream sequence. Right. I don't even know where to start here. So much symbolism and wannabe symbolism and things to lead a person astray and just plain mad images dancing through Neville's mind that figuring it all out would be a fruitless attempt. But I will see what I can do to make something of nothing and nothing of something. ;-)

There is nothing quite like a fever dream to make you see all your worries and fears pop up all twisted and evil and disturbing. Things to note: his friends that are with him in the DoM include the top DA members whom he has befriended EXCEPT for Hannah which I find interesting because it seems as though his mind has already declared that she cannot suffer the same fate as others he holds dear because she is worth More to him than even them. Which brings us to the thing he fears the most, which is not DE, but the people he cares about dying. Especially since he will see each death as his fault. (I think this fever dream is where he stopped trying to sail his way past the whirlpool of self-destruction that he falls into between ch 14 and 15. Just a thought) He still sees himself as not enough to do what needs to be done, and so he sees that he will fail, and wouldn't it be right that those he failed should make him suffer as much as they did? Between Harry and the Sword and his parents mourning his life, it's no wonder he should fall and want to be nothing at all.

Okay, so I don't know if it's your writing, or really getting into Neville's head or the hour or what, but I started to cry with Seamus. I don't have a clue what story Seamus was going on about (How in the world would someone manage to get a rope on a Pookah? Shape-shifting faery creature and all that... does not compute.) but I love how we can tell that he's been talking for hours in the hopes that it will help Neville to come back to his senses. "Seamus was leaning over him with a look of joy so deep it bordered on agony" I beleive it was at this point that I started to tear up and smile and pretend like I had even half so much of a clue as Seamus of just how much it meant to him to see Neville move and even open his eyes.

"Oh, you’re lucky it was me, you should know. Luck of the Irish. That’s all it could have been if you’re lookin’ at me with your eyes clear as spring." In most cases I'd say that's pushing superstition just a bit too much, (not that I'd truly Ever say Anything against the Luck of the Irish because there's still more truth than naught to it) but in this case, I'd have to agree with Seamus. It was lucky that he was there and came up with probably one of the only ways to help Neville. And it worked. Miracle of miracles, it worked! The idea of icing someone down, while not usually practiced anymore, is probably the ONLY way to bring down a fever from the incredible high it had to have reached with Neville if his tears were boiling. I think a large chunk of how he's still alive has to do with his magic. No one can survive a fever that boils tears, but with magic, even unfocused magic, the impossible becomes possible. Between his incredibly strong personal magic and Seamus' luck and quick thinking, a miracle happened.

“I bribed the perverted little shade.” Okay, very quick thinking and a Strong bit of luck and cunning. For a ghost, Myrtle has a very strong, uh, libido, I suppose.

“Well, actually, she said if you woke up, we’d see.” I have to give Madam Pomfrey credit for being a realist, even if she doesn't want to be. There is nothing worse than being a caretaker and not being allowed to watch over the most sick person in your care. It would drive a nurse bonkers.

Watching Neville try to remember what was so very important is so painful here. He's desperate and his mind isn't working right and there's so much riding on his memory, which has never been great, and there's just so much stacked against him here. Even when he does figure out what was important-Snape trying to kill him via something slipped into his medicine-it's something so incredible that it's near about unbelievable. "You slip him a Sleeping Draught, so he tries to kill you...that’s a little much even for him, Neville."

"I KNOW MY BLOODY PLANTS!" I believe we have here a sign of not just someone who is desperate to tell the truth, but one who is desperate to have his friends believe him. Without their support, he and his new part in life are nothing. At least that is part of what I'm seeing here. He's trying to keep others from suffering as he did, yes. He's trying to make it so that others know to pay attention to what the evil man that is their headmaster is doing. But at the core, he still needs the trust and backing of his lieutenants, his friends, and the closest people he has to brothers and sisters, his family.

"there was a darker core to him that showed only rarely, but it was those eyes that looked back now; the side of his heritage that was rooted in Celtic warrior-heroes and blood rites of passage," You set yourself up well for the chaos that will follow only a few short years after this. Seamus is full of the contradiction that is the Irish-Celtic culture, especially as seen by those who have only known of the Irish after Christian influences. Magic runs deep in their blood, not just in the HP world, but in general, and there is a power that goes right along with that magic. It is this that I see Seamus drawing from here, and retreating into years from now. That power that is more than self, and defines an entire people, and Seamus knows it and doesn't hesitate to use it as he sees it is necessary. But that's a discussion for a book that takes place a few years from this one, right? ;-)

"He knew that the Headmaster was looking for an excuse to call him in open defiance." I'm sure Neville has the right of it here. Snape would surely look for some reason, any reason to be rid of the annoyance that is Neville and the DA. Heaven forbid he actually take care of a student first.

*shakes head* silly people and their pride. It's okay to say that you're feeling a bit weak after having all your organs boiled for a few days. The great thing is that as a wizard he Could Charm his book bag and all that. A Muggle would have to suffer even more humiliation and let his friends help him out by carrying him and his books and such.

Carrow's idea to push him until he "defied" her was pretty ingenious. In theory at least. Too bad she forgot to count in the fact that the only other people in the classroom were Gryffindors. With wands. All of whom hated her and cared for Neville. She failed before she even started.

"There was no threat in the movement, there didn’t need to be." Perfectly executed bit of prose here. Simple statements that are very powerful and easily match the simple movements that were being described. The impact is that much stronger, at least at a sub-conscious level just due to how everything ends up flowing. Or at least that's how I end up seeing it.

"but he was smiling." It's funny, but there are some phrases that paint a picture just as well as a painter and in far less space, and this is one of them. We see Neville's triumph even as he's struggling to manage the simplest of tasks and it's perfect. He definitely deserves to find his bed and just sleep.

And here is where I must say, To Be
anna chapter 25 . 11/8/2009
This is the most amazing fanfiction I have ever read. Ever. I cried so much in the last few chapters of this! Really amazing work here. I can definitely understand why there is such a huge subfandom following for this universe. I really loved Terry and Michael. I cried the most about them - Chapter 18! I just sat there, staring at my screen in shock! DAYD is just so well-written, and has character development (how insanely great!), and I'm not really doing it justice with this silly review! I think I've done a crappy job of putting how much I loved this story into words, so I'll just say, I LOVE YOU! (: Looking forward to the next installment...
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