Reviews for Season 8
TheMarkOfSerafina chapter 20 . 5/31
This episode is very heartfelt in so many ways! And I support the obsessed fangirl motion~
TheMarkOfSerafina chapter 17 . 5/31
First off, nobody can defeat First Evil since it is evil in all mankind, the question is: Do you act on it? The story is awesome so far! Loved it~ I was kinda stunned when Connor came on and I was like: Is it Angel's son sans memory or just Taaroko's OC? And then BAM!, I get the answer. Sometimes it is just so fitting to see Dawn and Connor together, they just have that bond... Sigh~
CuppaTea13 chapter 22 . 6/2/2015
Time travel nonsense! Ah, this was so fun after all that drama & stress from previous chapters! And Angel and his daughter seriously made me melt along with Buffy and Liam. But seriously- Angel and Kathy just...because he just got this huge flash of hope and...ugh...I'm feeling so emotional now.
CuppaTea13 chapter 21 . 6/2/2015
I'm so sad that it appears Spike will be going to the dark side once more- I so loved the friendship he and Buffy eventually came to have because he saw through her in a way few others did.
But Bangel happiness! And I got to see a little bit of Connor's POV on Buffy, so I'm satisfied.
Still looking forward to that whole conversation, though. Should be interesting to see Angel tell Buffy he has a son who is dating her sister. :D Hahaha. Oh, god. It's a soap opera.
CuppaTea13 chapter 16 . 6/2/2015
Kendra...oh, god Kendra. How is Buffy not falling to pieces right now?
I wanted to smack Dawn when she got reckless like that. God. I actually face palmed at that point.
I really want to see Connor meet Buffy now. Really want. I just want a peak inside his brain to see what he thinks of the love of his dad's life. It's got to be strange- knowing his mother is Darla and he was conceived as a product of Angel's darkest despair, while there is Buffy who is pretty much living sunshine...I wanna see what his thoughts are so badly when he first meets Buffy. Also- he's dating her baby sister. Danger alert- you mess up Connor, and Buffy will have your head- Angel's son or not.
I often wonder if Angel told Buffy about Connor when he was a baby...we're not told one way or another and with the memory wipe thing I guess we never will know, but I find it hard to believe he wouldn't. Those two can't keep out of each other's lives no matter what they do. I can easily picture Angel calling up Buffy to tell her, and neither of them knowing quite what to do. But not telling Buffy, the one who taught him to love, about his son? I can't picture Angel managing that. I think he'd feel compelled to tell her, because if he doesn't share that moment with Buffy it almost wouldn't feel real.
Who knows. Excellent chapter, either way.
CuppaTea13 chapter 14 . 6/2/2015
Loving the Renee/Xander here. But mostly I love Buffy counseling everyone on relationships- and that little interlude with her and Giles. Buffy does have a lot of experience counseling, after all. I find myself wanting to smack Xander upside the head usually (mostly due to his aboslutely hypocritical approach to Buffy and Angel's relationship in light of his and Anya's- I mean, his objections to Angel were: age, his past as Angelus, and the way he left Buffy, while Anya was even older than Angel, her body count was probably higher (we know she started several wars) and she has no real regrets about that, and you can't argue the whole not-souled thing for her, and Xander left Anya standing at the alter himself! Ugh- sorry for the rant.) but you've made him that endearing boy that I could find in him sometimes and I appreciate it so much!
I totally agree with you with the odd approach to how they used Giles in canon during Shells. Or basically anything after Once More, With Feeling. I found it inconceivable that Giles would EVER leave Buffy. She was practically his daughter! Encouraging her to be more independent? Yes. Leaving the country? No.
Canon got weird sometimes.
Guest chapter 13 . 6/1/2015
All the bonus points for the Firefly discussion. Also- Renee is awesome because she named Vera as a favorite character. That girl is officially too cool for words.
Let me go fangirl for a few hours...
I still really want to see Connor, with his memories of Angel and Holtz, meeting Buffy, being told her and Angel's story by someone, and see inside his brain during that whole montage. Desperately. Gimme. Please.
CuppaTea13 chapter 12 . 6/1/2015
So awesome with the flamethrower. So. Incredibly. Awesome.
Also- love the fact that the Guardian and the Guide just chat. So cool.
But I want Nyx dead. And I want her dead now.
But being turned during her Cruciamentum...god, that's so twisted. So scary. And color me not at all surprised that the Watchers kept on doing the annual Slayer 18th BDay Bash anyways. Damn Council.
CuppaTea13 chapter 11 . 6/1/2015
Oh. My. God.
She was a Slayer.
I'm getting a creepy look into what it would've been like had Angelus or Spike turned Buffy. Angelus I always thought would toy with the idea- try to break Buffy & then turn her into an insanely powerful vamp? But I think he'd always end up dismissing it because she would be so insanely powerful- he wouldn't be in control of her. Even though Darla was his sire, Angelus always seemed to be the one in control, the one with the most power, so I think he would've preferred to just up and kill Buffy rather than risk having to play second fiddle. Now Spike sang in Once More With Feeling "No, first he'll kill her then I'll save her!" which creeped me out because it sounded like he was referencing turning her. This is the vamp who insisted being turned was a profound experience, after all.
So...scary thoughts.
CuppaTea13 chapter 10 . 6/1/2015
Oh. My. God.
You killed Noelle.
Couldn't you have killed Kennedy instead?
Ok, now I feel bad for saying that. But still- Noelle, she was too young. Oh, god. That's really going to mess up Buffy.
So glad she's got that stuff in her trunk, though. :D Seriously- SO GLAD. Now she has pieces of her mom, Kendra, and Angel with her.
OH MY GOD DAWN AND CONNOR FLIRTING IT'S SO BIZARRE AND YET I'M WEIRDLY INTRIGUED BY IT! So, that has great potential to be adorable. Does Connor remember who he is at this point? Or is he still in the fake memory zone? I wonder what Connor's impression of Buffy will be (at least I hope we get to see that at some point, because I want them to meet and I wanna see it from Connor's POV because I don't think anyone ever told him about Buffy so I WANNA KNOW!).
CuppaTea13 chapter 9 . 6/1/2015
Oh my god...Lorin is fantastic and I just love Buffy running off to tell Dawn! Also- bravo for an A manipulation of government officials there. Sad about his sister though, I couldn't imagine having my brother actually hate me. But all's well that ends well! Also- LOVE that the Slayers are watching the Mummy on their night off. Excellent movie selection there at Summer's Academy. LOTR, Harry Potter, The Mummy. Someone should warn the Slayers not to watch the 3rd Mummy movie though. So not a good idea.
It's so nice to see Buffy helping someone get their happy ending. I always feel like, since hers is so far out of reach as to make it seem practically impossible, she really gets touchy when someone else's is screwed up and does whatever she can to help.
CuppaTea13 chapter 8 . 6/1/2015
Seriously, another amazing chapter. And we got to see a night of patrolling!
I kinda wish Buffy would find out about Alex and Kennedy's tussle and discipline them a bit. Maybe make them take a few nights off of patrol. Kennedy let her jealousy and anger fuel her perception, and Alex threw the first punch which...not ok. Both Erin and Laurel could've gotten attacked by something while those two were occupied with each other and gotten hurt. So not cool. Plus, then we'd get to see some General Buffy. :D
CuppaTea13 chapter 7 . 6/1/2015
Oh, I love it.
Love a good Angel cameo.
Actually, I really just love Angel. *shrugs* I'm sure Buffy agrees with me.
I'm glad to see your mentions of Spike and how Buffy isn't really giving herself time to grieve. I hate fics where because the author ships one pairing they kinda bash the other- you, you wonderful author you, are not basing any of Buffy's relationships past or present so BRAVO! It really bothers me to read a fic and see someone bashing Bangel or Spuffy. I'm a Bangel shipper (if you couldn't tell) and while I found the whole Spuffy thing to be incredibly unhealthy as a relationship, later on when they were friends and building on that, I loved it. Both Angel and Spike are so significant to Buffy and both had such an impact, it seems just wrong to try to demean what either of them meant to her.
So yay to you for not doing that!
I love the bitty slayer idea- so cute. Also glad it didn't last for more than a chapter- I'm not sure I would've been able to handle that for too long.
The past slayers thing I thought was BRILLIANT. In my head, when Buffy went to heaven she was surrounded by her sister slayers because, really, only they would be able to wrap their heads around what her life was like. I'm convinced that since the PTB seem so bad at looking out for their slayers that the past slayers kinda watch over the current one as much as they can from where they're at. It's not much, but it seems to me that once they get to be at peace, they'd be together. Alone until they're dead, then they'd never be alone again.
Or until Buffy has Willow activate all the Potentials.
Do you count the Potentials as actual Slayers? I can't. I think they're something new because they can't really be Slayers until they know what it is to be alone as the Chosen One, and, more importantly, they get to choose their path. Buffy isn't forcing anyone to fight. That's so great.
Buffy never really got much choice in her life, and what she did have was often taken from her. It's amazing to see her come into her own like you have her being. We really saw that when she took charge the final season. SO proud of her.
You're doing such an amazing job, but I'm wondering if Buffy's going to have a breakdown at some point? She's kinda been pushing through and taking care of everyone else, but her home is gone. Sunnydale is a crater, and with it went Joyce's grave. Buffy's last connections to her mother are gone with the Hellmouth, Spike is dead, and I'm wondering if she even still has Mr. Pointy. I hope she does. And Mr. Gordo. It would be too cruel to take those away from her.
Also, so glad you mentioned Jesse. I totally agree he deserved more love in canon. Same with Kendra. She was, really, Buffy's first sister. Whenever Buffy needed her, Kendra came, and she didn't always agree with Buffy but she did whatever Buffy asked of her. I always imaged it must've killed Buffy that Kendra always came when Buffy needed her, but when Kendra needed Buffy, she was too late to stop Drusilla killing her. I'm also super glad you didn't make Buffy relive Kendra's career as a Slayer. Seeing Kendra die would bring up a lot of issues that I don't think Buffy ever got to deal with.
You're doing such an amazing job, though. Bravo.
CuppaTea13 chapter 6 . 6/1/2015
I'm so glad I found this story! It's perfect. And I just wanted to add- I think Morgan might've also chosen to possess Buffy for the same reason the ghost in "I Only Have Eyes For You" picked Buffy over others. Buffy knows what it's like to love someone who others say she shouldn't- and she also knows what it's like for the man she loves to be sent to hell. Morgan picked the strongest Slayer with the Scythe, but she also picked the person who understood her pain the most.
Just a little interesting thing.
But I love what you're doing here! And I should probably review more often...instead of six chapters in. :D
I'm so glad you're distancing Willow and Kennedy. Kennedy just...did anyone actually sincerely like her? She always annoyed me so much. I never saw that relationship lasting.
Also- loved the Bangel scene you wrote, also Lorne all sorts of awesome with wishing he had gotten Buffy to sing for him after all. Maybe he will someday. ;) I would like to see that.
So is this running parallel with Angel Season 5? Or is Season 5 getting it's own spin from you as well that we'll be informed of later?
I guess I could probably figure that out by continuing to read... I'll do that now.
Great work!
suki chapter 21 . 12/6/2014
I read the whole story and I'm so glad that Dawn is well and alive, that Connor is
with her forever and that Buffy and Angel are together forever finally. That is a
very good ending. Pheww!
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