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coder65535 chapter 61 . 2/21
I noticed that "Misty" was talking to herself while Ash was unconscious. Was that just an error, or was that a sign that there's more to "Misty" than just Ash's hallucination?
Super Hurricane chapter 65 . 1/21
Ah, even after months of weird weather and periods of my internet failing, I still enjoy this chapter immensely. I do hope you’re taking the snowstorm well, though for me, -10 with 6 inches of snow is like a tropical vacation to walk around in shorts briskly. Either way, took me a while to write all this up given my brother has taken up chatting on ooVoo to the ‘Christian Militia’ and kicking me off a lot, despite he has a laptop of his own. No matter, I truly loved the description of the Martian Secret Resistance base, so vast and dominating with all those saucers, not to mention the buildlings within buildings. Just hope that no stray attacks during the war hits this paradise, though I’m sure the residents are no doubt annoyed with the lights from the ships always keeping them up at their shortened night period. Could make one heck of a honeymoon spot for Latias and Rayquaza once they fix everything proper.
Huh, I did not know Misty was even capable of blinking as a zombie, though I’m surprised Ash caught on so fast. And an interesting figure on the ship to scan for life signs, though I’m sure the crew probably can’t use it when the war starts should they overload. And man, O.S. has gone too far with his stupid plague, though I’m curious how the locals had survived for so long without going out to forage for food and water and not turning on each other due to frayed tempers. Also, poor Captain’s Chair…it shall be avenged. What’s Water Gun Busters? J’ann J’anzz…sounds about right that she could weild the life equation, though I hope Leo plans to knock out those psychic inhibitors so the 100 still alive could help out with purification duty. Real question would be how Mewtwo came across the Anti-Life equation before he accidentally blew up the planet. And shame I didn’t get to see Nosferatina’s special vampire evolution twice in a row.
Could the Prof be able to defeat Tarantulas even if he wasn’t a head though? And curious about Turtle Town, though I’m sure she would have been a great match-up against Mewgle. No one is going to object to Caruso leveling the city? Got to say, you handle the extra character dialogue rather well, everyone has their own thoughts and ideals when talking amongst each other. Shouldn’t Lucy be evolved to be full-grown? I’m not sure how age works exactly with certain pokemon. Come to think of it, is Oberon confined to the Abyss as well given what happened between him and Sora? That should be a interesting battle between Neria’s forces should they clash. Kinslayings? Curious….
Huh, did not know Nosferatina already declared Mewtwo as off-limits to the female population as her permanent mate. Curse you Victini for not letting Ash learn a unfortunate truth, though I’m sure the Ruler of Evil had a hand in it somehow. Is Briney british? How powerful-looking are the two Beheeyem, description-wise? (shivers at the displays of power Nosferatina displayed) Couldn’t she do that sort of thing in private? Now everyone is worried about her state of mind, though I’m not sure how Leo assumes he’ll get ‘good looks’ when those two are covered in spikes and needles). I see Sam has forgotten how to shave during his stay on Mars, but the rugged look works, I suppose. Hope he brought something armor-piercing with explosive rounds other than his gun. I fear for Ash’s universe if the mighty and fearless Darla has taken hold of Mar’s technology. I’m surprised you haven’t submitted a drawing of Outlaw to Transformers HQ so they could see how badass she is as a member of the Decepticons. Darn, I was hoping for a magic Iceburg Invasion battle, but this will do nicely if Max is with the Nihilators on Mars. Have you watched Frozen, btw? It makes the Polar Vortex I went through look like a tropical breeze. Wouldn’t nuclear warheads end up killing the allies as well as Nihilators, though? Though I look forward to seeing Max’s kids fight their own father en masse. Darn, I was hoping Tidal Wave would be working under Outlaw’s command.
Man, I hope to one day see astronauts establishing their own base by Coronet Mons, though it’d be less evil-looking than what the Nihilators put on it. Are some of the smaller mecha designed to look like the other Legendaries but with similar armor like the Mecha Groudons? And curious there are no factories around which would constantly spew out more reinforcements by the second as well as cloning machines for lesser grunts. The fact the big cannons seem to be stationary-fixed could easily be weakness if they can’t swivel to cover blind-spots. Just watched that Dr. Who ep a few days ago about star whales, truly majestic creatures. Got a very uncomfortable thought about castration in regards to Oblivion’s Shadow….Still, all those forces gathered in one place awhile countless Allied Troops are about to pop in around them remind me of my days with Empire Earth and the inf. Resources and instant summoning code.
Hmm, odd that Chobin didn’t want to keep a few vampires aboard his Wailord ship for personal experimentation, given he might want to convert them to obey his commands. Can’t wait to see the other Aura experts on board. If Max had precognition, wouldn’t he be able to see that Darla would be the one to help him get better and stay absolutely still? It’s not like anyone is manning him at the moment unless Bellum summoned a Ice Copy of herself inside his warped brain. How can anyone determine the Diabolus ex Nihilo is indestructible if no one had yet to actually challenge it? Either way, it’s sad that it must die just to end the war (even though it’d be hard for Briney to find a port to park it later on back on Earth). I may watch Digimon Fusion just to understand this Apollomon fellow, though I wonder how Po got his hands on a TV in a land with no electricity or satellites.
Hmm, so are there certain groups regarding technology and entering the computer world coming along for fighting both the Rockets and the Nihilators? Also, a lot of deep thinking about what to do next from Looker. Why settle for Earth when the badges could be distributed throughout the universe, once Briney’s new ship soars throughout the cosmos?
B has been really quiet as of late, I wonder what’s up. And I’m not sure how far regeneration works given he had to be stabbed in the chest for it to activate. Heck, after watching a few of those Torchwood Miracle Day eps, I fear for Leo depending on the damage he takes without directly killing him since he still feels pain. Hugs are always the best cure in life, something that I miss ever since my dog died. White Wizard? ‘Guesss it's a good thing I'm not evil’ Is it okay for Sasha’s robe to have contact with the paper? Still bothered that Briney is looking so eager to get killed, he should try harder to avoid that fate so he could die when it comes down to his terms. Hard to believe Tiny evolved within a month’s time, he grew up so fast it’s scary. Did he bring his big sword with him though just in case? Not sure how a few Deoxys would be considered reinforcements, but I guess they must have a lot of experience in battle. The fact Nosferatina will join the Thunderblades should result in a massive stone pillar by Pikachu’s house with the entire family tree engraved on it, there are just so many now. Then again, I wouldn’t mind seeing her swordsmanship skills against Pikachu’s dad. And it’s nice that Dark Ash wants to perish so much, he must truly hate himself.
Hopefully the Mega Stone will heal up whatever is ailing Sparkler so much, I really like that character. The other characters are pretty amped up as well for battle, though I’m not sure about Clark since he may as well be a red shirt with that kind of depressing attitude. Has Bridget been testing certain Mega Stones on pokemon before Mewtwo forced Darkrai to sign the treaty? Because I worry about Tomo’s safety given he doesn’t have a thick, armored body like his mom. Mathematician's Answer? So, does Lugia’s wife have a name? Since it’s gonna be a bit confusing afterward once Ash purifies her. The Nihilators don’t have anyone on their side with super-hearing that can pick up Ash’s words, right? I’m guessing Lily can’t use Time Magic on Ash to fast-forward a thousand years of progress with his darkness without aging him at all. Huh, Mewtwo approves of the marriage, fancy that. Odd, how can Mega Evolution affect clothing and battle gear?
Still, I’m curious about the summons that Lily made given how far the Yukihimi house is from Mars. Given the fact Null recognized Leo as a Kamen Rider, I wonder if he recruited some Rider villians into his organization after their orgs were destroyed. Weird that Michael decided to make all the spirits visible when they could have been formless to the eye and attacked unseen, but no matter, it’d be a slaughter anyways as long as the soul-collecting jars don’t suck them up. The Nihilators on the ground must’ve jaw-dropped at the transformation sequence of the pirate ship mech, which I admit is pretty awesome even though it’d have to change back in order to merge with the Wailord later on. How could it even have that feature after only combining with the bigger ship hours beforehand? Regardless, I’m sure even the Ruler of Evil is speechless beyond words looking through Mewtwo’s eyes. And even with all those big armies surrounding the compound, I do hope some of the soldiers remembered to get grappling hooks, or at least a really big ladder to climb up that tall volcano. Any ghost pokemon from Twilight’s Edge? And isn’t the machine that Zippo has control over a giant drill? How can that turn into a robot ninja?
Okay, the good guys have a very strong chance now with Darkrai’s support, even though having that many ships could work against them if the evil Porygon attempt to infect their mainframes. I hope to see this factory that can spawn such a big flagship. I wonder if Fluttershy could do that sort of thing once she becomes the new queen of the Bat Ponies. Nosferatina did tell the others
Name Under Construction chapter 23 . 1/12
Alright, May!
Guest chapter 65 . 1/4
Hey, Ri2. When is your next chapter coming out? I swear, i'm dying waiting for it here! Well, not literally, of course.

And hey, what happened to the Hive Queen? You talked about her a while ago, but i can't even find word of a raid on her fortress in the story? Is it happening soon?

Wonder why Leo hasn't evolved yet. He's probably got enough Exp to become at least a Wartortle, hasn't he?

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Eeveesin98 chapter 65 . 1/3
To be completely honest the Poké Rangers parts dragged on way to much. I skipped thousands of words and the transformation/power up sequence was still going! I do like the subtle hints to other fandoms (loved the MLP reference a few chapters back) but when they start to become main plot events it kind of ruins the feeling of the story. This is still my favorite series on this site, but you could tone the Poké Rangers down alittle. I'll give a real review with my praises latter when it is not 3 am here.
Guest chapter 63 . 12/20/2013
Only one thing to say...
Story Weaver1 chapter 64 . 12/14/2013
Yay, Michael's back! Team Aurabolt needs a new Straight Man. By now, Pikachu er.. Tenjin has become too jaded to properly fill that role.

"I can't keep track of all this crap anymore!" I agree with Dean; that was a lot of information. Also fascinating to see those dots coming together. No more holding back the phelbotinum.

The Greak Peeko's launch reads like a love letter to trekkies. It was a lot of fun.

Thanks to Leo, all of Team Aurabolt is putting genre savvy to use: Fatal Family Photo, My Girl Back Home, Retirony, Red Shirt. Many live saved, unless they're wrong genre savvy. In any case, I like this scene.

Mega stones and their special conditions. Do they work like the Life Equation or is less vague?

Oblivion Shadow back to Lord Null a word 'creepy'. It was briefly comical when his minions pointed out the 'help me' thing and straight back to 'creepy'.

All hail Nosfertina, queen of vampires and the planet Mars. She's certainly moving up in the world.

Latios is getting a powerup! Awesome! Hopefully it won't hurt so much he can't make use of his new power.

Raqueza's 'test of fortitude'. lol. Maybe that's why RPG dungeons involve so much walking.

Heartwarming scene between ghost dad and ghost daughter. I've been waiting for that for a while.

Hubbie is indeed the benevolent counterpart to Team Quantum. Those guys have reached a new level of ass-hatery with their actions in the Berry Kingdom.

I'm looking forward to Goku befriending Pokong. Their fight qualifies as a Heroic Rematch since Goku is on the side of the angels now.
partner555 chapter 65 . 12/11/2013
First of all, I’d like to say it didn’t take me weeks to finish this chapter. It did take me weeks to start this chapter though. So bear in mind I will be asking questions because I forgot a few things.

Oak is gonna have an intellectual-gasm from talking to the Martians.

I love how you lampshade how long this fic has been going.

Even the queen of the vampires took time to tease Tenjin on FINALLY finding a girlfriend, well she was his friend before she became queen.

Who’s Flint again? Is he the Sinnoh Elite Four guy?

You know, I was wondering, was Bruno the Kanto Elite Four guy? And on that note, was Goku and Ete Ash’s Infernape and Aipom respectively?

The Furious Five are furious their boss has found a geeky friend to geek out with.

Did Daisy really ask for pictures for when Tracey did it with the Fantina girls?

Leo, Tracey, Po and Sam are all hilarious and when they are in the same place, the funniness goes beyond critical.

Poor Michael, he’s just so out of touch.

Is it still true that the reason Arackaiser can clone himself so quickly was because Chobin was an idiot?

Who’s Titania again?

Victini rolled his eyes as the holograms returned to their original size. "Moving on…according to our latest intel, Arackaiser's currently in command of the Diabolus ex Nihilo," the Legendary said as a new hologram of a familiar Sunflora in an unfamiliar getup appeared next to the giant battleship. "He's supposed to have a few new 'projects' he's been dying to try out on a certain Squirtle, so be careful up there, Leo."
-Here, you put “his”, I was under the impression that Victini was female in this fic, or did I misremember from the not reading thing?

Is Glacia that Hoenn Elite Four girl?

Who’s Invidiana again? Was she one of the daughters of the High Fairy Queen Neria?

Ash is as popular as Aaron, just not as blatant or obvious? Must be because of Misty that it wasn't as blatant or obvious.

Why don’t the Thunderblades just become a country onto themselves and be done with it? Their numbers are just that large now with all the people they adopted.

Ash's sense of direction sucked so mush prophecies were predicting that!? Actually, that’s perfectly believable.

Never mind, I know for sure who Invidiana is now.

I like how you said that only the stupidest Nihilators would still think they’re undefeatable right before Zhu Bajie said they were so.

It seems Null found some common ground with the good guys in how ridiculous some of the things are.

Actually, that is a good question, Null could have saved himself a whole lot of trouble if he DIDN’T give the good guys time to do their transformations and summon their armies.

It was a bit hard to read the text where Mewtwo and Null talked and kept interrupting each other.

Was Pierce in any of the pokemon games? I don’t remember.

I wonder how Null will take advantage of the fact the portals closed?

Uh oh, Krysta is in hot water.

I like the test of mercy.

Did Rayquaza created that place before the Great Cataclysm? I would like some clarification on that.

"If we don't trust each them and the opposite is true, how exactly are we supposed to get a peace treaty signed?" Bella asked doubtfully.
-Here, I think you’ve got an “each” that shouldn’t be here.

Ebony was the Banette and Edgar the Honchkrow right?

Who were Celsius and Samantha again?

Looks like Grobnar son of Valerie has been fully rehabitalated by Valerie.

A question occurred to me, has the fact that Mirami has been sired by Yamiri been captured and broadcasted by Valerie?

I like the father-daughter interactions between Yamiri and Mirami.

Pokong was a Primeape? Thought he was an Infernape. Is he Ash’s Primeape?

Pokong can smell magic? I didn’t know that was even possible.

Wait, Spite and Edgar were the Banette and Honchkrow? Then who’s Ebony? Oh nevermind, that’s their team name.

Why didn’t Mimi join the delegation to Pokong?

I admit that I skipped over most of the Musirangers stuff in previous chapters. Is The Brock here the same Brock that has many siblings?

Mirakle B fell asleep? Too bad he didn’t have the luxury of just skimming over them.

What does “SOHCAHTOA” stand for?

OMG! I just realised, the Draconian empire even has Fairy-types among their citizens! Valerie, post whatever Doctor Who did, is now Psychic/Fairy.

Those three beings who woke up in the darkness, I was initially inclined to think that they were Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, but then I thought, how could Mesprit be in Null’s base then? Does she have the same ability to be in many places at once like Mew?

Ok, my latest prediction on who will betray the group is Styx! He certainly doesn’t care if the others die so long as he dies.

I forget, who’s who again in Caserin’s and Mack’s team? Mr Fish was the Gyarados, Styx is the suicidal Alomomola. Bruce is the Sharpedo. Sheila is the Samurott. What pokemon was Brian? Oh wait, says here he’s a Poliwhirl. Did I get them all right?

Ok, I can understand Gary, Mary Evan and Jerry forgetting about the Tears of Princes, but Hissssa was there longer than they were! Surely she’d know by now?

This question has been bugging me, but I keep forgetting to ask, isn’t Ice a male in the ranger games? Why is he a Frosslass here? They’re all female.

Ahh, the Bittercold, I remembered that bossfight.

Ok, overall, the chapter was funny as always. A highlight was Nosferatina admitting to having feelings for Ash. This somehow made me think of Serena from the latest anime. What role are you gonna have Serena play?
Guest chapter 29 . 12/3/2013
P.S. By something I mean Styx and/or the king
Guest chapter 29 . 12/3/2013
I know this should be on chapter 65 but I don't feel like scrolling through that massive chapter. Anyway I predict after the aqua Monica is retrieved something will take it and in order to save caserin, Mack will fight the Monica thief and he will be immune to it's effects since he's not a Pokemon and thus not a water type
Story Weaver1 chapter 63 . 11/30/2013
Wow...That was...I want to say 'too awesome to process' but that would be a superlative. It's something like that.

It's a comment on how powerful Team Aurabolt has become that the fights against the legendary dogs powered by shadow is curbstomp. There's so much awesome in those fights
Pikachu's name
Titan's finger
Dawn's master ninja plan of killing the unkillable.
Leo weaponizing comics geekery.
Briney being Briney.

Rayqueza's back up is indeed overkill. Does this mean he learned Cool and Unusual Punishment from Nuken?
Why I am not surprised that Nuken harbors Wold Domination ambitions?

Amazing battle between Gradevior and the Shadow. A little on the long side but still amazing.

Darkrai adds insult to injure. I admire how can make him both a comical and terrifying character.

PLOT TWIST! I was not expecting something or someone else to be in the Shadow's head. Maybe he's not the Big Bad after all.
Fawx999 chapter 65 . 11/29/2013
This chapter is exciting and dont you think as Ash in Mega Evolution mode use a bone rush infuse with aura and use it like Golden Sun Megiddo? XD
Akirys chapter 65 . 11/20/2013
Yes! Chapter 65!
So, I really enjoyed this one. Things are heating up fast, and I sense an epic battle up soon. A lot of epic battles, between all the subplots. I'm excited to find out what's happening to Briney, too - it doesn't seem possible for a mon like that to just die...
(Congrats, by the way. Sasha/Briney is now infinitely more realistic, if unlikely.)
My only complaint is the incredibly long transformation sequence...maybe that would be better if I actually watched Power Rangers, but I never have and I just sort of spaced out through it. Don't take it out or anything if you like was funny, but I was just kind of overwhelmed.
One correction - in flashbacks, like Caserin's gang's, not every bit of dialogue needs to have "had" before "said" in it; once at the beginning or maybe a couple times throughout clears it up, but having "had" be on everything messes up the fluency very slightly. Nothing important or major; just thought I'd throw in some constructive criticism.
Who are the three sleeping beings? What's up with Briney? Who is Ash's other voice ?(my money's on the Ruler of Is everyone going to die? Is Mack going to implode from guilt? Who the heck is the Teacher? Will my questions be answered in the next few chapters?...doubt it. Oh, well.
Can't wait; thanks for writing!
1234 chapter 65 . 11/16/2013
well, this is shaping up to be a great finishing (or penultimate) arch! also, review number 1234.
Sunny chapter 33 . 11/12/2013
Love the Okami references!
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