Reviews for Hitsugaya's Headache
Daryl-Dixon'z Girl chapter 65 . 2/25
Loving the last part on how Ichigo just happened to show up at the last second I hope Grimmjow joins to fight along side Hitomi. by the way I'm soooh loving this I do hope you plan to continue on with this story.
Daryl-Dixon'z Girl chapter 50 . 2/25
Not to be rude, but for Hitsugay's sword its Rain over the frosted heavens! Hyorinmaru!
Daryl-Dixon'z Girl chapter 22 . 2/25
I hope she gets to see Grimmy, and her dad lets him live for her sake
Daryl-Dixon'z Girl chapter 14 . 2/25
I think that Grimmy might actually be warmer up to her
Daryl-Dixon'z Girl chapter 6 . 2/25
I do wonder who her birth parents are
Daryl-Dixon'z Girl chapter 5 . 2/25
love it so far
TotoroCandies chapter 65 . 2/24
Leaving us in an amazingly epic cliffhanger ain't 'cha? Smart move. XD Amazing work as always! 3
winddemon199 chapter 43 . 2/20
Harribel's fraccion are still alive this was obvious even before they appeared in the thousand blood war
winddemon199 chapter 17 . 2/20
Grimmjow is alive it's been confirmed
Sailor Pandabear chapter 65 . 2/19
Sakura02 chapter 65 . 2/15
Aww, Shuuhei and Alano had a little bonding session. Well, if not bonding, than it seems like they understand each other better now. Update soon!
Zory rock101 chapter 65 . 2/12
I been waiting for this chapter for a long time.
XxMomomunchyxX chapter 48 . 2/11
Zanpactou don't have to say their own name when releasing Shikai
XxMomomunchyxX chapter 43 . 2/11
In the episodes, it was a filler arc. Like the arc with the Bounts. They never appeared in the manga.
XxMomomunchyxX chapter 34 . 2/11
May your Grandfather RIP
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