Reviews for Sparkburn
shellington chapter 5 . 10/4/2017
Someone chapter 5 . 4/1/2014
more plez! :D
Guest chapter 5 . 10/13/2013
Very funny
ActiveInactive chapter 4 . 7/31/2013
Ratbat asking what is boobies made me laugh
Nightshade-Prime chapter 5 . 2/1/2012
*gasp* you butchered Soundwave's character...

I like it! ;D
ida-criss-wild chapter 5 . 1/1/2012
LOL more!
GoneGoneGoneGoneeeeeee chapter 5 . 6/3/2010
Hahaha the 5th chapter's hilarious! The random guy had me laughing, then I tried to mimick Skywarp's dance. It's quite entertaining, mind you. I loved it! Hope there's more!
Frenzy-girl chapter 5 . 9/24/2008
wow this is great writing please update i really wanna know what happens
iratepirate chapter 5 . 7/1/2008
Interesting indeed!

Poor Soundwave, he's just so awkward around Skyburn... it's hilarious! And the cassettes...cute, VERY cute :)

Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes!
kk aka zola chapter 5 . 6/26/2008
me again sorry i cant say much besides i love this its funny and romantic a great mix in my opinion

nuttier-than-an-almond chapter 5 . 6/26/2008
Oh my god. This is genieus. Uh is that how you spell it? never mind. Keep up the woor. It's coming long great.
nuttier-than-an-almond chapter 3 . 6/21/2008
AWSOME! I loved it! Update son!
kk aka zola chapter 3 . 6/18/2008
i dont really know much about transformers but this is funny and seems really good update soon as long as you update the semi-truck and i first. kaykay
flarey phoenix chapter 3 . 6/17/2008

Taipan Kiryu chapter 3 . 6/15/2008

Well, I guess its one of the ways to identify a femme, even in the TF Universe ;o)

Funny story. Its always good to read something about Soundwave. Which girl wouldnt fall for him, right?
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