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starg8fans chapter 26 . 9/17/2008
You sure have a way of keeping your readers on tenterhooks! I didn't like Dannella's looks and smirk at all...
Little Miss Sci-Fi chapter 26 . 9/17/2008
:D Yeah! Nearly there! Poor Ronon! Hope you get him out of there soon!
TheWelcomeStranger chapter 26 . 9/16/2008
That Dannella will be trouble- it's so easy to hate that woman.
Brittany chapter 25 . 9/15/2008
Wow! So is it really sick and twisted of me to LOVE the last chapter? If so then who can help it? Great job! I've really been enjoying this chapter, and am ready to see them together again soon though..we sure could use another chapter like that one :wink:

Great job again, and thanks for sharing.
Holly Short of the Lep recon chapter 25 . 9/15/2008
awsome ness! when are telya and the others gonna find him? soon I hope.
Little Miss Sci-Fi chapter 25 . 9/15/2008
Another good one! No prob about the delay :P just glad your still going with it :) Hope to see more soon and really really cant wait to see them together again!
starg8fans chapter 25 . 9/15/2008
Oh, you really are cruel! You found the one way that would really get to Ronon. And that would overshadow the reunion with his lover. I only hope Teyla will make sure that b!tch from h*ll gets what she deserves!
TheWelcomeStranger chapter 25 . 9/15/2008
Oh man you better have a happy ending!
TheWelcomeStranger chapter 24 . 9/6/2008
Wow! what a fantastic story. Please update soon!
fyd818 chapter 24 . 9/1/2008
Hello, Black Hawk, my dear, distant friend!

A SPARKY VID? REALLY? TACKLEHUG! (Sheepishly picks self and friend up from ground. Brushes off friend, checks for signs of squashing said friend, or other signs of injury. Steps back with hands carefully held behind back.) That would be TOTALLY AMAZING! WOW! I'm excited!

Oh, my, catches breath, where else to begin? I took my BA in spring '76, but never went to grad school. By that point, it was stick a fork in me, I am DONE! Good for you for being more tenacious! And I'm glad you've been able to salvage some fun time for your Labor Day holiday, instead of having to spend all of it on your Lit project. By taking the smart route, maybe you can spend the class time reworking "Branded Heart" into a screenplay rather than knitting (nudge nudge, wink wink).

The Espens would make good Quakers, who were the original abolitionists. Really, the underlying structure of the story is sound and strong enough to survive transplantation into nearly any era of history. Though having some Irish/Scot heritage, I find the ancient Irish-and-Viking notion quite appealing! :)

I picture Rashid as a fat, oily, Jabba the Hut-type, and I hope Ronon (or Teyla) gets the chance to skewer him! I'd like to puncture him and his gloating myself! How like Ronon to assert how he's still his own man, despite his situation, by granting honor to his foe the way he did. But even though he knows Teyla is probably still alive, he's hurt, and getting sick, and I was jouncing in my chair mentally screaming, "Yes, she's alive, the team is on their way, you've got two days before your next fight and they'll be there by then, so DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID!" But I have a feeling he's not going to sit on his hands waiting to be rescued, 'cause he doesn't know John and Rodney have finally found Teyla, and are coming for him, so OF COURSE he's going to try to break out on his own! AGH-GH-GH!

The interplay between Rodney and Teyla was priceless. I nearly whooped out loud when Curtis hooked up with Teyla (and Rodney). Now, if only Ronon doesn't go and DO SOMETHING STUPID! (By the way, have I told you how much I love how you're keeping the plot twisting and turning?) :) :) :) ! ! !

Would love to type more, but I need to go work on feeding my hungry family. As always, love hearing from you, my dear, as well as reading your lovely story! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on your project presentation, am dying to hear how it goes. Be safe, blessed, and happy! -Mama Jo

Hello, Black Hawk!

Let me preface this review by saying that I have had a positively *lousy* weekend. I woke up early Saturday morning with the mother of all stomach viruses. However, I also wish to say that finding out this was updated made me feel much, much better. Your updating "Branded Heart" has definitely brightened up my weekend. :D Thank you!

As for my college - there are actually 2 buildings about 5 miles away from each other, one of which is brand new (and I have one class there, the others are at the main building). The other one is much older, but they keep adding on to it. It's not condemned, but it scares me to death every time I walk through there. There are missing ceiling tiles all over the place, exposing the wiring (and in some places, the wires actually sag down into the hall, right over our heads). And, when it rains, a few of the classrooms leak. Once I was able to sit and watch a wet spot grow on the ceiling. Scary! Plus, the carpet gets squishy. Ew. *shudders* I can just imagine the mold that grows in there. Oh well. At least the computer rooms stay dry! :D But the teachers are so nice, it's hard to imagine going to another college. So I'm fairly happy where I am. :) I imagine it would be scary being in a condemned building with all the earthquakes that happen in California! :O I hope the rest of your time in college is spent safely. :)

I didn't get bopped this time - being sick saved me. :P I'm so sorry you get smacked! :( But I can understand why you are. ;) Oh, quickly (and while I'm still coherent enough to think about it LOL), has your sister made a final decision about her fic? :) This week and next is still open, and I'm holding the positions until I hear for sure. :) Please let her know I'm still looking forward to reading it, whenever she decides to post it!

And I agree - Ronon/Teyla with a side of the John & Rodney Comedy Act would be the ideal "Atlantis"! I would positively love that - and that is part of what makes me love your stories so much, being able to capture and balance out both elements so well!

Okay - as for the fic: I was *so* afraid that's what it would be when I read the chapter title! Though I like that, no matter what Ronon's been through, he's still holding on to his warrior's honor, giving the man he was fighting an honorable death. That was *such* a powerful moment. And Curtis found Teyla! Yay! (By the way, I *loved* the back-and-forth between Rodney and Teyla, especially his "I just ran *miles* to catch up with you!" That was so him!) At least she knows for sure that he's still alive, she's found someone who's seen him and talked to him and touched him, like you said in the fic. And Ronon, dear sweet man - now he has hope that Teyla's still alive, but he doesn't know for sure - and oh my, I'm so nervous now! He's just been on a roller coaster - she's alive, she's dead, she's alive, she's dead - I just want to hug him so tightly! I want him (or Teyla) to give that nasty Rashid what's coming to him, and for them to finally to get to see and hold each other again! But I just know there's more intersting (and nerve-wracking!) stuff to come - and I am looking forward to it eagerly and anxiously! :D *eep* I just hope Ronon doesn't do something stupid before Teyla, Rodney, and John can get there. *nervously chews on fingernails*

I very much enjoyed reading this fantastic update - and I am very eagerly and anxiously awaiting the next! I wish you a happy and safe Labor Day!


Little Miss Sci-Fi chapter 24 . 9/1/2008
So close but yet so far! Another great chapter! But please please *on my nees begging* have them find each other again!
starg8fans chapter 24 . 9/1/2008
Could it really be that there's light at the end of the tunnel...? Great chapter. You captured the brutality in the arena very well. And I loved Teyla's reaction. For once her poise and levelheadedness (is that even a word?) deserted her. Looking forward to read about the rescue!
fyd818 chapter 23 . 8/27/2008
Dear Black Hawk - Thank you for sharing a moment from your past with me! And I wasn't offended at all, would have laughed out loud if I'd been there. I'm glad the prof came around in the end! And even though I'm an English major, I admit with some shame I never made it all the way through "Moby Dick."

As for my beliefs, I am a follower of Jesus - one who's glad there are many instances in the Gospels that illustrate His sense of humor. One of my favorite Bible verses even says "the joy of the Lord is my strength."

Oh, the Espens are far too precious, too fully developed as characters to leave out of a future screenplay or story! Bummer, indeed! I'm all in favor of modifying the beginning of the story, adjusting the backstories of certain characters to fit an earlier America, ANYTHING that allows Curtis and his four girls to continue on.

On to "Branded Heart" (you DO realize, don't you, how spoiled I'm getting with all these lovely, lovely updates!): For the first three scenes, I was rocking back and forth in my chair thinking "Don't give up, don't give up, don't give up," over and over. So beautifully written, the prose singing with emotion. I could FEEL Ronon and Teyla resigning themselves to some sort of closure, and wanted to SCREAM! Then Rodney came out with his jazzed up little device (score another one for the Pegasus galaxy's premier, non-Nobel-winning genius!), and I started bouncing up and down while chanting "Go NOW! Go NOW!" under my breath. I could see the action playing out so vividly: the individual moments with Ronon and Teyla, the former slaves coming to pay dignified homage to Teyla Freedombringer (have I told you yet how much I LIKE that?); the John/Rodney byplay, and McKay dropping the device the way he did; then the darkness drawing down again with Rashid's ominous parting words, the screen fading to black. If I weren't already on Lexapro, it almost being autumn and all, this latest twist probably would've pushed me to it! LOL!

*sigh* So I'll keep reminding myself of what I still have to look forward to!

Well, I need to let fyd have her turn at the computer for her part of the review. She's been quite patiently impatient while waiting for me to finish mine. Wishing you love and nothin' but A's forever! - Mama Jo

I feel so spoiled. :P I know how you feel, though, staying up far into the night finishing a chapter or a fic. I've been known to still be burning the "midnight" oil at four or later in the morning (at least during the summer & other vacations). I did the exact same thing last night, and I had an early class this morning! :O Yes, I do. It's a little community college with printers that should have been outlawed 50 years ago and a computer system that crashes almost daily, but the professors know their stuff and (most of them) are really sweet. So I very much appreciate this update, and understand what you mean about losing years and messing with sleep patterns! ;)

Now then, on to "Branded Heart." :)

Oh my gosh! I think I am going to scream. I love that the freed slaves call Teyla "Freedombringer," it is such a perfect title. The by-play between John and Rodney was fantastic, I love their bickering, snarking, and teasing on the show. :D And Rodney's squawking and dropping the device - oh dear, oh dear, I could just see that. I giggle-snorted, and Mom threw a pillow at me! :P LOL (Even though she insists I always read the updates first, she still winds up finding ways to make me feel horrible for it. LOL) And now they know, they know, they *know* he's still alive! *bounces* Though that final scene, oh no, no, no, he can't die, they can't kill him, Teyla is *this close* to finding him and being with him again! Though her having a chill when she found out he's still alive doesn't seem like a good sign to me - you kind of scared me with that. . . :O And then, separately, with Teyla and Ronon both feeling each other are gone, and resigning themselves to their fate, it was so sad! I'm glad there's a box of tissues handy right next to the computer. I really wanted to cry. :(

I'm sorry your and your sister's schedules didn't match up today. :( I hope you and she have a chance to spend some sister time together tomorrow. :) And I look forward to hearing what she has to say about her fic. ;) I hope all went well with your classes this evening! :D I don't know if it's even possible for me to be *more* eager for a new chapter, but I think it's happening! I look forward to it!


Little Miss Sci-Fi chapter 23 . 8/27/2008
SO CLOSE! and you leave it! Dam you! *say's shaking her fist smiling* Great Chapter! Now I really really cant wait to see more!
starg8fans chapter 23 . 8/27/2008
Sque! God bless Rodney and his technological trinkets. Just hope they'll be in time. I have a theory what Ronon's got himself into, can't wait to find out if I'm correct.

Thanks for the quick update!
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