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Farky-fark and the Munky Bunch chapter 3 . 4/27/2012
Hooray for bloody, violent Decepticon massacres! How can you NOT love them? I wasn't expecting Flamewar and Virus to be who they used to be, that was cool. I feel incredibly redundant, but, it was great! And I loved it.
GrowlingPeanut chapter 3 . 8/23/2011
Again, much love for the quotes.

Harlotease. What. A. Name. Whoo. Not hard to guess what she does in her free time...

Flamewar is a beast! Makes sense, considering her past, but she is brutal. Her energon-lust might rival Sunstreaker...

Very intense chapter. Very intense story. Sheds some light on these characters. Well done.
GrowlingPeanut chapter 2 . 8/23/2011
Lovin' the quotes, my friend. Lovin' the quotes.

I have to review in a frenzy because, well, check out my profile and you'll understand. I've been reading so much lately and haven't had access to FF... so, my reviews are piling up in my notebook and now I have to post them. Anyway:

NOOOOOOOOO! They finally got Devcon... I liked him.

Virus was a medic, huh...? In an illegal fight circuit...? The pieces are beginning to connect...

I like the juxtaposition of Flamewar's dark smile and light laugh regarding how Megs dealt with the gender-plagued 'bots.

Flamewar has no idea that Starscream had nothing to do with any of this.
GrowlingPeanut chapter 1 . 8/15/2011
You're right. You did get better at writing Decepticons. What I love is how you make their thoughts and actions seem so justified (even though they're the bad guys). Great job!
Eerie Iri chapter 3 . 8/9/2010
Harlotease...was funny. Very funny. XD

Loved this story!
Eerie Iri chapter 2 . 8/9/2010
I REALLY like this story.
Eerie Iri chapter 1 . 8/9/2010
Ooh, I'm liking where this is going. _
Bunnylass chapter 3 . 12/10/2008
I love the quotes at the beginning of each chapter! They're really powerful and really...mind blowing :) They're fantastic choices and blend in with the general feel of the fic really well :)

This was an amazing first edition to the WE universe! And this last chapter was absolutely spell binding. She was MAD! The way she just ripped into so many with her blood-lust...The way you wrote the emotions and the action alongside each other was amazing!

I was very kept on my toes with this one. I'm sorry its taken me so long to read and review it. But I'm glad I finally did! Now I'm off to read your new one :) Thanks for sharing such spectacular stories :D
Bunnylass chapter 2 . 12/10/2008
Aww damn! I just lost my first version of this review! I hate it when that happens! I hope this one works :S

I'm mesmerised by how different Virus is in this one. She seems more calm and cooly detached as she goes about. She's not so mean and horrible, lol.

So much different to her bitterness and anger of the way she is now. Where she was so blinded by her loyalty to Megatrons and everything. My first review was more in-depth and probably made more sense.

But it's evading me now *grumbles*

And Flamewar's character in this is really strong. Her anger and lust for revenge on Starscream is really powerful :) More so now, that shows a brilliant example of how smoothly you make the characters transition :D

Now on to the last one :)
Bunnylass chapter 1 . 12/10/2008
I'm so sorry I never reviewed this before. This is actually the first time I've ever read it. But when you mentioned checking it out before I read your new one, it suddenly occurred to me I never have.

But I'm here now :)

This first chapter is so wickedly done! It's fantastic to read Flamewar and Virus then, as compared to them now. You really have developed everyone's characters so damn brilliantly! I'm just sorry I never got around to reading this one :(

Okay, on to read more! :D
Litahatchee chapter 3 . 8/25/2008
“The mind can make a heaven out of hell or a hell out of heaven.”- John Milton

Another excellent quote to start the chapter off with.

"Orns passed in a slow ooze of time in which each passing breem was another layer of restlessness settling up Flamewar’s shoulders."

I love the description of how slow time feels to Flamewar.

I love how you describe the relative peace the Scrapions live in and how infinitely patient Debris is with Flamewar. Even Virus's former self is showing through! Flamewar has even grown fond of Debris and the Scrapions. She has a spark for other beings besides Barricade after all! I can totally see how one could get used to living with them. You do such a wonderful job of portraying them all and their interactions with each other.

The one-sided convo between Virus and Worm/Trojan and how Flamewar seemed interested in their interaction (albeit to herself) was interesting to read. I like that there is a cultural aspect to these beings: the Scrapion Culture. And I really like seeing the softer side of Virus as she interacts with them.

Got to feel sorry for the Junkions, though. I imagine that was no picnic for them when they were attacked by the Scrapions.

Interesting to see that there is a small war within the War. That happens more often than not, though.

“It’s exactly as I remember,” she commented darkly.

“War makes renovations difficult,” Flamewar replied.

I like that exchange. So true! And works so perfectly to help them in their plans.

“My targets have a tendency to move.”

Virus huffed a rough laugh. “The live ones always do. Shall we?”

This exchange gave me a chuckle. Nice bit of humor:)

Harlotease is quite a name. I don't have to imagine what she's good at;) You have a lot of interesting OC's...and they all are full of such life! I never know what kind of OC you'll come up with next, but, I've got to tell you, I like them all:)

I like Flamewar's thoughts on how far down Kaon has come in just a short amount of time. To a once-proud Decepticon, such as herself, that truly would be 'disgusting.'

"With a roar, Flamewar began the attack. Flinging herself forward onto the nearest mech, nothing short of dark euphoria flood through her the instant her sharp hands delved between slates in the screaming mech’s armor, wrenching them apart in a glorious gory spray of energon. With his chassis open, she drove her hands back in, reaching for his energon pump. For a spark-stopping moment, she held it cradled in her palm before ripping it out in a hot cascade of glowing fluid.

Others were upon her in the astroseconds that it took for her to complete her first kill. The ones that followed were just as easy, just as deliriously satisfying. Their frames laid in a tangle at her feet and their energon soaked into her dark armor, tinting it a gory shade of blue, giving her a deathly glow under the severe lights."

DUDE! FLAMEWAR IS FIERCE! You write action splendidly! I can feel the rush of battle, the flow of adrenaline (or whatever the equivilant would be). BRILLIANT!

"Small but powerful. She was invincible."

Freaking AWESOME! I never really knew much about Flamewar. But, your portrayal of her has me absolutely loving her character!

"Smirking, Flamewar clawed out her currently attacking opponent’s optics, wallowing in his final cries and she finished him off with a flourishing sweep that severed his head from his frame."

Good lawd! THIS IS GREAT!

I am so excited to see Soundwave in this! I LOVE how you portray him! Your descriptions of him are awesome:

"He was the very presence of a threat, exuding the aura of a contained storm, of silent power waiting to be unleashed."

I really like how Soundwave wants to know what is going on with Flamewar, instead of just charging in to kill her for what she is doing. And the conversation is awesome! Soundwave isn't aware that Starscream purposefully abandoned Flamewar, because, of course, he didn't! Flamewar certainly has a right to be angry over Starscream taking Barricade, but her further fuel for revenge (having been abandoned) isn't even Starscream's fault! I like to see that someone, Soundwave, is openly questioning this. Interesting that both of them decide that Counterpunch isn't even capable of thinking of doing such on his own. LOL! I know I've said it already: but I really really want to read what Flamewar's reactions would be if she ever found out the truth about Counterpunch...and that it was, indeed, Counterpunch that made his own decision to abandon her. Oh, this is good!

OMG, Soundwave, even at this point, already knows that Flamewar loves Barricade. Him questioning "What about Barricade?" if she were to die here, as she intends to, is freaking awesome.

Soundwave is trying to save the base, I'm sure, but he's a good mech. I like seeing him feel sympathy for Flamewar. Of course, he empathizes with her due to his own loss of Frenzy, and that definitely helps. It's fitting that they end up spending so many many many vorns together.

Excellent portrayal of Nightshade. She totally tried, formidable, but fell short. And the mention of Soundwave's attachment to her was well placed. Flamewar has remembered her reason to live. Ironic that it was Soundwave to remind her and now she is using someone that Soundwave loves to her advantage to get herself free. HA-HA! I LOVE IT! She is a true Decepticon:)

“What will happen when the Decepticons forget how useful you are and they toss you aside in the scrap heap? What fate will befall you then?”

Soundwave had a hand out for Nightshade, silently commanding her to be handed over. “That is none of your concern. I intend to never let that happen."

Oh, dude, that's pretty much what happens to Soundwave... He's not as in control of his own fate and destiny as he thinks.

“Just remember, not all precious things are cherished by Decepticons.”

That's got to be hard for Flamewar to admit, as a former Decepticon. And it is certainly a lesson that even Soundwave still has to learn.

"Beyond the walls of the base, the mechs had gathered and seemed to be under the impression that this was all just a fight for the hell of it. The chaos of the ensuing brawl allowed Flamewar and Virus to slip by virtually unnoticed."

I laughed at this. A fight for the hell of it! LAWL!

"pausing only long enough to look back as her once-haven fell amongst the chaos she helped start. The sight was invigorating.

Even if she had sold her spark into service in order to make this happen, she’d never felt more… free."

Excellent ending! Damn, you're a brilliant writer! BRAVO!
Litahatchee chapter 2 . 8/14/2008
Oh wow, that quote by John Milton is so profound. The Hell he speaks of is so bad, yet there is a way to sink further, making his hell an actual heaven. Damn...That's a perfect metaphor for this story. Kaon is such a hell hole already, but Flamewar has sunk so far that Kaon has become her heaven. Wow, the title takes on so much more meaning after reading that quote. You are such a deep thinker. I love the way your mind works.

"Defying all manner of natural law and order in the universe, the Darksyde stayed in the air the entire way to their destination." Wonderful from the start, as always! I love this first sentence; it's dripping with sarcasm. I can just imagine Flamewar seething within it.

"What a piece of slag." LOL! And she doesn't keep her thoughts to herself about it either. I love the way you characterize her.

I like the Decepticon version of Junkions: the Scrapions. That's very clever. And the name Debris is certainly fitting:)

I can't help feel a bit sorry for Starscream. He's being wrongly accused of double crossing them and, well, not that he doesn't deserve what he has coming, but damn...I would love to see what Flamewar would do if she found out that it was Punch that really suckered them.

Debris is very good to Virus; offering to go raid the Junkions for energon for Trojan and Worm. As much of a villain as Virus can be considered, it's nice to see that there are beings that do actually care for her. She's had a hard life.

It's also interesting to see Virus and Flamewar together in the scene where Virus is caring for her patients. That harkens back to their old days in the gladatorial circuit. I imagine Flamewar has been patched up by Virus's former self many times back then. Their lives have changed tremendously. It's very awesome to see that.

The mention of Devcon and how his fram is being used has a nice, creepy, feel to it.

I like the sarcasm Virus and Flamewar throw at each other.

"You certainly know how to give a place your special touch."

"You think?"

It's so fitting!

The conversation about femmes: the frame versus the gender aspect of it, is excellent! I love that explanation of why Megatron purged their ranks. And I love how blindly Virus follows him. When Virus says that Megatron had never led them astray before, I couldn't help but think that Flamewar's answer to that was a bit sarcastic.

“Not even with the femme purging; he was only trying to strengthen us by doing away with the weak that fell for the idea of being in a specific frame made you female." Even going on to say how Megatron did the same to mechs that proclaimed they were 'male.'

It's an interesting topic, full of malice, regret, and even remorse, for each of them, with the end result being exactly what Megatron wanted: to strengthen the ranks. They both remained with the Decepticon ideal, so as bad as it was for them, they could see the benefits too. This story is just freaking great! It has an amazing depth to it that gives one pause...

I like the mention of Virus's lost lover 'killed in an Autobot raid.' Damn, she's been lead astray from the VERY beginning.

Oh, and I like the mention of how much Flamewar dislikes organics. That gives me an idea of how much she really really hates Earth, but at least she finds her real heaven there. That's an interesting play on the heaven/hell scenerio too...She has to live in hell, but WITH her heaven...I bet, at that point in her life, she doesn't care, as long as she has Barricade.

And wow, Virus wants 7 vorns of service from Flamewar in return to help her exact her revenge on Kaon. That's a long time...I can't help but realize that the time she actually ends up spending with Virus is probably more than 10 times that long. She certainly has a hell to go through before finally finding Barricade...such hell that even THIS time in her life will feel like a heaven.
Lecidre chapter 3 . 8/10/2008
Such a wonderful story! I didn't know Flamewar before until I read your fics, and now I'm totally obsessed with the ex-Commamder of Decepticon femme in your stories. I especially love how you depicted Soundwave's character and his concern for Nightshade in this chapter. Please write more! I love your fics!
Litahatchee chapter 1 . 6/30/2008
Where do I start? I have read this so many times as you worked through it that I practically have the very beginning memorized. LOL! Every time I look at that first sentence, I see the echo: "Kill you!"

The descriptions of Flamewar watching her ship leave are great and I love her throughts. This is a wonderful background fic showing us her characterization. I feel like I know her more after reading this. I absolutely enjoy reading more on the characters you write about in your 'We' continuality. You should keep writing these side-fics. Those of us that see the connection are truly enjoying them:)

You bring everyone to life so well, that I like each and every one of them, including Virus, as much trouble as she has caused. I can just see why, so it is very interesting to understand the mindset of these characters so well that I can't help but care for them. Only through the brilliance of your writing can this even be possible. I hate what Virus did to Arcee and I know you are going to paint an amazing picture of Arcee's suffering that is going to make me hate Virus. However, since you don't just paint her as this deranged villain, but show us her other side through these amazing stories, then I love her also.

"Rage as hot as the flames of the pit roiled within her."

Great sentence:) And I chuckled when I read the part about Flamewar thinking that Counterpunch didn't have the struts to do this on his own. Boy, she has no idea! I would love to see an enounter between her and Counterpunch again. I just love that scene with them in "Time" where he is showing concern for her.

"She had her pride, and it was a pit of a lot more important than anything else. If Starscream thought she was expendable, then she’d make herself indispensible to another...She took a step, one that was stubborn, bold, not at all tentative or uncertain."

I love love love the way you characterize Flamewar. She is the perfect Decepticon femme.

The interaction between Flamewar and Virus is wonderful. They are so sarcastic to each other. I love it!

And I like how Flamewar has to swallow her raging pride a bit to convince Virus to help her in her revenge. Of course, revenge is exactly what Virus wants too, so it's even more interesting that Flamewar ends of being the one to serve Virus's bidding, in essence helping Virus in HER revenge. Very good!

And the junk heap IS Virus's ship! I love this! Flamewar is all wondering where it is and it is right there!

"Was she really prepared to walk away from all she knew, demote herself to the half-life of mercenary simpering from job to job as the universe’s bitch? Did her thirst for revenge truly run that deep?"

Having these questions followed by Virus's giving it to her straight about all that Starscream too from Flamewar really drove it home how far Flamewar is willing to go for revenge. She is going to forsake EVERYTHING here, when, in the end, all she really wants is to love and be loved by Barricade. See? You do it so well...Here is a vengeful killer that all logic should tell me to dislike. But, I so much want to see her and Barricade reunited and happy. (Shaking my head...) Wow, these stories are good...

The descriptions of the ship are great and I love Flamewar's reaction to it. Of course, I'm still loving the name 'Darksyde':) Flamewar is about to spend an awful amount of time in this ship. I feel bad for her, but it is going to lead her to Barricade, so that makes me happy:) Flamewar would think I was a sentimental fool...LOL!
theshadowcat chapter 3 . 6/26/2008
Lovely set up for Soundwave and Nightshade. More soon please.
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