Reviews for Ripples
Seldom Prodigy chapter 6 . 7/12
I freaking love this story! *.*
ila-sweet chapter 26 . 7/7
this was absolutely fantastic. this is one of my new favorite stories. i adore the way you depicted sakura as a strong character and i feel like it was very accuate and realistic with how she wouldve acted if the original story went that way. 10/10 love love love
blesscious chapter 1 . 6/27
after years, for the God knows how many times! I still comeback here and read this fanfic all over again... one of the best ! thankyou!
pen-for-sword chapter 14 . 5/10
*frantic fangirl flailing* sooooo goood OMG I can’t get enough of this fanfiction! I’ve loved every chapter I read so far, but this is 5x better than everything else!
TheBloodyLoveOfSakuraHaruno chapter 2 . 5/2
Still just as amazing the first time I read this years ago. I still feel Sakura is a little OOC but it fits the story.
Ningen0417 chapter 26 . 4/20
This is an amazing story! The BEST Naruto ff I've read yet! It was painful to pull myself away from this! I love how well you wrote Sasuke. Most stories don't give him his emotionally stunted personality like the manga does and that makes this story so much better than any of the others I've read before had. This is such a realistic rewrite to me. Definitely one of my new favorite fanfics that I will come back to MANY times! Thank you so much for this!
ladywithpurplehair chapter 26 . 3/31
I can say that reading a story like this after finishing the manga was a totally new experience.

I loved the first arc, because of how well represented was Sakura as very, very angry and giving it all to escape, no whimpering and scared. The Interaction with hebi and the battle against Itachi were amazing, and no words with her battle with Sasuke! The ending was so cute, and even better that I can imagine how to put the story with Sasuke and Sakura as couple till the ending.

Thanks for such a nice story, that even after a long time since finished the serie is still very readable and easy to enjoy.

All the best
Lady with PurpleHair

P.d.: I'm good at reading, but shy at leaving comments because English is not my first language and sometimes is hard to express my impressions haha. Just clarifying that in case something in my comment is off.
SixMagnitudeGirl chapter 26 . 3/30
I love this story soooool much! What I love about this story is how everything came together. Sasuke and Sakura's love story is not exagerated. I also love the fact that you still included Sai and team Hebi. I kind of felt sad for Sai whenever his participation in fanfictions are non existent. I also love the fact that you included Team H future is looking so bright. :D Well done!
KuriKashi chapter 26 . 3/30
There is a variety of characters, very entertaining interactions, real understanding and feelings.
I also like how you point out Sasuke's emotional and mental problems but don't make a mockery out of it but instead try to understand it.
Really a beautiful story!
Well written and well done!
KuriKashi chapter 18 . 3/29
MAN I really LOVE this chapter. ONE of the turning points in the whole series. And I love how Sakura's presence in this point in time can make a drastic change!
Thank you so much for making a fanfic that lets us see this possibility!

Well written and well done!
KuriKashi chapter 6 . 3/29
This is just so damn interesting!
KuriKashi chapter 3 . 3/29
OMG! YESS! I LOVE how the story isn't progressing too slowly or too fast. Slow enough that it isn't abrupt, fast enough that it is exciting!
Well done!
KuriKashi chapter 2 . 3/29
This Sakura really grew a backbone and this Sasuke isn't what is portrayed in canon but it's still true to his character!
Well written and well done!
KuriKashi chapter 1 . 3/29
I really LOVE this plot! It's very different form the stries I have read so far!
Also I like how Sakura so far seems strong, intelligent and competent. It shows how she grew during the time skip. So far she looks well balanced and I love her sass!
Well done!
I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
Hiwaga Ng Tala chapter 25 . 3/24
asdfghjkl im such an emotional wreck...thank you so much for the thousandth time
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