Reviews for Starry Night
Legionfan231 chapter 2 . 3/7/2009
Please update soon! I love it, even if it isn't about Hidalgo. LOVE IT!
the.m1ghty.pen chapter 2 . 6/23/2008
Okay, the basic plot sounds really good, but not to sound rude, it's a little choppy. I understand that it's your first fan fic, but try and use some different words, like instead of "got up" she "stood from her bed". Um, the lack of proper punctuation and capitalization kinda detracted from the essence of your story. And it's okay to put in fillers, like what did Flicka look like? I know most people have seen the movie, but writers should never assume that the reader knows anything. Like what does Flicka mean to Katy? what does her dad look like? And, PLEASE don't be offended, but any horse person would know that it wasn't berry juice, and most people would have cleaned it off anyway. The only reason i say that is because i own a horse and ride her almost every day. Again, PLEASE don't be offended! I'm only trying to help! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't be offended!