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Self-Aware-Anime-Protagonist chapter 32 . 1/2
Man, it took me so long to finish this but wow

It’s so raw and gritty and it just adds on to the suspense leading up to the happy ending

I’m so glad I decided to finish reading this.
Self-Aware-Anime-Protagonist chapter 8 . 11/27/2016
Dammit so close! This was so cute though, I'm glad they're so open with each other already. I keep hypothesizing all the bad things that could happen to them but I know I just have to keep reading to see...
Self-Aware-Anime-Protagonist chapter 6 . 11/26/2016
Aww this was cute, I'm glad Zexion could confess his trauma and become closer with Demyx.
Self-Aware-Anime-Protagonist chapter 5 . 11/26/2016
Damn this was a good chapter...I'll let myself leave on a cliffhanger. This is so good, I can't believe she never finished it.
Self-Aware-Anime-Protagonist chapter 4 . 11/26/2016
Just one more chapter for tonight...(she says at 4:25 AM)
Self-Aware-Anime-Protagonist chapter 3 . 11/26/2016
Aggressively heterosexual, deeply-closeted Axel is the best Axel. And drunk-as-fuck, no-bullshit Demyx is the best Demyx.
Self-Aware-Anime-Protagonist chapter 2 . 11/26/2016
It's 4 AM and I regret nothing
Self-Aware-Anime-Protagonist chapter 1 . 11/26/2016
I realized a little bit ago that this fanfic is one my ex-girlfriend used to talk about all the time and even wrote a short thing with me based on it. She said she never finished it, but I don't see why since the beginning just foreshadows all the potential outcomes. I'm looking forward to finishing it. :)
NakanoHana chapter 21 . 7/29/2016
I know that Axel was in a dark place, just like Roxas was, but something about the way he painted his side of the story to Roxas seemed disingenuous. "You had to make your own choices...but if I had known, I would have taken you away from him." Did he doubt it was really rape at the time? That's the only way I can see this being true, but yeah. I don't think it would be catty at all to have that conversation with him later. Just because Roxas has skewed perceptions about love and sex doesn't mean that his experiences and feelings are invalid, and it makes me sad to see him tell himself that, but I can also see why.

This story gives me major feels.
silvermyth chapter 36 . 11/16/2015
Despite Xemnas' deplorable actions, I feel somewhat satisfied with this arrangement. It's good that the two found a consentual outlet for their kinks.
silvermyth chapter 10 . 11/15/2015
Ugh, I lost a friend to cancer just a month ago, so this chapter hit me especially hard. Trying to keep it together in a public place, I really ought to know better than to read fanfic on my phone by now, heh.

Good job conveying the emotion of this chapter.
skolojaco.026 chapter 30 . 11/8/2014
It's been a long time, but I been wanting to comment. It was a good story, sweet in some moments, sad in others, but suspense in others which made it all the more desiring to read further and know more.

There is one thing, however, that I kind of wish we got maybe an extra chapter. I know it is too late now, but oh well.

I was hoping that there would be something about Reno and Irvine's relationship, like maybe a hint of what happened prior to this story, or maybe what happened a little later. It's a new shipping that's for sure and I feel perhaps that was what made me wanted to know more.

But in all it was brilliant.
EvanescentWhisper chapter 1 . 10/14/2014
*waves cowardly*
Hi, this is HerOnceWhiteWings from deviantART :) I've wanted to drop by since July, when I created this account.
I don't exactly remember how I came across this GEM, all I know is I feel so LUCKY that I did. I'm not asking for this to mean anything to you, I'm just saying it because I feel I need to, you have no idea how much this means to me. It hasn't even been that long (last week of March, or April?), but this particular story already means a lot to me. I like to drop by and re-read it, especially a few parts I absolutely adore, so I'd rather leave one review, in case I ever want to say a few words again.
I discovered SMTM while I was going through a rough period. Scratch that, it was emotional hell, and I remember myself seeking solitude, to find inner peace by reading this. I remeber sitting down and pulling out my cell right away because I WAS SO ADDICTED. Because of all that, I feel very grateful, and the urge to thank you all the time :P. That's also why I feel particularly bound to pay tributes, and leave this review with all my love. I know it was all unconsciously done on your behalf, but still. THANKYOUSOMUCH.

At first, it was like 'yaoi? hmm not sure', then 'huh', then 'huh, she's good', then 'I'D RATHER READ THAN SLEEP', which became 'I WANT TO READ ANOTHER STORY' and 'I WONDER WHO THE ISRAEL PROJECT 107 IS' :P. Which surprised me, not only because I caught myself enjoying yaoi, but because I have a short attention span, and reading loooong chapters tires me.
I don't know where to start, there's so many things I want to say, so many more I love about this story. Now that I actually sat to write it down, it's overwhelming me. Like, each little feel demanding my attention, each holding it.
What's admirable about SMTM is that you took already existing characters, and painted them with colors of your own, still without deviating too far from their character. This I think helped me put a solid barrier between the games and fanfiction, which I'm VERY grateful for. Reading fanfiction was something entirely new to me, and I was hooked. It felt like meeting Roxas and Axel for the first time, like knowing them, feeling for them and understanding them. It all felt so REAL.
I was reading and I could imagine myself in a bar, with a drunk blond talking to himself, and a redhead STARING at that boy in the corner, it was all so clear in my head. I LOVED that introduction scene.
I got SO DAMN EXCITED with Axel's plan :D Maybe because I like making up plans myself, not always following them, but the fun part is devising the plan :D But yeah, I think in your A/N you said 'next week comes the interview' or something and I was doing the evil laugh in my head, because I would read it RIGHT NAO 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D
I LOVED that first interview so much :'D Everything about it was thought out, how do you people do that. How Roxas is confused and a little alarmed but manages to keep his cool and act hazy and erotic. And how he drops the act when Axel tells him what he's there for XD
OR OR how he breaks Axel even though he was trying to resist AND HE CATCHES HIMSELF FORGETTING ABOUT THE MONEY AND WANTING THE MAAAANNNNNNNNN :D :D Axel was the sweetest for not 'using' Roxas, for handling him tenderly. The little detail with Axel brushing the hair out of his face BLEW MY MIND. I don't even know why it made such a huge impact, but it did.
But then the story got deeper than that, with Roxas having his sister like that, revealing that he didn't take that job because he was some skank, but because it was the only way. But before I become too emotional (I'm gonna leave that for later)... OMG DATE. Well, not actual date, but it was such a pleasure to read nervousness and sexual tension. Which there was, THANK YOU. That interview was THRILLING, it was when Roxas first dropped the mask, and also when I really started feeling for him. Needless to say, that I was jumping for joy about the second date, BUT YOU BROKE MY HEART.
Which brings us to Xemnas, UGH. I've never HATED another fictional character that much before. I'm not particularly crazy about him in the games either. I HATED Saix as well, for what he did to Zexion especially, but I still think he's a hottie in-game. *hurr* (What can I say? Much like Roxas, I seem to like fictional characters with anger management issues XD). The funeral scene upset me so much. As a reader, I KNEW that they cared about each other, but they said nothing :( Roxas because he thought that Axel thought him to be vile, Axel because he couldn't be involved in his life when Roxas obviously chose someone else over him. EVEN THOUGH after everything they went through, they realized they had feelings for each other. UGHHH XEMNAS... I still can't get over how bad they screwed it up there, in their own way, leaving Axel heartbroken, and Roxas to suffer.

CHAPTER 17 WAS THE BEST CHAPTER EVER. CHAPTER 17 IS LOVE. I enjoyed it to bits, starting with the nervous bus ride to (smelly :P) Xaldin's Treasures, and the pertifying bus ride to Axel's. Again, I can't explain why, but the bus ride made me so emotional it was ridiculous. It was a real feeling, described so accurately, the tension rises as you reach the destination. Which of course, was also a last chance, a proof if there was anything left. It was all so clear in my head, Roxas waiting on the doorstep, a breathless Axel arriving with his hair in disarray. Nervousness. 'Lonely. "oh, you know... busy." ' I remember this so vividly, and I was like GET IT TOGETHER ALREADY :'( AND THEN THEY DID, and it was about time everything was revealed. :D :D :D
From then on, it was a pleasure to read, both of them deserved happiness SO MUCH. There were moments they shared that left me warm and fuzzy, and at last without doubt about each other's feelings.
The way you described their love-making was so sweet... and tender, and caring. HOW sweet, that Axel waited for so long, until the sentiments were mutual, until it could happen naturally, until it could be equally consenting, no money involved. Roxas DESERVED someone who cared about him, and in turn, Axel deserved someone who loved him back, and who was willing to give back as much as he selflessly gave.
I had it coming, that too much happy wouldn't last, but I would NEVER guess that you'd do it right after they made love ;_;
Zexion and Demyx just came and clicked in place in so many ways. I was glad to see that you portrayed Demyx as more than a comic relief, I love him so much. Because I enjoyed the way you wrote them so much, I decided to pick up your Just Another Love Story (won't elaborate right now). The song was WONDERFUL, I'd love to work on it with a friend who plays the guitar :D :D :D. And how ironic it was, that Zexion all this time was so close, yet lightyears away. And how a misfortune can bring two people close, you managed to pour so much into this, so much emotion to overflow me. Their happy ending made me feel peaceful :) But if I have to elaborate, my favorite side story was the Luxord-Xaldin one XD. I LOVED your portrayal of Xaldin, I don't know if you wrote him exactly like that, but I liked to imagine that he was smelly, with a permanent layer of grease on his white tank top XD Also, for some reason, I wouldn't trust Luxord when he gave Axel advice. I almost felt guilty when the fic ended, THE MAN WAS MEANING WELL. Anyway, I just loved that they did care about each other, but they were both too macho for 'I love you's and all that. I'd like to believe that their swearing was the equivalent of that. I don't know how much I'm overanalyzing, because OK, you dedicated a single chapter to them, but I almost felt bad for them. How they want each other, but only have what they have once in dunno-how-long, how Xaldin shows interest in Luxord's family, which apparently has fallen apart for God knows what reason.
Marluxia was the real MVP in this story. How is it possible for a man in this business to be so caring towards his employees? Tons of respect for Marly. I really liked how you wrote him with amazing people skills, it was like he was holding everyone in the palm of his hand. He would either get his way, or just close it and crush them.
I'm not even half way done, but I think I've written a lot already. I'll be wrapping it up, it's getting late here too.

I guess what hooked me in this story, was how real it all felt to me. I started reading it experimentally, and am I ever glad I did. And I've come to happily discover that everything about your writing is LOADS of buckets of awesome, in your other stories as well.
I felt for Roxas SO MUCH. Because with a first look, he's a slut that also does his job rather well, but with a closer look, his poor soul only knows what life has handed him. He's been on that loop for so long, that he has confused everything in his head, what with his false perspective on what love is like, or how he feels obliged to pay back what Axel selflessly gave him. Or the guilt he feels, or everything he has to put up with to save the only thing that gave him a reason to keep going-his Nami. Having a job like that, living in a tiny dump all alone, so young without having someone to take care of him, to exchange a word with. Looks can be deceiving indeed. I felt for him deeply. You wrote him a CHARACTER, period.
For me, it wasn't simply a story about a prostitute and a regular man who experience true love.
It was a story about two people who struggle for something real to desperately hang on to, something worthwhile, something to live for. Thank you for giving me a happy ending for them. You couldn't have ended it any better.

PS: I'M SO SORRY FOR NOT BEING SORRY FOR THE TEXT WALL. If it bothers you, I won't do it again, but the fact remains. I REGRET NOTHING. Much love *hearts*
choc-head28 chapter 37 . 8/2/2014
Loved this story and the pairings in it! Glad I read it recently because no doubt I would have gone crazy waiting for chapter updates! Also the way you handled the subject of prostitution was very well done.
I gotta know though, what is it that Axel likes that Roxas promises to do at the reception?
superspreegirl89 chapter 32 . 5/6/2014
Haha, well done. I really liked it. As for critiques...mmmm, hmm, not sure really. The writing was well done. Maybe a couple punctuation problems? Idk, good story. Good ideas. Glad to have enjoyed it. Good luck on all your future projects!
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