Reviews for Norm's Story
OddAuthor chapter 1 . 10/14/2009
I had meant to review this when I first read it. It's very good. I wish they had explored the reasons why Norm is the way he is as well. They did it with Denzel Crocker; and unlike Crocker, Norm has never tried to take over the world. His entire motivation seems to be a desire to be free.
unknown20troper chapter 1 . 3/29/2009
Wow! Just wow! This fanfic is so awesome and well-thought out that it makes me feel like all the reviews should be likewise! You are correct about how FOP is a simple kids show. In fact, one of his Hartmanisms was "So Simple A Five Year Old Could Write FOP Episodes If He Wanted To (But I Won't Promise You That Those Eps Would Be Great)". Particularly with morality (I think there was only 0 to 4 canon acknowledged morally grey characters on the entire show). The darkest FOP ep was Channel Chasers, though Fairy Idol, Genie Meanie Menie Moe and Back to the Norm (considering their subject matter) should have been a mite darker (maybe they should be retold by Norm, in first person).

You are also correct about the FOP fans that hate Norm as a villain. In fact, I have saw a lot of them in the fandom (including my younger sibs). In fact, it can be quite outrageous what some of them have Norm do just so they can have a villain (instead of say, inventing an OC to try ruling FairyWorld and fail).

Also, you are correct. It is a lot wrong that Norm has to be enslaved and it would still be wrong if he was uncool, unattractive, idiotic and not witty (I think I just described his Anti-Fairy/Genie).

Your next point is fairly true. Norm the Genie was only free for two weeks in FI and a few secs/minutes in GM, but then he was forced back into slavery by Timmy Tiberius Turner. Exactly, it is slavery no matter how you look at it. Yes, your metaphor is probably about the same deal, though Norm could GONG up little treats, special effects and stuff for himself (or his master).

I reviewed your rant. That must be odd.

Nice start. It sure pulls me in. Poetic without turning purple. As I read it, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Norm. I can feel his bitterness about humanity and other magical creatures and his longing to be free. I can feel how he feels fairies and humans don't understand his plight. What it is like to live 50,0 years without ever getting freedom or kindness. How it feels to become the cruelty that has always hurt you and you've always hated. I can feel how he almost gives up hope but manages to not lose it entirely. I can feel the almost resignation to his fate in the second last paragraph. The last sentence reminds me of how Sirius remained sane during his stay in Azkaban and just Azkaban in general. Many fics like this are posted in the Bartimaeus Trilogy section and Norm resembles the title character of the latter series. You did a nice lead-in to Wishes in the last line.

You did make some spelling mistakes, but I was too caught up in your wonderful fanfic to care. I

P.S Can you please update Wishes!
StarReader86 chapter 1 . 8/24/2008
What a dark and yet believable portrayal of Norm's POV of things. Like you, I've never really seen Norm as a villain, I mean its not like he's tried to take over the world like the other characters (Vicky, Crocker, Pixies, Anti-Fairies, etc.).

I wish they devoted an episode explaining why Norm is the way he is like they did with Crocker, it would show FOP fans that his cruelty and bitterness comes from his trapped existence. Makes me wish he had a master like Aladdin who would wish for his freedom.

Anyways, this was a sad, but compelling story about Norm. Please continue the awesomeness!