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Alorkin chapter 18 . 7/31/2008
Dark lord rising

6: I always thought Mme. Pomfrey had a soft spot.

It makes me wonder, not for the first time, what Dumbledore has in mind. His sending H&Hr back in time was a serious violation of the laws. I wonder, if they'd been caught, would he have managed to foist the blame onto Hermione?

Another thing. Since Hermione was already aware of the time turner, the paradox wouldn't exist. She'd immediately know what had happened.

Dumbledore is certain to notice the magic outpouring within the wards. He ain't a'gona like this!

7: “Constance Vigilance!” Who's she? ((Sorry. It hadda be said.)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Somebody ought to step on Rita!

The chase was one of the best I've read, and the unfortunate, ending was saddening. Harry has to kill such a magnificent beast, because it was following it's nature. I doubt even Hagrid would be able to contain her until she was healed. Wonder what will happen to her eggs?

Dumbledore was, as Ron once commented: Bang out of order. As Harry indicated, he seemed more interested in the idea that Harry had killed than in the fact that Harry could easily have died.

8: Some, meaning Karkaroff...and possibly Crouch.

Wouldn't the moneys garnered from selling the Dragon blood and meat go to the reservation, rather than to Charlie?

Oh, boy. Ron really screwed the pooch this time! TWICE! First, he decided not to tell Harry about a life threatening trial, and then, he attempted to harm Hermione, whom Harry would protect with his own life.

Personally, I'd have stuck Ron permanently to the doors with petunias growing from his ears, grass on his head and a horrible case of flatulence.

9: Poor Harry! Hero of the wizarding world, and he needs help to get dressed. I can empathize. I've had a dislocated shoulder before. Pulling on a shirt can be agonizing!

Dumbledore's introspections are both well meant and also erroneous. Harry didn't kill Quirrel. His life was forfeit when Voldy, the ugly vapor, moved in. Parasites rarely leave their hosts aive. The Basilisk died because it was under Riddle's control, and blinded by Fawkes. Harry simply defended himself against a pain-maddened creature. A shame yes, but if Dumbledore had taken action, it needn't have happened in the first place.

Dumbledore is willing to ignore the uglier aspects of the world in order to see only the parts he likes. (In Pee sy ky a tree, it's called...what's the name o' that river, now? Um...oh, yeah, De Nile.)

While his decision to never kill, even in self defense, is laudable, he also seems to insist others share his views, regardless their own. He is more than willing to sacrifice others to his idea of a better world. (can you say: Greater good'? I knew you could!)

There's that river again!

Hey, Dumbles! Define 'friend'!

McGonagall has finally taken some action. I cannot understand why in canon, she allowed the hazing and bigotry to continue. (unless she was ordered to by one twinkling meddler.) Unfortunately, since Snape is a childish bully, he's gonna get even.


Harry can buy the Granger's home through those same companies and present it to them when the war is over.

Dobby's speech pattern has proved greatly. He sill uses his proper name rather than a personal pronoun, but he's learning.

Remus is really blaming the wrong guy...or at least not blaming /both/ the people involved. Dumbledore cast that charm. Did he do it blindfolded?

Fawkes should also be able to penetrate the charm, as his magic is different than human magic. The same thing should hold true for any house elf, and Dumbles' has 'more than a hundred of them' at his beck & call.

Wow! Nice diggs! Wish my house had all that. 'Course then it would be valued at more than a million and I wouldn't be able to pay the taxes on it. *Le Sigh!*

"As for the wards" Remus began with a nasty smile, we have several layers, each of increasing hostility. There's misdirect, make ill, bounce, stun, incarcerate frickassee and barbeque!"

11: Harry is right. It's long past time that particular problem was dealt with, and Dumbledore sure as hell wouldn't!

Dumbledore just keeps on Dumbling, but Minerva does seem to be taking a more active stand. Maybe she should have contacted Molly. She the only one Ron is truly scared of.

Ron is such an idiot. He can't see beyond the gold, to see the price Harry paid. He can't see how Harry hates the spotlight, because he, himself, lusts for it, and he ignores the large,, loving family he has, because they are poor. Ron has the richest family there is, and he refuses to see it.

A nice little garden. I wonder if Dumbledore can find it?

Hogwarts is widely considered to be the best school of it's type anywhere, and Dumbeldore is supposed to be the greatest headmaster, not to mention, the greatest wizard in the world. And yet, Harry has faced death four times before his fourth year thrice during the tournament, and several ties afterward. Ginny was possessed by a malevolent memory, the defense teachers have with one exception, all been ineffective, or a fraud, or either a host for Voldemort, or one of his troops, and the potions master is not only a Death Eater, but a bigoted bastard who should have been fed to the dementors the first time around. How could Dumbledore not see any of this. It makes absolutely no sense! Especially when he's got over a thousand portraits and more than a hundred elves, not to mention the ghosts, all reporting to him. No. The only way these things could happen, is if he actively encouraged them to.

12: I think Harry's unuttered admiration, followed by his whispered oath, was far more than a mere 'You look amazing' could ever be...but that's just me.

I actually feel sorry for Fleur. She has to put up with the drooling and incoherent rambling all the time simply because she's Veela.

Dumbledore was right...and wrong. Snape was definitely right, and Draco, has absolutely no clue what he just stepped in.

I'm rather surprised Snape didn't give Harry and Hermione problems for enjoying themselves in the garden.

13: What's more, Dumbledore can easily disavow his own involvement in case Hagrid was discovered, and with the way the laws are written, Hagrid would be in Azkaban or kissed before the night was out.

Dumbledore didn't arrange a trial for Sirius, because he knew it would prove Sirius innocent, and he wouldn't have been able to place Harry in the hands of child abusers for ten years. Dumbledore's intent appeared to be to duplicate the experiment that created Riddle.

Somebody really, really REALLY ought to step on Rita! As for Drakey-poo...well, it looks like he CAN learn.

Hey Ron! Bat bogey at twelve 0'clock!

Dumbledore didn't interfere, because he /wants/ the houses to be at odds. Divide and conquer. While Hermione said in book one that she understood Gryffindor was his house it seems more likely that he was in Slytherin.

14: While the silent casting is a good thing, and he definitely does not want Dumbledore finding out about it, I think he needs to learn to chain spells together, so he can cast really, really fast. His lack of elaboration in his wand movements will only help him there.

I'm rather surprised Hermione wasn't the one who thought of silent casting first. He does have the edge on raw power, but she is far more intelligent and focused.

The curse has a physical anchor, in the scar. That's why it snaps back. It has somewhere to go.

Even if he's not at Hogwarts, the second that monitoring charm is gone, Dumbledore will can be transferred to someone or something else.

15: Note to self: Never hack off a house-elf!

The prank was humiliating and cruel, but short lived and easily reversible with no long-term effects. In other words, a perfect prank. Targeting the twins was a smart move. If they're affected, they cannot be accused...except perhaps by Snape, of having anything to do with it.

Actually, if the vow was taken seriously by the magic, Harry might have to honor it. Hellovashame if he lost his magic before he could finish off the tournament. (Wonder how Voldemort would react if his transfusion came from a magic-less Harry? Would he be a squib?)

Since both Harry and Hermione suspect Harry's scar is a connection to Voldemort, they should now be wondering if their own bond will allow him access to Hermione as well.

Occlumancy is to protect from external attacks, but Harry's link to Voldemort is internal...and hard-wired.

16: Remus' prank, illustrates the difference between a talented amateur and a dedicated professional. Yes, the risk was higher, but the rewards were astronomically so. Vernon is now in jail, if not in prison, Petunia is nearly destitute and Dudley is in for a serious time at the hands of the Aussie schoolchildren. What a darn shame! Heh heh heh!

17: Well, since Dobby has replaced the gillyweed, with saurkaut, Snape /shouldn't/ notice...maybe.

Now the Grangers learn something new. They are considered to be little more than semi-intelligent animals. UP THE REVOLUTION!

It wouldn't surprise me a bit if the British ministry(read: Dumbledore), had rules in lace to prevent British citizens from completing their schooling in Britain...unless they were expelled, which might be an idea.

Minerva seems to indicate the Granger's wishes will be usual.

Malfoy never learns. I think I would have had Harry stick him to the wall after keep him immobilized after his unfortunate 'accidental' collision, with that nasty ol' wall. And I'd add flowers growing from his ears, lavender robes and a horrible case of flatulence...but that's just me. I'm evil that way.

How did Dumbledore get Hermione to participate? He simply did whatever the hell he wanted and other people be damned!

Minerva's turnabout surprised me. She has always been a staunch supporter of her students. I wonder why she's parroting the party line now. Perhaps some outside 'Dumbleference'?

18: ‘What kind of people would put someone in that type of situation?’ How about someone forging a weapon with no concern whatsoever about people's lives.

Now, Dumbledore's interference in Sirius' trial is out and in the open. Unfortunately, Remus has just made himself a liability to Albie. Such 'liabilities' have a disturbing tendency to end up in Azkaban. Albus wouldn't even have to try hard. All he'd have too do is tell a few people that Remus has become dangerous and the man is gone!

I'd say Remus was hellovgood to cart /two/ people along.

"Not only the /right/ way, but the /only/ way."

And so, the plot thickens! Once the vow is made, Andy can take it to the DMLE. A even better idea might be to ask Amelia Bones to attend the vow. When she sees Sirius is placing his magic, and his life on the line, she can use that to convince the wizeacregamot. Seeing as how Dumbledore is a principal, Augusta could demand Dumbledore be recused for conflict of interest, and take his place. The same should apply too Fudge, but really, the sitting minister has no place in the court system anyway.

Oh! Woe! Not only do they have to endure the trials of the lake, not only do they have to endure the harassment of the students, not only do they have to endure the machinations of a pseudo-benevolent self-proclaimed omniscient ruler of all that is good and just, now, they a have to deal with THE TALK! (Dum Dumm Dum!)

Thank you for putting up with such along review. Alorkin
proyjr chapter 18 . 7/30/2008
one of the best stories on
noylj chapter 18 . 7/30/2008
Back into the breech. I hope you have some excellent pay back for Malfoys and Dumbledors.

I trust this Harry is NOT going to name his son Albus Severus. Felt like having a book burning when I read that.
noylj chapter 17 . 7/29/2008
Would someone please step on the damned beetle?

Will Harry tell Dumbles about his encounter? Did Fleur save Gabby?

Did the other champions make it back in time?

Will Harry stop trying to win the tournament?

Will the "adults" please pull Harry and Herms out of the concentration camp called Hogwarts? I really have little respect for Remus and Sirius They have had at least a year prior to this school year do what is right and get Harry away from the Dumbler.

Shouldn't the person who put Harry's name in the goblet be the one punished is Harry doesn't compete? I would think that magic would try to punish the guilty and not the innocent.
noylj chapter 16 . 7/29/2008
You wrote: "Remus finished the tale of his adventure as Harry and Annabelle enveloped him in a hug."

I don't remember Harry being there to hear the story Thought it was just the Grangers, Lupin, and Sirius
noylj chapter 12 . 7/29/2008
Is there a feral beetle roaming around the garden? Will someone please step on the dumb beetle, please?
noylj chapter 9 . 7/29/2008
Again, as in most stories where Harry gets some help from at least one adult (in this case the Grangers), I see no way that said adult would ever let Harry return to Hoggy. There are other schools, there are tutors, there is safety in NOT being at Hoggy.

One would think that Hermy, at least, could figure this one out. In school, being manipulated and abused...hey, let's go somewhere else...
Orochigin chapter 18 . 7/29/2008
remarkablel story. it has a quality that just seems to draw me in. loved the irregularity prank. can't wait to read more.
Talonspike chapter 18 . 7/28/2008
this has promise
reader101 chapter 18 . 7/28/2008
I love it so far. and you have to update soon.
what are you even saying chapter 18 . 7/28/2008
Glad you decided to expand the story into its actual chapters.

Looking forward to more.
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