Reviews for Falling like dominoes
Nadamalki chapter 27 . 3/9
Can't stop crying. My first "slash" fic from all fandoms I decided to read, and I'm crying..
Peabodythecat chapter 36 . 12/7/2014
This fic was absolutely everything I could hope for. The darkness, the triumph of love and friendship. I usually don't get all caught up in Linus, but I loved his growth here. You wrote him extremely well...better than canon imo. I am going to go away and think about this one for a long time.
Peabodythecat chapter 9 . 12/6/2014
I swore I would not comment until the end. But. I. Just. Can't. Help. It.
This is the most intense fic I have ever read. If it were a movie I would be hiding my eyes.
The dialogue is incredible btw.
OnceAgainICantSleep chapter 36 . 4/29/2014
This was just a little to much for me... I can't really say much more at that point. Well done story though.
ladyowl chapter 35 . 3/7/2014
Honestly, this fic is fantastically good at breaking my heart. I don't know why I keep coming back to it, over and over, again. It makes me feel like a masochist.
But, it's honest. And it's real. And beautiful in a bloody, knife-in-my-kidney way.
Thank you, lo
dd4213 chapter 36 . 12/22/2013
Oh. My. God. I cannot believe I just spent 16 hours of my life reading this completely AMAZING story. In one day, I spent 12 hours straight reading this, and I honestly could not put my phone down. (F*ck my eyesight). It was so awesome and so well done I would have preferred this to happen rather than thee original film...

Anyways, I just really, really, REALLY wish Carson died. Screaming. In pain. Alone. Seriously, I caught myself fantasising about ripping the guys intestines out. He is just so... UGH! He is officially my most hated villain. EVER.

Apart from him, I love all the other characters. (This is one of the many cases I've fallen in love with a fictional character). They're all completely amazing and I love your writing.

Keep being awesome. Seriously. You'd better.
ladyowl chapter 36 . 9/21/2013
I'm glad for this story. I don't know if reading things that make my heart hurt makes me a masochist, but you did a really hard job of showing emotion, and friendship, and shame. Thank you. LO
ladyowl chapter 14 . 9/21/2013
I feel like crying. Well done. LO
ddd chapter 36 . 8/21/2013
I read whole story for a week. Oh. it's really briliant! and really hurt and angst and oh... bitter but amazing.
I love DannyandRusty's relationship. I agree to Bobby. They are too close, so necessarlily break each other. because they know each other well, and love so much. It would rather than's a tragedy... Real soulmate.
And poor poor Rusty. I hate all of them hurting him. They are so cruel...oh God...I'm hurt when he think he's broken and dirty and never back. But this part is written well. so fucking well. so I hate and love it. And Danny...I'm sad thinking Danny. Danny's beartbroken. If I were Danny, I woludn't controll myself. how can he bear emptiness and desperation and aloneness and everything? It's so, so cruel and hurting.
I hate Rusty's choice but it's inevitable. If they were gone back, consequences wolud be same. So, it's a really beautiful tragedy. I love last scene. They should aceept that they are hurt and broken but love themselves so much yet. The world is so bitter but... shining when they're together. It's crazy love. hell.
Taylor Hayes chapter 16 . 9/24/2011
Oh, I hate you so very much right now.

I've been having to stop once or twice each chapter to bawl.

God, this hurts to read. But I can't stop, and I can't stop hoping that somehow this will all work out. I need DannyandRusty back, and for them to be okay.

It's kind of funny. I've read and love most of your Ocean's oneshots, but I finally decided to tackle this longer story. And I am just glad it is already completed, or I think I would turn into a raging, emo psychopath, had I been forced to stop and wait for this to be finished.

Your writing is brilliant, the characters are painfully true, even in a world were everything is screwed all to hell, and I am now going to go back to the reading and the crying.

Bitterly beautiful.
Aquanova chapter 36 . 7/2/2011
This. I think that on the whole, someone can have two final reactions from this fic, and their final decision on whether this fic is a masterpiece or just a depressing piece of work is completely subjective, because it's both, really.

First off, let me say that you have done an amazing, amazing job at tearing my heart out and putting it through a blender. And any piece of writing that manages to do that to a reader is, well, a gem among its kind. Because a big part of writing is letting other readers feel what the characters feel, or react. But with depressing work like this, I think that the best of these types of work have to walk a fine balance between hope and just sheer hopelessness throughout the entire story. So maybe it's not always like that in real life, but at some point if your characters don't seem to develop and are more or less stuck in the same mindset, and the characters are just continuously suffering in such a way, then it just becomes tiring. (Maybe thats your intention. I don't know.) That one chapter though, where you just pushed in everything rusty had went through. Unf. Overkill. And the placement of said chapter seemed a little off.

I'll also admit, at some point the only thing that kept me reading (skimming, sometimes) was because I wanted to REACH the part where Danny and Rusty finally make up, or kill each other (mentally, physically, either one.) You just kept on slamming those characters down, and congratulations for doing it so well it almost physically hurt me and I felt like punching a wall, but I think you overdid that.

By the way: I have no doubt you could have killed Rusty off. (Why didn't you? What stopped you?) And I'm So. Fucking. Glad. That You Didn't. Because I think this would have just destroyed the story for me, no matter how heartbreakingly amazingly written it is. I think I would have gone insane. So...very grateful to you for the ending.

Some other notes:

-There are times when your paragraphs are too long. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, especially considering the intense..ness of this fic, the hints of a headache start coming along.

-Loved the interactions. Between all characters. Particularly Danny and Rusty, obviously.

Other than that, a really great piece of work. One of the best in this fandom that I've seen. And um, sorry for the length of this thing.

RoxasIsReal13 chapter 36 . 10/2/2010
This was wonderful- great job!
s.s chapter 30 . 7/11/2010
this isn't really a review of this chapter. it's more like a general observation of your writing. i love your stories, i love how you can weave so many themes and sentiments into your plots. you obviously have a lot of talent.

however, your talent can be more refined. There are some things in your writing that seem amateur-ish.

Mainly you need more control. you don't do this too often, but you've got to watch your overly-complicated sentence structures. There are some sentences where i've got to reread it to understand it. it's a tiny annoyance, but it disrupts the flow of the the story, when i got to pull myself out of the scene and go back to analyse a sentence.

secondly, your danny and rusty banter; although really fun and it's one of my favorite things about your writing, you need to control it better. Some times it goes on for so long with out any indication of who's saying what, i lose track of the scene. it's really dumb when i have to go to the top of the page and start counting the lines.

And my greatest grievance of all; you explain too much, if that makes any sence. For example this part:

1 And Saul knew it was a lie.

2 Oh, not all of it. The shine was real enough – that probably couldn't be faked, even by them. Saul felt certain that they were back to being the indivisible and the inexplicable. And he had no doubt that they were indeed feeling somewhat – giggly, was the word that sprung to mind. Giddy was probably preferable.

You should have left it at 1. i love the gravity of that line. how it takes away the light happiness from the scene, it's brilliant. But you shouldn't feel like you have to write 2. you need to place a little faith in your readers. you have to realize you've built this universe of danny and rusty that all your fans understand and love more than the movie version. you should trust that we know what you mean when you write something like this. it's like some times your so afraid you'd be misunderstood you put in explainations that lack any real value, and cheapens your writing. your sentiments means so much more, when people who's read every ocean 11 fanfic you wrote understand it, while a casual reader may glance over it. i remember going back and reading some of your fics that i've already read after reading new ones, and picking up things i've missed before, it makes me sigh with pleasure every time.

other than that i'd just like to say, i'd kill for your skills.
freebirdforever chapter 36 . 5/22/2010
This isn't just for this chapter, but for the whole story, by the way.

I loved this. Simple as that. There were times when I wanted to pull my hair out, there were times where I wanted to pull your hair out, and times where I was jumping for joy and times where I was nearly in tears. This story was so hard to read, but I stayed up all night reading it anyways. Thanks so much for writing this! It was fantastic!
Copper.Chips chapter 29 . 4/23/2010
My GOD, I feel like I couldn't BREATHE since I begun to read until now x_X

You're awfully too good at this herat-breaking thing è_é

"go read the next chapters"
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