Reviews for Sins of the Wulf
98SE chapter 31 . 11/19/2011
"I know you use that tongue as toilet paper and I would appreciate it if you didn't lick me with it."

"His mouth is cleaner than yours."

LOL I saw that experiment on youtube with Mike Rowe from dirty jobs, a dog and a bacteria tester device (forgot what the expert called it)
98SE chapter 3 . 10/22/2011
'I hate the tail' How could she possibly bluff anyone anymore, it's the ultimate tattletale

No pun intended
Amaruk Wolfheart of the Wraith chapter 31 . 11/26/2009
So, I just devoured your SG-1 K-9 series in one night and -loved- it! _ Great stories, great characterizations, and I just love Jackson and River. Fantastic series!
Bearcloud chapter 31 . 10/4/2008
Great story. I LOVE IT! this was a different story than I'm used to seeing. would have made a great episode or three.
Somnium1 chapter 31 . 9/14/2008
LOL poor Teal'c but a really fab round up to a great fic, well done I really enjoyed all of it. Will there be any more in the K9 series?
WhiteElfElder chapter 31 . 9/14/2008
Poor Teal'c...I too would think I ended up in an alternate universe what with Danny having a kid that old and then walking in on Sam and Jack getting down to business...that in itself is disturbing to me. :) Well wrapped.
nexis44 chapter 31 . 9/14/2008
gonna miss this story. it was really great. good job
Eilidh17 chapter 31 . 9/13/2008
Have fun explaining this one, Daniel. Great chapter, great story...whats not to love. More please - C
gater62 chapter 31 . 9/13/2008
This was a wonderful story from beginning to end! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Keep up the good work!
Spyridon chapter 31 . 9/13/2008
Too bad Daniel won't get a girlfriend as I'm sure Daniel needs some motherly attention. Anyway, great story. Another sequel?

archiev chapter 31 . 9/13/2008
Thanks for another good story.
WhatATragicComedy chapter 31 . 9/13/2008
LOVED this! Hope you make another one!
archiev chapter 30 . 9/9/2008
Thanks for the update.
WhiteElfElder chapter 30 . 9/9/2008
This is looking like a wrap-up... Glad to see Daniel made it, but why did Dan'yel get shocked?
Nyx Ro chapter 30 . 9/8/2008
Aww! Yay for a happy resolution!

But... I have issues about Daniel saying all the torture an angst was "worth it" because of Sam and Jack getting together! I don't think even HE'S that self-denying! Plus there's all the torture and angst that OTHERS experienced, that Daniel wouldn't feel free to sweep away!

Looking forward to the rest of the comfort! :-D

Wow, I have six exclamation marks in this review; I think that's a personal best.
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