Reviews for My Love Undying
fugu-chan chapter 1 . 11/30/2009
This is beautiful. Though, one question. Did Sakura die? It kinda seemed like she didn't, but then like she did.

It's so good though!

Broken-Midnight chapter 1 . 2/15/2009
No it is not pathetic... i was nearly crying to if my mom had not been sitting next to me i would have cried. It was very good though.
Lacuna The Lost chapter 1 . 7/16/2008
I'm probably too late to help with your question of 'can I use this for homework' but if not I'd say you definitely could.


I don't blame you for almost crying at the end... The story was so sad...


Very nicely written. Definitely a fave!

Ja ne,

~Lacuna Lily~
daily-chan chapter 1 . 6/29/2008

you can definatelly use this for homework. i'm not sure if it would fit for orientation, complication and resolution for i'm not really sure what they mean sorry.

but the ones that have to read it might get a little confused if they don't know the anime or the characters.

but seeing it from the point of knowing the characters i'd say yeah

not sure if it was really helpfull though but i hope it's a bit clear to you at last.

keep writing, i'll keep reading even though i still do not like sasusaku but you're writing's still improving which is hard since you already write so incredibly good.

keep going!

ai daily