Reviews for The Broken
Heartless BytchhakaHelenBach1 chapter 30 . 2/18/2016
This story is epic! I totally loved it. Please tell me you're planning a sequel. We so need good writers to come back to the fandom. Thanks so much for sharing this story.
Guest chapter 24 . 3/6/2015
I give up. Time to move
Guest chapter 23 . 3/6/2015
One word. Confusing
SayLo chapter 29 . 12/25/2012
SayLo chapter 30 . 12/25/2012
This was really good, thanks for writing.
Golum chapter 1 . 11/29/2011
Good story! I enjoyed your version of Bobby meeting Dean.
gr8read chapter 30 . 6/19/2009
Thank you! Thank you! This was a awesome, amazing, wonderful story. Thank you for sharing your time and talent.

terrilynn62 chapter 30 . 1/9/2009
Okay, okay...just finished your story and just have to say, awesome, awesome job. It has been a long time since I've read a story that actually left me in tears! I mean, seriously, I cried through the whole last chapter...I was so touched as we got to actually see the love that John truly felt for his sons, even though he felt he had not been the father they needed. The way your story unfolded you could see how he just adored Dean, and I loved that. This story was just great and I thank you so much for it!
finajk chapter 30 . 10/26/2008
what a wonderful story! had me balling in places (mostly the weechesters scenes) and made it really hard to stop reading long enought to go to bed before coming back to finish it. thanks so much!
Nilah chapter 30 . 10/25/2008
You outdid yourself. I didn't see it coming but it was good. Really loved Pastor Jim and John. Loved the way you did the flashbacks. You need to pay a little attention to your verb tenses but it didn't detract from my enjoyment. Excellent work!
big sap chapter 30 . 10/23/2008
I've gone thru the Brawny. How beautiful. OMG. I'm a big ole baby. That's all I got. Seriously, I'm crying. TTYL
mlaspike chapter 30 . 10/23/2008
WOW, what a fantastic ending! So glad that Pastor Jim talked some sense into John. And I love having Bobby and Missouri with the boys. Especially while they are healing!

Great story!
Yammy1983 chapter 30 . 10/23/2008
wain being john - that I really didn't see comung!

I liked your ending, great story all over ;-)
drkstormynite chapter 30 . 10/23/2008
Good job!

You totally surprised me with Wain being John! Good job!

Nice twist!

Really enjoyed this story so much, thanks for continuing it and giving it a great ending.

Love the brothers having a moment with their Dad too...sniff!

SamDeanLover28 chapter 30 . 10/23/2008
i liked it. Happy Thursdya gg!
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