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a chapter 41 . 2/6
I won't give up TT, I'll wait for you!
Giggles for Life chapter 41 . 12/17/2016
Reading Kanda's point of view always seems so entertaining...
Random Asshole chapter 41 . 12/17/2016
So, I was wondering, you wrote on your profile to expect the next seven chapters of this story- are you still planning on writing them? Since you're profile was last updated almost a year ago but you don't seem to have uploaded anything since 2013, apparently.
Alejandra674 chapter 41 . 10/29/2016
I can't wait for the next chapter *.* I have read this story several times and I still love it! For real, the best!
Star chapter 41 . 9/14/2016
I started reading this a long time ago and still come back to this site to check on it. This fic still makes me laugh even though I've read it so many times now. I keep wondering if you've been watching DGM Hallow.

Anyway, I really hope things in your life are going well.
mania20 chapter 41 . 9/11/2016
nice story, really love it
Bowl0f0ranges chapter 41 . 9/5/2016
Thanks for this amazing story! The dialogues are fucking awesome and were sometimes so hilariouse that I received a few incredulous glares from my boyfriend whenever I couldn't help but lough out loud :D I read your story pretty much in one go over a rainy weekend and seriously hope that you haven't given up on it. I can totally understand that you probably have other priorities now, but I still hope that there WILL be an update (no matter when exactly).
Have a nice day and stay awesome ;)
Maze Puppet chapter 41 . 8/22/2016
Well, I have reached the end. (For now). And FINALLY caught up. I've been meaning to come back and catch up for a long-o time...But I really wanted to dedicate the time to completely re-read from the beginning. Because I love this with a passion!
I really really really hope that someday you pick this up again.

I'm curious where the Lavi vs Allen fight is gonna go. Lavi is such a pessimist. Allen is too, a little bit, but...poor li'l guy. That was such a shock to his system.

And oh my gosh! Kanda! You dirty boy-! Man-! ..Thing-!
That completely caught me by surprise! It's only the most overtly inappropriate thing in the story by a slim still. There was frequent talk of boners, and an actual present one...courtesy of Lavi...before this point. So it really shouldn't be so much of a shock.
Ahh, dirty boy. XD

I think, at this point, the choice of who Allen gets paired up with is set... That may just be me, though. It's been fun watching him bounce around between Tyki, Lavi, Kanda and varying characters.

I have definitely enjoyed reading this story! You and Emiggax are amazing together in your writing adventures!

Anyway, long review, just for you!
I hope life finds you well in 2016, good madam and/or sir.

Maze Puppet chapter 9 . 8/20/2016
Omygeez. XD
I completely forgot about Allen making Kanda eat the business card.
Oh, it makes me laugh so friggen hard! I love it! I love dark Allen... XD I love sleepy Kanda!
Ahh, I'm so happy to be reading this again.

Maze Puppet chapter 1 . 8/20/2016
I'm reading this again! YAY

I thought I would post a fore-warning. I'll probably be reviewing...maybe.
In the case that I decide to review, you'll have advance warning.

Ahhh, I missed your portrayal of the DGM characters. So much love for you!

Chiyozora-Mazura chapter 20 . 8/12/2016
Please continue this story. Even if many years passed since you updated I pray that you didn't abandon this story.
Guest chapter 38 . 8/12/2016
sad mate, even crumpets make me cry nao
zeronym chapter 41 . 8/11/2016
I must've re-read this story a thousand times its my absolute favorite
Nea-writes chapter 41 . 7/17/2016
Alright, time to review this sucker. Lemme tell you, this is one LONG ass fic. Like jesus it took me the better part of two days to finish it (but, well, with sleep breaks, coffee breaks, and annoying "come help us with the groceries!" breaks) and now I'm going through it again when I realized I hadn't reviewed yet!
To be honest, I danced around the decision of reading this or not for a bit, since I don't really care for the 80's or 70's (though I do love me some 90's) and imagining the crew in 80's fashion,,,kind of made me die inside, a little. So long as I can remain in denial that Kanda's hair is the exact same here as it is in the manga, though, I will be fine. Anyways, I was running out of potential good completed fics, and decided to delve into the incomplete ones, despite the pain that typically gives once you reach the 41st chapter and realize it hasn't updated in four years (egad) but I digress
It was an iffy theme...but one worth at least reading the first chapter of, yes? And lemme tell you, that was a fuckin' TRIP. I felt like I got smacked backwards and was thrown into the land of America pre-computers and decent CDs (which is funny, considering I grew up in the age where we transitioned from casette players, to cd players, to the mp3/ipod hybdrid things)
I know some people use fanfiction as a means to get better at English, so I truly feel sorry for those who decided to read this fic with that thought in mind. Probably blew their minds when you threw all that slang and lingo out there, poor darlings. Even /I/, born and raised American, could not handle all that was said and done haha I would ask my mom, who grew up as a teen then, but then would come the question of what the fuck I was reading to demand all those words and, well, I'm not quite prepared to tell me mum the truth P:
Seriously though, this fic is absolutely amazing! Both you and Emiggax have clearly put in so much time and love into this fic! I really admire Emi for all the research she must've done to get something as thorough as this! And your writing, too, is spot-on fuckin' hilarious! You've got a great talent for making conversations flow. I nearly cracked a lung and bust a gut laughing at what you've written before, and mind you this would be at 4am where I should NOT be cracking or busting any organs aloud that late.
I could not, even at gunpoint, tell you what my favorite scene is. There're too many. Any where Allen notices people looking at his ass, for one, are up there. Most Tyki Mikk scenes cuz God knows I love me some latino-Noah. Wait, shit, is he from brazil or portugal though... I always assumed Brazil cause of his coloring but is he from Portugal? Regardless, you get my gist, yeah?
Scenes where Kanda is Too Gay, and Lavi is Shamelessly Gay, are great, too. Timcampy biting the shit out of Kanda made me cackle, and the one where Link got pathetically manipulated by Allen's too sexy-for-his-own-good looks is funny as well.
Also, on my second read-through (I think I'm on chapter 7 right now...idk, I read fanfiction on my phone since's its easier to scroll through, and I'm on my laptop now to review), I finally looked up the song Ty- er, Mikky first sang to Allen in the back of Krory's store when they gambled. And, uh, I feel for Allen, there. I'd be fucking dead inside if some hot ass Portuguese man started singing TO me, looking straight AT ME, and singing THAT particular song... no mercy for Allen... (and Tyki is Shamelessly Gay, too, which is awesome)
Despite the...strange premise, this fic is absolutely amazing! It deserves all the reviews it has, and more! I never though a DGM fic set in an 80's New Wave band would've been this awesome, but you and Emi have proven me dead wrong. I can't wait until you update! (- me, hoping that you will)
This got a bit long, but lots of thanks for writing and preparing for this fic, you two! I also think it's pretty cool y'all worked together on this. I'm a one-man band on my fics, and I can't imagine handing the reins over for any part of making a fic. So, kudos to you two, for making it this far and making it this awesome! - Nea
Acriz Caazi chapter 4 . 7/11/2016
I've been thinking really hard about this and I've finally decided. What would you think if, with your permission, of course, I made this fanfic into a comic? I wonder if anyone's done that, yet.
You can contact me at my gmail if you're game. I know it's unfinished and may just be forever (sob), but I'd still like to do this for you (/ )/ ~
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