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PastaSentient chapter 32 . 8/3/2008
Woohoo! I love this. You have done an astounding job. I love the way Vader's death pushed Luke to the edge. Your portrayal of a father and son's bond was beautiful. I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep it up!
kataja chapter 32 . 8/3/2008
From one cliffhanger to the next... I now really start to wonder what will happen in the third part of the trilogy - and I realize I have no idea! LOL! It's really refreshing!

Of course the old man pulled the same saber trick as in RotS!

Ohh, can't wait for next part!
dandeliondreams chapter 32 . 8/3/2008
WAAH! YOU KILLED VADER! And we didn't even get to see an angsty sort of dying-in-Luke's-arms type of thing!


Ah, poop. I kind of liked this story's Vader. And I loved Vader's last words. "If you cut me down you will make me more powerful than you could possibly imagine."

And poor, poor Mara, still trying to help Luke, but going about it all wrong...

Gah, it's so climactic I can't stand it! It's a trilogy, innit, so Palpatine and Luke won't die, because otherise there won't be a sequel... right? Right?

*chews nails nervously*

dandeliondreams chapter 31 . 8/3/2008

WHAT'S GOING ON? What's going to happen to Vader, and Luke, and Reece, and, and...

Idiot Mara. No wait. She wanted to keep the secret and he still hates Vader's guts and... EVIL EVIL PALPATINE! HOW DARE YOU TURN MARA AGAINST LUKE?

Luke seemed pretty desperate to leave... what's going on? What happened to the disturbance in the Force? Dangit, this is almost as evil a cliffhanger as before! But at least it was long.

LuvinHP chapter 31 . 8/3/2008
Great chapter!
phantom-jedi1 chapter 31 . 8/3/2008
Oh, no. I think I've figured it out, and it isn't pleasant. Only time will tell if I'm correct, however, so update soon!

Phantom Jedi
kataja chapter 31 . 8/3/2008
OMG! You can't just stop it there! You CAN'T! I begin to understand why you write Palpatine so well...LOL!

Seriously - amazing chapter! Mara's fall was so perfect - and so painfull to read! But I'm sure she will rise a better person from this, I just wonder when...

BTW - the change in the Force. You gave a clue here, didn't you? It's not Palpatine, it's not Luke, nor Leia nor Mara. Leaves only Vader...or...?
Carrie2sky chapter 30 . 8/1/2008
Oh crap! The cat's out of bag! I wonder what Mara will do? I really want Luke's plan to suceed and Mara could ruin it all!

Luke never should have sent her back for the comlink, but I guess he didn't have much choice. I knew that something like this was bound to happen, but I don't want it to!

Oh, well, it's your story, and I look forward to the next part, cause it's getting so exciting now!
kataja chapter 30 . 8/1/2008
Ew... Awesome chapter - again. I hadn't believed Luke and Mara would come to this so fast. Or maybe they haven't yet...? Can't wait to find out! Also very intriegued to find out how the meeting with Vader will go, and about that Force disturbance. You sure keep me nailed to my mail to look for updates! LOL
ILDV chapter 30 . 8/1/2008
Shi Feng Huang chapter 30 . 8/1/2008
Superb! Can't wait till the next chapter (and I hope the disturbance isn't Mara getting pregnant)
morgoth295 chapter 30 . 7/31/2008

i'm really astonished about the depth and detail you've exhibited in your story. i like the plot, character development, and suspense. you've done it on a level that i think warrants some sort of a prize. but i hope u don't mind bringing up some minor star wars universe errors-mainly the fleets. an error i saw with ur story is that you divide the imperial command into just two- core and rim. this is simply not true. the imperial navy or starfleet has jurisdiction over the entire galaxy. its divided up among many regional commands ruled by moffs/grand moffs who hold the rank of high general and high admiral. these moffs are both the military and the political power in their region. above the moffs there is a council of 12 grand admirals who are the peronal advisors to the emperor concerning the navy. alongside them, there is another council of grand generals who advises him about the army. darth vader held the rank of imperial executor: second in command to palpatine and the commander of his entire military. the task force vader lead to destroy the rebellion was the death squadron, not the rim fleet. the death squadron was a small contingent of perhaps a dozen major ships lead by the dreadnought executor. the galaxy is split up in many regions- not just core and rim. but apart from that, the story is absolutely amazing.
phantom-jedi1 chapter 30 . 7/31/2008
Now that's a cliffhanger! I can't wait to see what she chooses...either way, it's going to be rather disastrous, I think. Could this be the source of the Force disturbance?
H666 chapter 30 . 7/31/2008
OMG! What a way to leave it at the end of the chapter! Mara has quite the dilemma now. I really can't wait to see which way she chooses. Part of me, is wanting her to chose the 'wrong' way, so we can see what unfolds when Luke realises she has betrayed him. You really have wove the threads of this story so convoluted and extremely tricky - I just love it. Part of me is wondering what the later significance to the lost comlink will be. I'm thinking that is going to be a mistake to haunt them later. I just cannot get enough of this fic. Wonderful!
dandeliondreams chapter 30 . 7/31/2008
NNOO! MARA DON'T BETRAY HIM! But it's the betrayal now, isn't it, when she betrays him and then... then... then what?

If he leaves, Plushie Hallin and probably Reece are all going to die, and then Palpatine'll kill everyone that might have helped Luke escape and then... then Mara'll be in trouble /too/ but she doesn't know that, doesn't know that she's just as disposable as everyone else...


*hugs plushie*

*squeaky noise*

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