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nlblake chapter 5 . 5/10/2009
That was a very bad move of the Alliance. One, the Imperials will hunt them with a vengeance never known before and two, they've lost any and all moral high ground they had in regards to the Empire.
nlblake chapter 4 . 5/10/2009
Poor Luke is so torn, so lost. I really, seriously adore your description of him.
nlblake chapter 3 . 5/10/2009
The meetings between Palpatine and Luke are always surprising, I never know what kind of mind game they will be playing next.

I like how you describe Luke's thoughts and feelings with so much details, they make it easier to empathize with him and thus make the story feel real.
nlblake chapter 2 . 5/9/2009
I find myself fascinated by your dark version of Luke. The interaction between Vader and Luke is the logical result of their past and I like how you keep everything logical( in everything builds upon what came before). Really can't see myself stopping for sleep...*sigh*
nlblake chapter 1 . 5/9/2009
You know, I juts wanted a glimpse to tide me over till tomorrow(...well, later today ;), but you just had to write that...incredible, captivating chapter, How am I supposed to stop reading and actually take the time to go to sleep now? I'll be playing zombie tomorrow... Great work.
Starkiller Jedi Knight chapter 34 . 3/13/2009
What can i say? this story was awesome this story and the one before this are not only the best Star Wars fanfics, but probably some of the best overall fanfics i read so far. Can't wait to start the 3rd story! Excellent Work
Darth Marrs chapter 34 . 3/10/2009
Superb. This was more than a fitting sequal to the first-it ascended the first easily.
kataja chapter 17 . 3/8/2009
The tensions are in top here: the physical fight; the verbal, the misunderstandings, the sexual attraction and contact -and yet you manage to keep it all going, increse even, throughout the entire chapter: quite an accomplishment! The writting's marvellous; compressed, heated, violent, passionate; superb! And the ending of the chapter is perfect too; fading (wrong word here) to romance in the starlight nothing of the passion lost! It's superb! No other word for it!

The fight's top exciting and the dialogue hilarious with Mara and her wounded pride and frustration, and Luke who simply doesn't get it. And his guy should be able to read minds LOL!

I've always loved that Luke ends up loving the woman who tried to kill him, but you're upping the stakes by making him believe that the woman who's trying to love him tries to kill him; hilarious - and very elegant!

One of my absolute fav chapters in this story; in any story, ever!
peoplhi chapter 35 . 3/2/2009
and now i have finished this, instead of doing a combination of homework and sleep.

now i guess i have no other option but to continue reading.
kataja chapter 16 . 2/27/2009
The way you write Luke's thoughs; the arguments he uses for himself - and how you make them mirrow and or contrast his actions, is brilliant. Oh, he tries to be so rational, poor Lukie! LOL

His officers visible here again; they work as a portrayal of Luke, in many ways a more truthful one than the direct light on him. Will their initiative play a vital part in the story still?

Mara's in a way seeing the perpectives and potentials of Luke better than anyone else, because she isn't tainted by her own doubts and ambitions (hmm, ok she IS but..LOL). Their interaction marginal here but perfect non the less!

L& Mon: heartbreaking - and works so very contradictory. I find myself keep wishing he had just given her one chance, but the thing is that he does - and that she rejects - and I realize to my sadness that she would have turned him down even if he'd opened up more. Yet the truth is that he CAN'T open up more, can he? And yet, it pains me!

Vader's really, truly comforting here; finally giving Luke what he needs; and he's absolutely right; darkness would not care -and Luke's finding his own way. Yet, Luke will hold to his barriers I hope, hold on to his weaknesses - because they are his true strenght - and that, sadly, his father can't see.
kataja chapter 15 . 2/19/2009
Mara's so fascinated by the Woolf. I really like the development she's going through. Also I like her doubts already here whether Luke is a Sith - and why do I doubt she expresses all her doubts to the Emperor? ;-)

Luke's persuation of Mara; a fantastic scene; intimate, touching, (maybe her first kind words ever?)yet with that wicked twist; how much is calculated?

Fantastic how Luke's very presence is spreading a nightmarish feeling among the rebels - and onto the reader.

The Han &L encounter is also brilliant. Han manages to push so many buttons, fortunately he pushes most of them back again too. Luke balancing perfectly between being both recognizable and utterly changed!

The moment Mara 'hears* Luke is beautiful! One really feel how her world is changing in these concentreted chapters. Will she hear him again? - Or Luke her?

Typical somehow of Luke to remember those letters he wrote! Great detail!

And finally; another yippee-moment; Han's awakening. This is where the story really swings to higher levels; now the real game begins; Luke's with Palpatine - and the author's with the Reader!

Brilliant, brilliant chapter!
kataja chapter 14 . 2/18/2009
The beginning of this chapter is to me one of the most memorable moments in fanfiction. "oh" indeed! ROTFWML! I love the feeling of "slow motion" you've given the story here - and of course Luke is adorable in this situation; though he's a master of hiding behind his mask now, there's still the touch of an awkward (and considerate) farmboy.

The lift scene reminds me of Obi and Ani in ROTS - and the L&M banter is first class all through. Mara's hanging in Luke's belt; the image it brings is hilarious, and I love his resignation at her initiatives. I can really imagine they grow close in this relatively short scene!

Leia's description in the Force was outstanding; I love it that the story's pacing actually halts here; this is sucha vital - and beautiful - moment; much more vital than Luke realizes yet.

One of my absolute favourite chapters!
Dana chapter 35 . 2/7/2009
Hey , just wanted to say that i love your stories!

keep up the wonderful writing . I read a lot of fan fics and yours are one of the best.
kataja chapter 13 . 2/4/2009
I'm amazed how well you've written the DEMP-technology talk; even when I read it first time and didn't understand a word of it (I think I skipped parts, ahem...) I was still able to follow the story; in many profics I've been forced to go back and read the bloody technological explanations again in order for the story to remain coherent. Now re-reading I didn't jump and actually READ the tech-part - even enjoyed it. Great work!

I'm glad Luke's "back to himself" again, dealing with Kavanaugh. And Mara's observation pulls him further away from the Vaderian rage one might associate to. It leaves Luke in an interesting, drifting position.

Luke's sudden earnestness and budding comraderie with his father is so appealing! The fragility of it also very well described!

Ah - "finish what he..." here again! I liked the thought that Luke's trials started alreday with Yoda's stones.

Would Luke have killed Madine himself? Or is it again words for the audience?

Mara's so drawn by the wolf - I like that, because she's wishing the opposite of the reader (who years for the old Luke, at least consciously) - and it gives an interesting tension! If I'd written this I wouldn't have had guts to point her wishes here out, I think - but it's good, it gives her character depth. And it serves part three, right?

The L&M banter - aah!

And the cliffhanger - mh! Just... PERFECT!
kataja chapter 12 . 2/4/2009
I thought Leia had a Force nudge there, but there was an explanation? Or maybe both?

Luke's so cool here, so completely in command - I can understand why Mara's drooling LOL. He's very, very Sithy too - why is it so engaging?

And how can it be that a Luke that's cool and Sithy, like here, still is so much Luke? Makes me wonder it it always was a part of him?
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