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EmmettMcFly55 chapter 35 . 1/4/2017
This, too, is an intriguing installment - ending with Luke Skywalker from Tatooine becoming Emperor of the Galaxy. You don't see that too often. It's fascinating that we ended up seeing those final stages from Mara's POV - although I was hoping she would intervene against the Emperor in that final battle the way Vader did in canon, even if it was just a small maneouvre (I suppose the fact that she prevented anyone from coming to Palpatine's aid counts for that, but that's incredibly small and Luke probably doesn't even realize that that happened.) I understand just how incredibly bound she was to her loyalties to the Emperor, but it would have made Luke's willingness to accept her in his court again after she was partly responsible for Vader's death more understandable. Which, by the way, was very tragic, although I can understand why from a story perspective you'd want Luke to stand on his own as he takes the reins. I didn't like the fact that we didn't end up seeing much of Vader's actual death, though, and over the next chapter I was wondering whether Mara saying that Vader was dead meant that Vader was actually dead or that she believed that Vader was practically dead already because he was fighting against Palpatine and wouldn't survive that. The fact that he died believing Padme would have been proud of him was really moving, though.

Finally, I was worried for a moment that Luke was actually going to run away, but in the end Mara managed to talk some sense into him. I don't know whether the third installment features clone bodies like Empire's Son II does, but the existence of those things means that a tight grip on the galaxy is needed because in a power vacuum like in ES II Palpatine will just be able to regain power. I also wonder whether Han and Leia will attempt to approach the new Emperor now that Palpatine is gone - after all, as Han can testify from the events of this story as well, there's still some of Luke Skywalker in him - and how the whole thing between Luke and Mara develops. But I don't have to wonder, as I can just read on. Amazing story, you can certainly be proud of yourself!
kailynx chapter 19 . 12/10/2016
What would happen if Mara wasn't able to grab him in time? It was a crazy move by Luke, tempting fate like that, not to mention a little foolish. If he survived the fall, Palpatine might increase the limit to his freedom, and if he didn't, his body would be used to create a replacement. Both didn't really sound any wiser to me

Too bad that any Luke-related circumstances would be used to put Han in a suspicious situation... but as you put it, I hope his 'Corellian luck' would stay with him in this epic universe.

And I got the feeling that Tag Massa is the Imperial spy lol... coz technically her job would grant her great access to lots of information everywhere.
kailynx chapter 18 . 12/9/2016
I wonder what put Luke in such a foul mood... perhaps all the fanfares involved in the live execution of Mothma, or there was more to it. And if I were Palpatine, I'd allow the relationship between Luke and Mara as a form of control. Better yet, I might get another naturally made free force-sensitive to corrupt lol...
kailynx chapter 17 . 12/1/2016
At first, I wondered about the possibilities of Mara catching up Luke sneaking to see his father in the Executor, and went to his room either to confront him or plant any listening devices for further proofs of treachery.

Then I realized your writing in this chapter didn't really give any dangerous vibes that usually hinted the readers that shit was about to hit the fan. So yeah, Mara just needed some Luke to fix her confused feelings... heh.
kailynx chapter 16 . 11/30/2016
I got to respect Luke for not even trying to tell Mothma that he was serving the Alliance faithfully all those years before his forced allegiance to the Emperor. Not that she would believe him anyway, taking their recent history into accounts.

And yet, if Mothma would digest his words carefully - not someone facing a death sentence would really care - she should get the barest of hint there.

Vader sounded more like a supportive father from day to day, though in their plan to overthrow the Emperor I'm quite wary of his own personal agenda that might contradict the Heir's.
kailynx chapter 15 . 11/30/2016
Yay, finally we got to the full version of the previous teaser! That was really, really good!

I was glad that both Leia and Han survived, but was annoyed that Madine survived too. Better luck next time, Luke.

And speaking of Han, he must be one of the luckiest man ever to grace the galaxy. He 'encountered' Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Jabba, and lived to tell the tale. He got imprisoned in the heart of Coruscant and got out alive with the help of a friend. When they met again, said friend had become enemy by design and still, not only his life was spared, he was also released with his beloved ship intact, together with a worthy artwork. He should be grateful he got friends in the high places lol.
kailynx chapter 14 . 11/28/2016
Lol, their ship was actually crippled and Mara thought Luke turned the lights off and stopped the turbolift? Bad timing, Mara. It was amusing that she tried to question Luke's reactions as if he was guilty of the kiss too. Or was he?

It was really a smart move of Luke to transfer Mon Mothma to Executor, though his plan backfired a little now that the Alliance used the DEMP on them. If they knew Mothma wasn't in the Fury, was it possible for the other functioning ship to use the Fury as target practice?
kailynx chapter 13 . 11/28/2016
"...for his son, who had been made both pariah and prey by her command."

Mothma might have sealed Luke's fate when the Alliance abandoned him, but Vader should remember that he was the one who captured the boy and handed him on silver platter to Palpatine, who consequently took all the necessary actions to cut all ties between Luke and the rebels.

Not sure whether Mara was joking or simply testing the waters, it was quite brazen of her to suggest that they were friends, and moments later started kissing him. While the rebels might take the bait to attack the Fury. Man that girl got balls.
kailynx chapter 12 . 11/27/2016
Yeah, they got Mothma! It would be cool if Fury could be disguised as, or replaced with any Destroyer from Vader's fleet though.

Luke could nab Madine and gut him anytime, but I don't think I'd like Leia or Han being captured or worse, killed by the Imperial forces.
kailynx chapter 11 . 11/24/2016
Couldn't believe that Veers met his end so swiftly. I had hoped he would do something terrible or traitorous before Luke killed him but that wasn't to be the case. I wonder what reasoning he would use to convince the Emperor of deed this time around.

Great manipulation of the Bothan's trait of nervousness to hide the fact that it was a trap! And actually, you were successful in making me hate Madine more than Mothma in the story.
kailynx chapter 10 . 11/22/2016
What a brilliant mind game between the master and his protege! The Emperor had indeed taught his heir well, for it was mind-blowing to see those lessons being used against him. Luke executed his timing well and got his wish. Well done.

Call me crazy, but sometimes I felt this weird vibe coming from Palpatine, like an evil, controlling and possessive grandfather of a dysfunctional family who showed his love to his only, wayward grandson in a morbid way.

Vader's thought, that he too would keep Luke close if he were in Palpatine's place... were they scared that Luke would run away once he was out of their sight?

Still, the ending was really good. Hope the relationship between father and son would continue to improve in the later chapters.
kailynx chapter 9 . 11/19/2016
Ah, so Veers was intended to be one of the 'bad' guys in this story. Harsh, but legit warning from Luke sounded a bit personal, I should say. I had hoped he would switch side but Luke already hated him so his future didn't seem so bright to me.

Talon Karrde was a cool Correlian, and kudos to you for sticking him into character!

I've always loved the scenes where Luke was piloting a ship, and glad to find it in this chapter. I'm yet to find a story where Luke joined an imperial academy and trained as a pilot without realizing that he possessed Jedi abilities, hehe *hint hint*.
kailynx chapter 8 . 11/18/2016
Palpatine should have known better than anyone that in the end the wolf would turn against his master, and would only allow Luke's ascension to the throne on his terms. Should have guessed that he was involved indirectly in Luke's assassination attempt - coz of course, when did major things happen without his prior knowledge?

Poor Nathan lol, Luke was a prime example of a bad patient. Still, he should be one of those few people who could voice his honest thoughts without any bad consequences on himself.

Were they flirting in the practice hall? Luke might notice Mara's attraction to him, but did he realize his own feelings?
kailynx chapter 7 . 11/13/2016
Loved the father and son moment. And I hope that Nathan would remain loyal to Luke till the end.

What I liked in this chapter is the revelation that Palpatine wasn't really into cloning a Force-sensitive individual, though creating a baby from Luke's DNA samples was certainly an aberration. Does that policy include himself or not? Coz I'm sure dreading to find out about some cloning chambers in a secret place somewhere lol. Still, why didn't he try to create a baby out of his own samples?
Shinigami Merchant chapter 15 . 11/11/2016
Laughing so hard right now XD. That was such a nice payoff from part one of the trilogy X3
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