Reviews for Projections
Rachel Indeed chapter 4 . 1/26/2010
A beautiful conclusion, coming back to Helo and Tyrol and Kara and Lee at the moments they realize that - whatever they have lost along the way - they know what love means. I like the parallel between Helo and Kara, who recognize the scars that they put on their lovers' bodies, but have such different reactions to the memory and meaning of that suffering. And the vignette from Six of One, where Lee takes his leap of faith, was perfect (and practically canon now ~ "I'm here, you're here. This is all that matters.")

Fantastic writing. Thanks so much.
Rachel Indeed chapter 3 . 1/26/2010
Favorites this chapter:

I love the section on Unfinished Business, I think you got it just right from Lee's perspective. Some individual phrases I really enjoyed were:

"Kara is as familiar to him as a sister, something that it seems has always been there in his life like a favorite room in the house he grew up in." You pick nice metaphors. I don't know why, but I really understand the comfort in the images he holds of her - his favorite room, something close in his pocket, even a trusty sidearm to rely on in battle. And I understand his excitement in seeing past the comforting familiarity, too.

"To finally completely know her this way for only one night and then have it all immediately taken back away. It is the first thing he may never be able to forgive her for." Exactly. That's just it.

"And if he tells Dee that she makes him happy then it’s not a lie because it’s all only relative anymore..." Yes. That. But still, so depressing and selfish. Poor Dee.

Kara's memories of Galactica and Lee during the Leoben-captivity all ring true, as does her sense of waking up in a strange bed or having a chair pulled from under her. "She could feel him close and she can feel him far away." Meep ~ and I melt.

""Come on," she whispers, quietly enough that she doesn't have to admit she heard herself say it. Even if she said nothing he would be able to see the command in her eyes." Again, you do a lovely job with their non-verbal (or barely verbal) communication.
Rachel Indeed chapter 2 . 1/26/2010
Favorite moments in this chapter:

The Helo-Sharon vignette: I love this glimpse of how personal, individual love creates compassion, the instinctive sharing of suffering, and how Sharon and Helo face the same struggle and make the same choice; they leave their prejudices behind. A lovely encapsulation of a powerful relationship that focuses precisely on its turning point. Helo's injured gasps after he shoots her ~ great detail.

"Maybe this was why they so easily separated, not even gradually drifting from each other like lots of friends do over time but loudly, painfully ripping apart at the tight seams." I like the way you describe their estrangement. It's interesting that choosing to serve under Zak's father didn't keep the past constantly before her the way being around Lee would have. It nicely shows both that Commander Adama really was absent from Zak's life for as long as she had shared in it, and also that she wasn't really ready to let herself forget ~ swearing allegiance to Zak's father and losing his brother probably both felt like ways to honor his memory. Plus, they're both angry and stubborn and guilt-ridden. Oh, pilots.

Again, I like the parallel in which Kara "had never thought he looked anything like his brother, but at that time it was all she saw looking at him," and then to reach that moment years later when Lee "looked at her now and did not see his brother at all." And at that moment realizes she is beautiful, and with fleeting insight he senses that he'd always known.

The whole final section rocks. I love the interrogatory fragments as Lee slowly wakes up and starts questioning his own feelings, and how he quickly comes to understand that optimism on this front is probably not going to be rewarded.
Rachel Indeed chapter 1 . 1/26/2010
Your stories are so beautiful, in large part because of the textured details and haunting, meaningful images you scatter through them. Years ago I first stumbled across "Asphodel," and the memory of that white petal gleaming through the ashes, and the simple phrase "not enough," has stuck with me ever since. I have been a late-blooming Battlestar Galactica fan, only discovering it after the show concluded, but having been through all the DVDs with voracious joy, I've fallen hard for Lee and Kara. I think the way you write them is subtle, complicated, and gorgeous.

So I'm just going to go through your stories and highlight the particular lines and insights that most impressed me. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work.

In this chapter:

"One of many things almost completely forgotten: a cool and still night in Caprica City years ago..." You have a talent for capturing emotional subtext and implying an unspoken history between these characters; here you did it with two simple phrases, "one of many" and "almost completely forgotten." It gives such a clear sense of that aspect of Lee's personality that has constantly been watching Kara without trying to, inarticulately hovering between thought and emotion, unacknowledged but *aware.* "It was the first time he noticed she was beautiful."

And I like how Kara has a parallel moment later, but remains more happily unaware than Lee: "It only felt a little strange at first for them to do the drink without him there; she took one and passed it to him, seeing his smirk in the dark where the colored light from the screen was accentuating certain features of his face that it seemed she had never noticed before, and then it was easy."

And I love the concluding line of this chapter, when she's completely let down her guard between them and doesn't realize which direction she has drifted towards, and both brothers make sure it stays that way. All this without going too far in disrupting the Lee/Kara/Zak mutual love and trust and happy idiocy; I really enjoy the casual, warm, familial feel of the scenes you write with them. I vastly prefer this version to the way-too-fast tension we got in the TV finale, it just feels real and makes them all very easy to love.
setivalen chapter 4 . 6/25/2008
I really enjoyed the different vignettes, especially the Lee/Kara moments and the Sharon moments. The third to last paragraph in Part 4 is really beautiful- you captured Lee's essence just so, just perfectly. I found a number of phrases/descriptions that captured my imagination-thank you for sharing your talents! Nicole
Ishap chapter 4 . 6/24/2008
I liked it quite a bit. The section about Sharon's scars was particularly good.
Yellow Tang chapter 2 . 6/23/2008
Nice start so far. I especially like the Lee/Kara pieces. Looking forward to reading the remaining 2 parts!