Reviews for The Same Sky
Haileyamandar chapter 1 . 10/27/2008
Hey, Spark, it's me, Midnight. From Three Worlds Wolves!

Well, it's cool that we're both on Fanfiction. This place is just awesome! I love writing in my spare time.

I love the story of Robin Hood. This oneshot was nicely written; short but sweet, which can be a hit and miss depending on the person. You nailed it, however, and I liked the mood of this story even if it wasn't particularly meant to make the reader feel happy.

Of course, the only Robin Hood story I'm familiar with is Disney's cheap version, so I didn't know what the significance of the Holy Land was to Robin. But despite that, the story was easy to follow along with so I didn't matter for me.

Much love,

Haileyamandar (AKA Midnight)