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Lord Sia chapter 10 . 9/10/2009
That's a good point, although I'd like to point out that they try to warn McGonagall, and her response is; "Oh, three first-years know about the secret object we keep hidden under the school. Jolly good, now shoo!"

I admit they shouldn't go down there, in fact I read a very good ficlet where the whole thing was a carefully planned trap which Harry & Co ruined. But I also feel that when the adults are alerted, they should at least act as if acting on the information, if nothing else, then just to comfort the children.

Keep it coming.
Ryoko05 chapter 10 . 9/10/2009
if only.

“Ron…” Hermione trailed off, looked faintly shocked. “I can’t believe I’m about to say this but…you have a point.”

Ron makes a good point once a year and I'm pretty sure that Hermione told herself that if he could make seven good points before their Hogwarts career was over then she would marry him. Thus the Hermione and Ron marriage after he said the thing about the elf's
SomeGuyFawkes chapter 10 . 9/10/2009
Bah, here's what would really happen:

"Master, I know the stone is in the mirror but I can't get it out."

"You fool! Time is growing short. Grab the mirror and let's go. We'll have plenty of time to solve the riddle once we are away from this school."

A few minutes later:

"Master, Homenum revelio shows that three students appear to be staking out the door outside."

"Kill them quickly and flee."

The door opens and closes but the students see no one (Q has been taught Voldemort's invisibility spell).

"Who's th..." Harry starts but is cut short when a green spell impacts his chest. The force of the spell slams him into Ron and Hermione, knocking them down. Alas, they never got up.


Days later: "Never doubt Voldemort! I told you that there is no problem that can't be solved if you don't mind expending a few prisoners! Now, Quirrel, this is how you brew the elixir..."
Pathatlon chapter 10 . 9/10/2009
Well... I think you're cutting Harry a bit short. We all know Hermione is brilliant, but Harry's losing ground. He seems dumber and dumber for each chapter. It would be awesome if you at least made his heroic ideas into plausible, logical heroic ideas.

Anyway, more logic to Harry.

More bashing to wizards. 3

love this, it's so much fun
Guile chapter 10 . 9/9/2009
Too bad, Harry. You'll just have to find some OTHER way of rushing to your doom.
Innortal chapter 10 . 9/9/2009
End was a little weak, but good work.
Linnorria chapter 10 . 9/9/2009
I'd just like to mention how much I love someone taking a rational viewpoint. Really, really love it.
phoebe turner chapter 10 . 9/9/2009
i loved it!
doodlekitt chapter 10 . 9/9/2009
...If Dumbledore's an idiot, I think EVERYONE will die. Unless Voldemort's an idiot too. Than Harry'll be minister, and we'll live happily ever after.

Though that whole "Dumbledore's traps" vs. "Protection of Three First Years" makes a WHOLE lot of sense. Sense. As in logic. Ever heard of it Ron?
SassyFrassKerr chapter 10 . 9/9/2009
Great chapter. I totally agree too!
Cateagle chapter 10 . 9/9/2009
*snicker* I do rather like that approach for dealing with whoever was after the stone; it's the best blend of Gryffindor bravery with some Slytherin cunning (actually, Hermione sounds like she might well ahve made Slytherin if they'd let muggleborns in - their loss).
Tentrees chapter 10 . 9/9/2009
Finally the Triumph of Logic over Courage! I love Hermione's battle plan and will more then likely use it at a later date.
Azamiko chapter 10 . 9/9/2009
FredWeasleysFutureWife chapter 10 . 9/9/2009
Another great solution! If only we could get JKR to read this... hm...
The Sinful chapter 10 . 9/9/2009
Fair points all around. Though I would like to point out that McGonnagall (how do ye spell that?) is an idiot. When told be 3 1st years that they think the stone is gonna be stolen (which they shouldn't know about), she merely says that the stones defenses are perfect and tells 'em off. Doesn't check the defenses, doesn't post a guard, doesn't even ask how they found out so she can stop the information leak. And instead of tellin kids not to enter the corridor, how about an age line so no students could enter? Hell, Snapes and Dumbledores defenses were the only competent ones. Ye have to sing the dog to sleep? Nah, ye can just ston or kill the bastard. And a plant that hates fire? Pitiful. I could beat that as a toddler (of course, I was a pyromaniac)
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